Best aluminum ladder 2022: ranking and buying guide

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Whether it’s hanging a picture, refreshing the walls of the house or doing any other type of work at height, the aluminum ladder is definitely an indispensable tool.

On the market there are many variants of stairs, made of different materials and structured according to the different needs of consumers. Within this complete guide we will consider in detail all the main features of aluminum laddersfocusing on what to evaluate before making the purchase.

We will understand, through simple explanations, the different types of stairs and what type of work to associate them with. In light of the information learned, a will be published complete and detailed list of the best aluminum ladders present online. They will be presented on the basis of functional, operational, price and quality characteristics. The last point, in no order of importance, will concern the so-called EN131 certified.

Let’s start right away.

How to Choose the Best Aluminum Ladder

To understand how to choose the best aluminum staircase, it is important to carefully consider all the main structural features of the product. Although these tools are used for the same purpose, there are subtle differences that are better known. In general, there are 4 points to keep in mind before buy your own aluminum ladder: height, safety lock, maximum weight capacity, total volume.


The height of an aluminum ladder can vary on average from 0.5 m to 14 m. When we talk about stairs for domestic use, we usually always refer to products that do not exceed 3 m in height. Indeed, the ceilings of the houses rarely exceed this level.

A good alternative, not least because of the high ease of use over and over, is the aluminum telescopic ladder. The main feature of this product is its extensibility. In this way it is possible to lengthen and shorten the height, according to your needs and requirements.


A second element, closely linked to the notion of safety, is the maximum load capacity supported. To decide on this point, it is important to carefully check the manufacturer’s specifications, by comparing them to their own weight or that of those who will use the instrument. When calculating, however, it is important to remember to always add a few extra kg, with reference to any tools, buckets or utensils to do the job.

The security lock is a real guarantee, inserted on aluminum ladders, and gives the possibility of firmly fixing a specific height (especially in telescopic ladders). When it comes to safety, however, it is important to consider other aspects of the steps as well.

The first concerns the vertical distance between them. Too high an amplitude does not guarantee a rapid ascent and can be a real danger. The second, on the other hand, concerns the horizontal length of the step itself. A wide support allows greater friction with the shoe, better grip on the surface and therefore greater safety.


The overall volume is the last aspect to consider before buy an aluminum ladder. Especially if for home use, a quality product should be easily foldable and optimized for tight spaces.

The best aluminum ladders

At this point you can submit a comprehensive list of the best aluminum ladders present online. They perfectly reflect the features and functions discussed in the guide and have been specially selected on the basis of their value for money and their functionality.

Gierre 5 + 5 pegs

This aluminum ladder represents one of the many variants found online. It is an expandable product, EN131 certified and weighs just over 14 kg. With reference to the maximum load capacity, the product supports weights up to 150 kg. It is strong, durable and easy to carry.

Maurer Aluminum Industrial Scale

It is an innovative product, designed and built with care and with very resistant materials. It’s about a professional support scale, with resistant steps and unparalleled lightness. Its weight, according to the manufacturer’s descriptions, is about 4.40 kg.

Casabriko 11034 4-Step Aluminum Home Staircase

The first item we introduce is the 4 step aluminum house ladder Casabriko 11034. The structure is made with highest quality materialsmaking it robust And compact. Mount the anti-scratch feet, while the steps are non-slip, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents. There is also a handy hook for hanging tools and tools.

Vigor 9686005 Hummingbird Stair House

Vigor 9686005 Casa Scala Hummingbird has a very resistant structure capable of supporting up to 150 kg of weight. Made of aluminum, it has 5 comfortable steps, very solid and spacious. Doesn’t take up much space it can be cleaned easily and in a short time.

Facal 5984630 aluminum scale stylus

One of the best items on the market is the Facal 5984630 Stilo aluminum ladder. ride the gods non-slip feet to prevent the ladder from moving during use. It has a patented articulation system with ramps, which allow to reach a high height.

Colombo Eiffel telescopic aluminum ladder

The Colombo Eiffel telescopic aluminum ladder has a structure compact And resistant. AND’ extremely easy to use and can be transported comfortably. Made of aluminum, its height can reach 360 cm, while maintaining maximum stability.

Songmics multifunction scale

Songmics multifunctional ladder is an ideal purchase choice. He has a load capacity of 150 kg and its shape can be changed in various positions, depending on its use. To go up very comfortable non-slip feet And grooved steps.

Aluminum Atlantic ladder with storage bin

We end with the Aluminum Atlantic staircasewith storage box, made of highly resistant extruded aluminum. He enjoys a very practical tray to insert tools and various tools inside. AND’ slight, solid and has a load capacity of 150 kg.

What is the EN131 certificate?

The best aluminum ladders can have the so-called EN131 certificate. It is issued by an accredited laboratory (present for example within a university) and represents an additional guarantee vis-à-vis the consumer. To receive the EN131 certificate, the ladder must pass a series of tests, relating to both resistance and structural tests.

Some examples may concern: torsion tests, tensile tests, safety system tests (particularly for aluminum telescopic ladders), bending tests and bending tests. Once you have passed all the levels, the approved body issues the certificate to the producerwhich can thus have a huge advantage over the sale.

Aluminum ladder: the different types

After seeing the ranking of the best aluminum ladders, a brief reference to the different types of ladders on the market is in order. Among the best known products we mention:

Folding or double-rising stairs

They are so called because they resemble the shape of a real open upside down book and provide the ability to climb from either side. Also in this case, as with all instruments, it is important to carefully check the load resistance supported by the product.

The simple aluminum support staircase

They are definitely the best choice for small jobs or occasional projects. Their functionality is based on two supports: the one at the base (at the bottom) and the one on the wall (with variable angles with respect to the point on the ground). They certainly have a smaller footprint, but are considered less safe than aluminum telescopic folding ladders.

The aluminum ladder with steps and platform

This type of shoe is very functional thanks to a comfortable fit in the upper part. It can be used to place buckets, paint cans, work tools or objects of all kinds. It can be used in both professional and home environments.

Ranking of the best-selling aluminum ladders

Here is the ranking of best aluminum ladders bestsellers.

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