Amazon Price Trends: Where to Find the Lowest Price

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Amazon is thee-commerce par excellence. Present in most states of the world, this huge online store allows you to make convenient, fast and safe purchases for all product categories. Those who shop on Amazon know that prices fluctuate a lot and the same item might cost less in the not too distant future.

This is why it is important check out Amazon’s price trends to get the best deals buy at the lowest price. There are several online services to monitor Amazon prices and we will find out together at the end of this article.

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Why are Amazon prices changing?

As is also the case for physical stores, who sells the products can decide to change the price whenever they want. You can increase the price when the demand increases, in order to earn more, or decrease it during events or parties, to attract more customers with promotions.

Amazon changes its prices several times a day, about 8, to compete with other e-tailers play down. The great online store of Jeff Bezos in fact, it aims to convince users to buy there rather than elsewhere. Amazon is not the one with the lowest prices, like To wish or Aliexpressbut it is certainly e-commerce with the best quality of service and price ratio.

Changing the costs of individual items often allows him to be very practical, but also to earn more if he can afford a price hike. The great e-commerce algorithm is indeed very powerful and always effectiveto optimize business.

How to check Amazon price trends?

Smart users can buy a product when it has a lower price. Indeed, there are buyers who do not know the evolution of Amazon prices and therefore buy an item that another user has purchased at less than 20% a few hours earlier.

But how do you follow Amazon price trends? There are two ways: manually or relying on online platforms with graphs and tools to control cost variations of the same item.

In the first case, simply insert an item into your shopping cart and keep an eye on the price development in the following days. You will notice that the numbers displayed on the screen will also go up and down from hour to hour.

The second option, simpler and more intuitive, is touse a site to check Amazon price trends. Below are some of the best tools to achieve this.


The best known is certainly camelcamelcamelsoftware not particularly beautiful graphically, but certainly effective in doing business. It is possible to register for free and monitor your favorite products. The site allows you to access helpful charts to monitor price trends and spend less.


Maxspar it is certainly more modern and intuitive, available in multiple languages ​​and no registration required. Just go to the official website, enter the product name in the search bar (generic or of a specific brand) and wait for the software to find the articles concerned.

It’s possible keep an eye on your favorite products also on Amazon’s other foreign marketplaces, it’s a pity that there is no function to collect more in-depth data on price fluctuations over time.

keep one

keep one is an Amazon price tracker well known and comprehensive, with historical price charts, availability alerts, comparisons to other overseas Amazon marketplaces, and daily deal alerts. Not particularly intuitive, it takes a bit of patience to learn how to use it, but once understood, you understand how effective it is.

You won’t be able to do without it.

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