12 Best Xiaomi Compatible Smartwatches of 2022 [Testato su 13 Smartphone Xiaomi]

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The Smart Watch arrives perfectly packaged in a very precise and refined packaging even in the smallest details, with the magnetic power supply included. Inside, the SmartWatch comes with an additional manual and a USB charger. However, the power cord is missing.

The design is very nice, there are no noticeable differences from the younger brothers, much more refined with modern lines and two physical buttons on the right side with a 22mm strap. Very light and ergonomic and fits aper

Does dust create problems in the house? First, there’s the IP68 certification, which guarantees water and water resistance up to 5 AT (50 meters) for over an hour. The Exynos W920 processor mounts 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM; the screen is a 1.2-inch superAMOLED with a resolution of 1.96 x 1.96 pixels, I assure you that it is perfectly visible even in direct sunlight; finally there is also the automatic adjustment of the display.

Major German vendor HTC has unveiled a new twist to its ML range, namely the Desire 12, which is undoubtedly much lighter than previous models in the range. Two main features are enough to give the Desire 12 the most infinite freedom of decision: the very high battery and the compatibility with the always-on display. The connectivity that we were able to try is also really perfect: wifi, bt, GPS and NFC are also integrated.

Finally on the lower part there is the heart rate and blood oxidation sensor, but not only, because with Watch 4 they have introduced two new sensors: that is, the impezziometric which allows to be able to observe body composition (the presence of water in the body) and the sensor sensitive to variations in cell oxidation; I can assure you that at the smallest detail (to compare to professional measurements) are almost similar, these small differences were made to get a general idea of ​​your physical condition. Besides that, you also get the ECG sensor which is useful for monitoring your heart health and tracking your progress. Each test is saved in its own file in PDF format.

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Also present a few keys, with a loudspeaker and a loudspeaker, for incoming and outgoing calls. I took the watch 4 Bluetooth, which allows you to make and answer short and quick calls (in fact if you add the e-sim the smartwatch becomes independent by dragging that of the dual sim ile is associated with the smartphone) . The calls are very good, indeed the interlocutor who did not notice the metallic voice will be awakened by the natural output, indeed the voice is very natural and undisturbed, up to 5 states can be monitored at the same time. Only one of the switch buttons is tripped inadvertently.

The rudder is a smartwatch with that accompanied by the most used instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp. The startup can be read and personalized in everything, through the notifications given by other selected users. Users can respond via keyboard or via voice dictation, emoticons, etc., increasing the ability to take it with them even in the military. Other issues relate to messages after being hired by Telegram that allow you to send and listen to audio.

The sports function is also perfect, really surprised by the many functions, there are more than 90 sports available with the function of inserting others customizing them according to your needs, in addition there is also the automatic detection of activity, in addition to stress calculation, breathing exercises and fall detection, this function is very useful because it allows you to activate the SOS function, as in practice when you fall the smartwatch no longer detects any type of movement Automatically calls saved numbers for emergencies, also sending their exact location, making it a valuable ally.

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The real novelty, however, is the abandonment of the Tizen software on The watch 4. Instead, the Wear OS version has launched with the personalized One UI interface. It’s a big step forward because it’s compatible with Google services and the Google Play Store, where all compatible apps can be found. For example, you can download (and buy) two payment service providers, Samsung pay and Google pay, or Google Maps to navigate from your wrist without texting! Unfortunately, it was not mentioned in Samsung’s statement if Assistant will be released on The Watches 4 soon.

A smartwatch, in my opinion, is the only reflector in its format, believe me: today I did not meet a competitor that could keep up with the Watch 4. However, as written at the beginning, what slows down this watch 4 , it is the autonomy: 1 day and a half. So, if the battery had been more “autonomous”, this Smartwatch would have been the perfect one. Even so, the battery life is perfectly in line with the product genre. In any case, it must be said that being an ideal smartwatch to have on a daily basis, it is Nobody’s enemy!

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