Anti-stain fabrics, which ones to choose? Here are the Top Ten of 2022

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Stain-repellent fabrics, such as stain-repellent fabric for sofas, effectively protect against dirt or wear our furnishing accessories and are suitable for many domestic uses: just think of the extreme usefulness of stain-resistant tablecloths by the meter on the dining table. So let’s take a look at the Top Ten Best Stain Repellent Fabrics of 2022.

1) Giuri Tessuti fabric brand

The Giuri Tessuti brand fabric is offered in 21 different colors starting from yellow and is pure polyester Oxford Canvas which is a canvas soft, resistant and very manageable.

The article is available in different lengths, starting from the minimum size of 1 meter x 140 centimeters and is an excellent water-repellent fabric for sofas, cushions and chairs. In addition, Giuri Tessuti is easy to clean as it is stain resistant and customers who buy it in large rolls (25/30 meters) save on the price. However, it is possible to buy these waterproof sofa fabrics in a single cut of the same color or in several separate cuts and in the desired area.

To offer

GIURI TESSUTI – Water-Repellent and Stain-Repellent Oxford Canvas Fabric, Different Sizes and Colors Available, Height 140 CM, Ideal for FURNITURE and INTERIOR FURNISHINGS

  • HEIGHT: 140cm.
  • Soft and tear-resistant, ideal for covering sofas, cushions, chairs, etc.
  • 100% polyester, cotton/polyester back, 280 gr/m²

2) Sabri Canvas

Sabri Canvas is another stain-resistant and water-repellent fabric proposal from the Giuri Tessuti brand in a minimum size of 1 meter x 140 cm that is offered in 22 different shades starting with fuchsia. This fabric is pure polyester on the front and has a mixed composition of cotton and polyester on the back which makes it soft and ripstop.

However, we specify that Sabri Canvas certainly fits into the water-repellent fabrics for sofasbut it is not waterproof then only a damp cloth is used to remove traces of liquid or simple stains. Finally, remember that the article can be machine washed with a delicate program at 30 degrees, without bleaching or ironing.

3) Generic cotton fabric

Generico cotton fabric is made of cotton (80%) and polyester (20%) and is a classic all-over blanket that measures 280cm x 280cm. The article is ideal for covering cushions and chairs, but it can also cover a 3-seater sofa, provided you use 2 quantities of fabric sewn together.

Generico is available in different colors, starting from version 106, which has cheerful floral motifs on a white background made in digital printing. This fabric is elegant, protects the sofa from animal claws or hair infiltration and is easy to clean. In addition, this fabric is also used to make tablecloths or curtains, it can be washed by hand or in the washing machine with spin not exceeding 400 rpm and can be placed in the dryer to revive the fiber.

Generic Fabrics and Cotton Fabrics for Sewing Meter 280 cmx 280 cm more than 30 Designs Sofas Valances Side Drops Table Cushions Chair Covers (106)

  • Cotton 80% 20% polyester Granfoulard sheets cover all bedspreads Sofa covers Each quantity inserted in the cart corresponds to 1 (ONE) Large scarf Upholstery curtains COTTON textile with digital printing. With mediocre fabric
  • Washable max 30° We produce 60% Italian Cotton and SELL it throughout Europe for this MAGNIFICENT and ELEGANT Sofa Saver. With next-generation 175-gram yarn that’s resistant to cat and dog nails, yet practical and breathable. The tight weave of the fabric is SOFT and OPAQUE Cleans easily does not let hair through which can be removed quickly
  • Ideal for upholstering a sofa (ex: to cover a 3-seater sofa you have to buy 2 quantities, if you just want to cover it, like a large scarf, only one quantity). The fabric is also useful for making original tablecloths and why not beautiful table runners. Resistant, it can also be used to make curtains to let in little light and much more.

4) Quadrotta Russo Tessuti tablecloth

The Quadrotta Russo Tessuti tablecloth is a stain-resistant fabric available in various colors starting from the elegant dove gray. This stain resistant tablecloth fabric measures 140cm x 240cm and is suitable for covering a table set for 12 guests.

Quadrotta is a perfect fabric to easily remove the most common stains and does not require ironing because it does not wrinkle during washing. It is recommended to wash the item at 30 degrees without removing stains with additives to maintain the quality of colors and decorative PVC inserts for a long time.

5) Light Blue Oxford Canvas

The light blue Oxford Canvas fabric is a proposal from the Giuri Tessuti brand available in 20 other shades it is worked with twisted yarnsin warp and weft, to ensure maximum strength and reliability as a stain resistant sofa fabric.

Oxford Canvas is made of polyester on the front and cotton and polyester on the back to increase its resistance and is perfect for professionals and DIYers as it adapts to any type of use. Therefore, it is ideal as a sofa in stain-resistant and water-repellent fabric, but also to cover chairs, armchairs, cushions or the dog’s bed since it is subjected to the special treatment Easy cleaning which allows the quick removal of liquids and stains with a damp cloth.

GIURI TESSUTI – Water-Repellent and Stain-Repellent Oxford Canvas Fabric, Different Sizes and Colors Available, Height 140 CM, Ideal for FURNITURE and INTERIOR FURNISHINGS

  • HEIGHT: 140cm.
  • Soft and tear-resistant, ideal for covering sofas, cushions, chairs, etc.
  • 100% polyester, cotton/polyester back, 280 gr/m²

6) Generic Canvas Sabri

Sabri Canvas Generico is a water-repellent and stain-resistant polyester fabric that is available in 22 colors starting with fuchsia. This stain resistant fabric by the meter is available in a size of 50 x 140 cm and is made of Canvas which is a high quality fine textured canvas and highly valued in terms of strength, versatility and softness. This product from the Generico brand is made of polyester on the front and cotton and polyester on the back and falls into the category of stain-resistant fabrics for tablecloths or curtains which also serves as an excellent protective covering for sofas, water-repellent cushions and armchairs . It is recommended to wash Sabri Canvas at 30 degrees, avoiding bleaching and ironing to fully preserve the quality of this stain resistant sofa fabric.

7) Agata ECCOX Headboard

The Agata ECCOX headboard is gray in color and made of stain resistant fabric. The product measures 120-150cm x 110 and has a fabric foam padding made with the Aquaclean technique that allows you to remove almost all stains with water without even rubbing. The product is manufactured in Europe according to high quality standards, is based on natural products, is suitable for classic or modern bedrooms and is covered by a 2-year guarantee.

8) Sun ocher anti-stain tablecloth

The stain-resistant Ocher Soleil tablecloth is light, pleasantly soft to the touch, measures 140 x 240 centimeters and is in elegant pink to offer a touch of refined elegance to our guests. The item is made of polyester, is waterproof and machine washable at 40 degrees. It is also advisable to spread Soleil d’ocre well after washing because it dries quickly and does not require ironing.

9) Haofy Fabric

At the level of stain-resistant fabric tablecloths, the Haofy fabric also stands out, measuring 145 x 320 centimeters, it is made of washable polyester and is also very stain-resistant. This article is particularly suitable for restaurants, buffets, parties, weddings or important dinners and is a seamless piece with folded hems and sleek closing edges. This tablecloth is elastic, does not shrink, does not fade, is tear-proof and is also ideal for sprucing up garden tables, consoles and picnic tables. It is also recommended to wash Haofy in the washing machine with delicate and bleach-free programs.

Haofy Elegant Rectangular Stain Resistant Tablecloth 145x320cm, Washable Stain Resistant Polyester Fabric Cover – Ideal for Buffet Tables, Parties, Weddings and More

  • Special Design: White tablecloth using seamless one-piece design with elegant closing edges, folded edges on one edge for an elegant look. Stain and wrinkle resistant, strong vertical sense, elastic fabric won’t fade, tear or shrink.
  • Rectangular table size: Rectangular stain-resistant tablecloth about 149 x 322 cm / 58.66 x 126.77 inch, suitable for high tables, folding tables, garden tables, patio bistro tables, coffee tables, console tables , outdoor picnic tables, etc.
  • EASY CARE: Polyester tablecloths are machine washable. Easy machine wash and quick dry for easy care. Use hot or cold water, low temperature and no bleach.

10) Basic Home Stain Resistant Tablecloth

We end our overview of anti-stain fabrics for sofas and furnishing accessories with the Basic Home anti-stain tablecloth which measures 140 cm x 200, is in Pegasus gray and is embellished with elegant designs made in digital printing. The article is made of cotton (70%) and polyester (30%), resistant to wear, small cuts and is waterproof. Therefore, Basic Home is the perfect protection for the kitchen table, dining table or for garden tables, because even wine stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth. This tablecloth is machine washable and does not lose its color or resistance even after several washes, but it is recommended to iron it if it is put in the dryer.

Basic Home Anti-stain tablecloth Pegaso Gray 140×200 cm

  • Dimensions 140cm (width) by 140cm (length).
  • Tablecloth in natural fabric 70% cotton and 30% polyester very resistant. Avoid all kinds of cuts and wear caused by sharp objects.
  • Waterproof anti-stain treatment to prevent any type of liquid from penetrating the fabric. Ideal for dining table, kitchen and outdoor. Elegant visible fabric, which avoids the plastic aspect of polyester tablecloths.

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