11 Best Big Screen Smartphones of 2022 [Basato su una vasta ricerca]

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The advantages of this product are mainly in the quality and the large screen. The panel is bright, completely color accurate and supernaturally bright (it will warm your bones if you eat it at 8am). I said it clearly. The size and technology of the screens make it almost like a digital of an old touch phone but not too much.

Regarding the software, you notice however the iOS 15 operating system which seems an excellent operating system, it was already the 14 that I used regularly on my ipad pro 2020 but after 8 days of use, I feel that something is still missing compared to Android.

As we all know, for our world of crackers, Android is the best: customizations of anything, applications to do even the things we can’t do, and I pass… I don’t know, back to the ecosystem Apple “monogamy” I made you miss your sassy Android a little bit. It’s probably just a matter of habit, and I don’t blame them for it, but the things you take for granted on Android here at Apple are extreme and uncustomizable. However, Apple’s user interface beats anyone else in terms of ease of use. Camera Compartment: The camera compartment for me is the reason why I choose one phone device over another. Like I said, if I don’t have to compromise

Maybe I was not enough, so the guess was clear 2: Wait next year for the new Oppo series, which promises great things on the high-end camera sector by obtaining the professionalism of the development of the iPhone 12 and hoping for something good. Thus, in the few shots taken over the past 2 days, I understood the discriminant by using an iphone rather than another cameraphone. The question is: does it often need a zoom?

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HIGH. I’ve already got used to it very well, but here we are at other levels, by moving the bar higher and higher.

Mulina ta-ta la fable, I have only touched on some aspects to take into account in a phone, but I cannot form an objective opinion after only a few days of use. In the meantime, it’s a start. I admit that the first night I was a bit tempted to go home, a bit like when you move house, where even if you know it went well, a bit of nostalgia comes back. However, I’m sure it’s just a matter of habit, as always Apple always makes top products (or almost telephoto lenses!!!), with a myriad of features suitable for everyone. Plus, the real benefits are when you have multiple devices in their ecosystem. I have everything Apple except the PCs whose

“Fingerprint reader and chamber compartment up to height to cover all uses.” Almost nine years late

Update 22/10: After almost a month of use I can update my opinion by saying that my hesitations for this device are almost entirely abandoned.

We will confirm the space autonomy, therefore, in 2 days (starting at 7 from the first, ending at midnight from the second) there are practically no problems. The only day I did a day and a half was when I used the wireless charger for wireless carplay on a long trip without plugging it into the wireless battery. Wireless carplay really uses a lot of battery, but with this promax we had no problems during our vacation.

The thing I miss on this subject is the high zoom. The portrait mode is amazing, the bokeh effect is very natural and on the edges it works very well. The cinematic mode is beautiful, but certainly to be supplemented with software updates, often the effect has a pleasing but artificial aspect. Certainly, with future software, they will also improve post-production.

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The aesthetic quality of this screen is extremely good, really excellent. I observed that in the evening while watching movies and stories on the iPad Pro 11 ‘2020, it has a pretty good display. Honestly sometimes in the presence of Airpods Pro I also do it on our iPhone. The quality is really good and definitely worth it, albeit on a “small” screen (so to speak…)

The audio characteristics, improved over previous models thanks to stereo sound and vertical design, are truly exceptional. You can watch movies without headphones and with excellent sound quality as a ringtone or recording while browsing or browsing IOS 12 music.

Testimonials from people with a size 40

but, after all… the big screen is a sturdy thing that reveals the poor practicality of use. If at first I regretted not buying the Pro, now I wouldn’t think of giving up the big screen.

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