Best gas leaf blower 2022: ranking and buying guide

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What a chore to manually remove all the leaves from the garden every time, isn’t it? But why don’t you equip yourself with gasoline fan? Do you know how much time and effort you would save? Really really a lot!

If you have started to discover how you can speed up the process of removing leaves from your garden, you will surely be ready to consider buying a leaf blower.

Perfect, in today’s study we will talk about gas-powered leaf blowers, which are very useful tools for removing weeds and leaves from the garden.

Finally, once you have identified the one that suits your needs, we recommend that you read the last section on labor, in which you will discover some tips and benefits to make your gas leaf blower last as long as possible.

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But, now it’s time to get to the heart. Good reading !

How to Choose the Best Gas Leaf Blower

Let’s start right away with a very important aspect: after having noticed that while reading the introduction, you felt the need to buy a gasoline fan. But how to choose it? What are the features you really can’t live without?

Let’s see them together, we have selected four that are, in our opinion, absolutely essential.


Weight is a key factor especially if you are using the gas blower for a work activity, a tool heavy enough to carry on the skin can be tiring in the long run.

Most likely, the weight is also due to the materials used. And often more robust and resistant materials necessarily weigh more.

A good compromise is a weight between 3 and 6 kilos.


pretend that a gasoline fan not making noise is practically impossible.

In the past, they even exceeded 100 db of noise, but today it is slowly reaching 80. However, if you want an extremely quiet blower even at the expense of performance, we advise you to take one that is a little less powerful.

Air jet power

The air jet is essential. This last factor is closely related to power, since the more powerful the motor, the stronger the air jet will be. And, continuing with the introductory course, the stronger the air jet, the faster you can rid your garden of weeds, even the most humid – usually heavier – or, in any case, stuck weeds.


Accessories can be very useful, especially to save time.

For example, think of a gasoline fan which also has a large container for the leaves inside: you will save several minutes, even hours. Or, for example, something that does not allow you to have the blower on your shoulders.

So these are not essential things but important!

Gas leaf blower: ranking of the best

Do you understand what we are talking about? You are well aware of the use you could make of the gasoline fan? You’re then ready to check out the final part of each of our in-depth reviews: the rankings!

And, this time, we have selected products with different prices and characteristics.

Alpina ABL 27V

Alpina Gas Leaf Blower

Alpina is synonymous with guarantee, as it is an Italian company that has specialized in the production of garden maintenance tools for years.

The Alpina petrol leaf blower is very compact with a 27.6 cc engine and a power of 0.8 kw. It is very light to facilitate its use, in addition to being equipped with a excellent anti-vibration system guaranteed by the handle separated from the motor by means of springs.

The maximum airflow is 10.2 m³/minute. By means of a special control on the handle it is possible to increase or decrease the air speed at will. In addition to having the function of blower, ABL 27 V can vacuum and chop the leaves of the garden.

Includes a 55 liter bag with shoulder strap, a suction tube, a blow tube and a screwdriver. As already mentioned, the reliability of the Alpina company is also guaranteed by service points, which are more than 200 throughout Italy.

GrecoShop Gas Leaf Blower

GrecoShop Gas Leaf Blower

This the gasoline blower sold by GrecoShop is very light, so even after hours of use its weight (of only 7.5 kg) is not felt on the shoulders. It is mainly used to effectively remove small debris, branches, leaves, pine needles, etc.

With purchase, the following are included:

  • a schoolbag
  • the blow tubes
  • a plastic measuring cup for each mixture

The fan mounts a 42.7 cc two-stroke engine with a power of 1.25 Kw and can reach 6800 rpm.



We are talking about a backpack blower with blowing speeds of up to 150 km/h. It is equipped with a 43 cc two-stroke gasoline engine, with a power of 1.25 kw, which can reach up to 6800 rpm. The start is made in jerks and allows a fairly quick start even on the first try.

This fan works with a 4% mixture and has a tank with a capacity of 1.2 liters. There is also a primer pump under the carburetor. The noise generated is quite acceptable. The dimensions are also contained, in fact it measures 36 x 43 x 49 cm and weighs 9.2 kg.

The Boudech blower is very practical to use in the garden to remove leaves, debris, dust and stones.

Vigor 7173805

Vigor Gas Leaf Blower

This gasoline leaf blower has a two-stroke engine with 26 horsepower and an effective anti-vibration system. The weight of 5 kilos makes it extremely handy and transportable.

In this case also the ignition is fast, in fact it starts after 2-3 attempts maximum.

It is not suitable for large mounds of wet leaves, for which it is recommended to purchase a more powerful gasoline blower. Using it too long may cause overheating. But Vigor 7173805 is definitely recommended for home use.

McCulloch 967 16 72-01

McCulloch 967 Gas Leaf Blower

The main feature of this gasoline leaf blower is the Cruise Control system for speed regulation. The start takes place in soft start mode. The handle makes it Mc Culloch 967 16 72-01 ergonomic thanks to the in-line tube which reduces effort during use.

The engine has a displacement of 25 cc and is powered by a mixture (unleaded petrol and oil). Other The advantage of this gasoline blower is its lightnessin fact it weighs only 4 kg.

The price/quality ratio is also excellent.

Gas leaf blower: maintenance

If you think of a complex or, in any case, very articulated type of maintenance, you are wrong. But on the other hand, precisely because we are talking about maintenance, it is necessary to carry out small operations, if not daily, at least periodically.

For what concern gasoline fanactually, maintenance mainly concerns the engine. You must pay the utmost attention to ensuring that the engine is well maintained and, above all, clean. If you think this is an operation that you are not capable of, you can also rely on an expert who can control the fan better.

Over time, in fact, the engine could show signs of failure, especially if residue gets stuck inside. A failure which, of course, is not brutal but which can occur gradually and which you may notice too late.

Not only the engine: the screw that holds the carburettor protection must be preserved and must not rust. That’s all? Of course not. You also certainly cannot underestimate the oil change, as it happens for a classic car.

And the candle? And the throttle cable? In short, these are only examples, but the essential is only one: maintaining the gasoline fan this must be done for all the elements that make up both the product itself and, obviously, the engine. Because on the mechanical side, only one gear does not work properly and you may have to buy a new one!

Ranking of the best-selling gas leaf blowers

She’s there best selling gasoline blower list on Amazon.

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