Best combination fridges 2022: ranking and buying guide

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When you have to choose a new refrigerator, maybe for a move or just to break the old one, choosing the right one is never easy. There are many types and understanding even the differences between one type and another is a business. One of the most common types is the handset. Combination refrigerators are refrigerators equipped with a double door that separates the freezer from the refrigerator.

There are really a lot of them on the market and for this reason we have decided to simplify the choice by making this one specific guidance.

How does a combi fridge work?

The operation of a combination refrigerator is almost the same as that of a normal refrigerator. The main difference lies in the cold environments. In most of the cases, in the combined refrigerators there is a second door, located at the bottom, from which the freezing area is accessed. By opening this door, you have access to individual drawers, or directly to functional freezer racks. Obviously, the refrigerator and freezer environments will benefit from different temperatures, which can be modulated separately. In order to manage the two environments separately, combi refrigerators are equipped with two different motorsable to manage his own cell individually.

How to Choose the Best Combination Fridge

In order to choose the combined refrigerator that best suits your needs, it is necessary to take into account some important characteristics. Let’s find out below.

Free or integrated installation

This is the first factor to consider. When buying a refrigerator, you need to be clear whether you are looking for a built-in refrigeratorOh free installation. Built-in refrigerators are installed inside a kitchen compartment and will look the same on the outside. The freestanding ones, on the other hand, can be positioned wherever you want and in any environment.

Number of doors

Combination refrigerators usually consist of two doors. These can be arranged differently, both horizontal or both vertical and with the freezer up or down. Then there is also 4-door modelsgenerally larger, which guarantee more space and visibility.


Among the most important technologies that a refrigerator must have, there is certainly the Frost-free technology. The same prevents the formation of ice on the walls and therefore having to manually defrost the refrigerator. Then there are other technologies with the most disparate names, whose function is almost always the same, that is to say ability of the refrigerator to maintain a uniform temperature in all corners of the refrigerator.

What are the best combination refrigerators

And here it is, to be continued a short list with some of the best combination fridges currently on the market. Each model has been analyzed in detail, highlighting the technical, structural and functional characteristics.

Hisense RB390N4AW20

Let’s start our ranking with a standalone model of the Hisense. The RB390N4AW20 product is white in color and with a capacity approx. 302 liters. It benefits from energy class E and Frost-free technologyessential to prevent the formation of ice both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.

There is also the multi-flow ventilation, a ventilation system that ensures an even distribution of cold air. The refrigerator is equipped with 0° cooling plus drawerit is a particular drawer which it constantly maintains a temperature of around zero degrees centigrade. In this way, fresh foods (such as fish and meat) can be stored longer. It has dimensions of 59.2 x 60 x 185 cm and weighs approximately 75 kg.

Indesit NCAA 55NX

L’Indesit NCAA 55NX is a free-standing combined refrigerator in gray color. Has a’energy efficiency class A + and therefore consumes very little. This model takes advantage of the Quiet cooling technology, this means that the noise level will be very minimal, reaching only 38 dB. Inside we find practical cool led lights, which will allow you to see even the most hidden food clearly. Possesses dimensions equal to 55.12 x 54.1 x 156.97 cmfor a total weight of 56 kg.


Among the best combined refrigerators, we now see a model extremely functional from LG. It’s a fridge inside american stylewith two vertical doors that separate the refrigerator from the freezer. On the left door of the freezer, on the outside, there is an ice and water dispenserwhich allows you to fill a glass without necessarily having to open the fridge.

Also, there will be a lot more space this way, since you won’t need to carry water bottles. We also find modern technologies that ensure that excess moisture evaporates and condenses on the walls and not on the food, in order to avoid the formation of mold or the faster deterioration of food. Finally, it is equipped with a tank which makes it possible to avoid connection to the water network.

CHiQ FTM348NE4 348L Combined Refrigerator

With black color and very elegant appearance, this fridge from CHiQ it’s a combined model with a capacity of 348 liters. The freezer door is located at the top, while the refrigerator door is at the bottom. Enjoy it Frost-free technology, which avoids the formation of ice and therefore having to defrost it periodically. Inside are present practical LED lights that easily show all the food presentconsuming very little electricity.

Combined refrigerator Daya DCHB-34SM1WF0

Daya proposes a combined refrigerator in white, with an upper door for the refrigerator and a lower door for the freezer. It has a capacity of 262 liters and measures 55 x 56 x 180 cm. It can be installed in any environment and is equipped with various internal technologies. The temperature can always be adjusted according to your needs and requirements. He has practical interior lighting, which only activate when the refrigerator is opened. It consumes very little and is the ideal purchase choice for yours too. Excellent value.

Haier HB16FMAAA French Door Refrigerator with Drawer Freezer

Haier presents a model of the truly innovative design. This combined refrigerator, in fact, has 4 doors. In addition to the two classic vertical doors, typical of American designer refrigerators, it has two large drawers for the freezer. The drawers separated from the outside make it possible not to let food that is not needed at the moment take in unnecessary hot air. It will therefore suffice to open only the drawer that interests us. He has a 424 liter capacity and take advantage of Frost-free technology. Outside, on the right vertical door, there is a small digital display that shows the degrees of the refrigerator and the freezer.

Miele KFN 29162 D EDT / CS

Let’s go back to a more classic product. This combination refrigerator is equipped with an upper door for the refrigerator and a lower door for the freezer. It has a capacity of 338 liters and measures 65.7 x 60 x 201 cm, for a total weight of 70 kg. This model also benefits from the Frost-free technology and of DynaCool function. The same allows you to always have a uniform temperature in each part of the refrigerator.

Combined refrigerator Beko RCSA270K30WN

A similar model is offered by Beko. It’s about a two-door combined refrigerator in white color with a capacity of 270 liters. Compact and lightweight, it can be installed in any environment, ensuring performance at the highest level. It has more than one access and the internal structure is made up of different sections and shelves, essential to be able to divide food into the correct world.

Bosch KGV39VLEAS Series 4 Home Appliances

The refrigerator combined a free installation by Bosch it is a fairly large model with dimensions of 201 x 60 x 65 cm. It is equipped with innovative Fresh Sense sensors, which allow continuous control of the temperature, adjusting it according to that outside. The freezer, meanwhile, benefits from technology Frost Free Freezer, which reduces frost formation. Inside there is also a practical bottle rack.

Samsung RB34T603ESA/EF Home Appliances

Samsung presents a refrigerator combined with freezer and refrigerator. It is silver in color and measures 65.8 x 59.5 x 185.3 cm, with a total capacity of 340 litres. Enjoy the Space Max Technologywhich consists of a particular coating that makes the walls insulating, therefore improve internal capacity. It has energy class E and a noise level of only 35 dB.

Samsung RB29FERNDSA / ES Smart Line Combined Refrigerator

Model slightly more innovative than the previous one, this Samsung combined refrigerator has two horizontal doors, one for the refrigerator and the other for the freezer. He has a 290 liter capacity and measures 59.5 x 66.8 x 178 cm. This model also benefits from the Frost-free technology, in order to avoid the formation of ice on the walls. He also appreciates the Complete cooling systemessential to guarantee a uniform temperature in all corners.

Hisense RQ563N4AI1 4-Door Refrigerator

And here we are in front of another innovative refrigerator, equipped with 4 functional doors, distributed as if it were a table. There is indeed 4 vertical doors, two upper and two lower. The two upper ones give access to the fridge, while the lower ones give access to the freezer. He has a 432 liter capacity And measures 79.4 x 70 x 181 cm. Enjoy the Frost-free technology and the Metal cooling technology which ensures a uniform temperature throughout the refrigerator. This model is also equipped with a dual cooling circuitwhich means you can use different temperature for freezer and fridge.

Candy CKBBS 100/1 combined built-in refrigerator

Finally, we conclude our classification with a candy pattern. So let’s go back to a classic two-door combined refrigerator, one for the bottom freezer and the other top for the fridge. In the freezer there are 3 compartments with transparent drawers, in order to facilitate the identification of the food you are looking for. Possesses energy class F and inside there are practical LED lights. He has a 250 liter capacity And measures 54.5 x 54 x 176.9 cm.

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