Best industrial scrubber drier 2022: ranking and buying guide

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To clean industrial environments, which are usually larger than normal homes, there are essential machinery. We talk about the industrial floor cleanerswhich thanks to their power are able to remove even the most stubborn dirt in a short time.

In this guide we will explore best industrial floor cleanersto guide you on the ideal purchase choice.

How an industrial floor cleaning machine works

The operation of the scrubber is very intuitive. Once commissioned, through the use of commands, just move it to be able to wash the floor. There are usually specific settings that allow you to adjust the flow of water and detergent. Other systems allow instead of collect the dirty water and put it in another tank. Thanks to the rotation of the brush, which acts continuously on the floor, it will be possible to clean any industrial environment.

How to Choose the Best Industrial Scrubber Drier

Choosing the best scrubber drier can be quite complex, especially due to the presence of many models available, differentiated on the basis of many factors. Below we will analyze in detail the main characteristics that you can keep in mind before making the purchase.


First, it is important pay close attention to the size. These machines must be easy to handle and space-saving, in order to reach even the most difficult points. It is appropriate choose the size of the scrubber according to your needs and the size of the spaces where the machine will operate. For small industrial spaces, it is not necessary to opt for models with too wide brushes.


Buying a scrubber drier with powerful motors means increase their efficiency. Especially in industrial environments, which become dirtier than in homes, it is essential to have a powerful motor, which allows you to make the brush perform better. A good compromise is represented by motors of at least 1500 Watt.


Scrubber driers must also have a series of functions, essential to ensure simple use. Orders must be intuitive and can be used to start the engine, brush, water flow regulationWhere brush height adjustment.

Ranking of the best industrial floor cleaners

At this point, we present the best industrial floor cleaners available on the market. Machines that have distinguished themselves from others in the same category for their efficiency and their very good value for money. Our team of experts has analyzed many models taking into account a number of factors in order to offer you the best items.

Lavor L4 45E

Electric scrubber drier Lavor L4 45E - 230V

The first product we present is the electric scrubber drier Lavor L4 45E. This is the article ideal for cleaning floors and features a high performance disc brush, which will allow you to remove even the most difficult stains in no time. It is very easy to maneuver and it is suitable for spaces such as gyms, stores, retail outlets and more. The maintenance of this floor cleaner is really very easy. Its components are in fact easily accessible, such as the float, the tank and the suction filter. It also benefits from a disc brush auto-coupling system, as well as a simple manual release. With a practical lever on the back, it is then possible to adjust the jet of detergent according to different needs.

Karcher BDS 43/150 C Classic

Karcher Pro BDS 43/150 C Classic single-disc scrubber - 1500 W - working width 43 cm - BRUSH AND TANK NOT INCLUDED

Another very popular product on the market is floor cleaner Karcher BDS 43/150 C Classic. It is made with highest quality materials and ride a powerful 1500W motor. The pad holder is resistant, quiet And it does not need much maintenance. It is very easy to maneuver thanks to the comfortable handle and the performance wheels. He enjoys a automatic brush attachment system when the machine is started. Thanks to this scrubber, even the most stubborn dirt will disappear.

Karcher BR 30/4 C

Compact scrubber drier Karcher Pro BR 30/4 C - surface from 20 to 200 m² - 820 W

Karcher BR 30/4 C it is an ideal purchase for cleaning both private and public environments. IS very compact and its small size allows simple and instant use. It has a water tank that can be removed easily and in a few steps. He owns 3 buttons for various functions: with a first button you dispense water, with the second you start the brush, while with the third you suck in order to dry the surface. He has good two tankswhere the first serves to contain clean water (for use), while in the second dirty water will end up.

Lavor L4 45B

Lavor L4 45B Battery Scrubber - Scrubber - 24V - 50A

Another item that has completely won over buyers is the floor cleaner Lavor L4 45B. Thanks to the powerful power system and its disc brush, it will be able to remove dirt in a very short time. Ideal for small and medium-sized rooms, it has a system to be able to hook and unhook the brush with extreme simplicity. The controls are very intuitive and the main ones concern a switch for thesuction and a switch for the pump (essential to send the detergent to the brush). All its components are easily accessible and this allows a simple machine maintenance.

AgriEuro UT LP-450-E

Scrubber drier AgriEuro UT LP-450-E - electric

Another interesting item is the scrubbing machine AgriEuro UT LP-450-E. The rotating brush, combined with water and detergent, allows you to remove dirt from floors in a very short time. The structure of the floor cleaner is made of steel, in order to avoid oxidation, which in turn could lead to malfunctions of the machines. To go up two tanks of 30 liters each, which contain clean water and dirty water recovered from washing, respectively. AND’ very easy to clean, because the components are easy to visualize. benefits very easy to use controls and buttonssuch as those for adjusting the height of the brush, or for activating the motor.

AgriEuro UT LP-500-B battery powered

AgriEuro UT LP-500-B battery floor cleaner - 2x (12v 110ah) - working width 500mm

With the floor cleaner AgriEuro UT LP-500-B battery powered, washing the floors will be child’s play. It is made with highest quality materials and mounts well 2 batteries of 12V and 110 Ah, to be able to put all the commands into service. In operation, a system makes it possible to recover the water which is sucked inside. The high-performance disc brush is ideal for hard-to-remove dirt. Has a’excellent maneuverability and can be moved effortlessly. Comfortable wheels at the ends make maneuvering easy, while intuitive controls allow for easy operation.

Lavor L1 36E

Scrubber drier Lavor L1 36E - Scrubber 230 V

The scrubber Lavor L1 36E is the article ideal for washing floors in bars, offices, shops, schools and many other environments. It is very easy to maneuver thanks to the two wheels at its end. To go up an effective disc brush, excellent for removing all types of dirt, without leaving traces. The brush can be hooked and unhooked with ease, while the tank is easily removable. In the upper part there are controls for the operation of the brush and the suction process, as well as others for adjusting the machine.

AgriEuro UB LP-550-B battery powered

Battery scrubber drier AgriEuro UB LP-550-B - ride-on - working width 550 mm
Let’s finish our guide with the floor cleaner AgriEuro UB LP-550-B battery powered. This formidable machine rises a disc brush to remove dirt in a short time. It incorporates two batteries, which guarantee autonomy of about 5 hours of work. Its components, such as tanks, are easy to control. AND’ easy to maneuver and has many controls for different operations. It benefits, for example, from a forward pedal, a safety brake, a series of controls for engaging the mechanical parts or even a horn.

Fiorentini I 18 NEW electric

With the floor cleaner Fiorentini I 18 NEW electric, the washing of the floors will be a success. Made with the highest quality materials, it features a rotating brush to remove dirt. Has a 10 meter long cable for the fuel system. The disc brush is ideal for dealing with stubborn dirt and allows you to wash even close to the walls. It has two tanks, one that contains clean water (to be used) and another for dirty water that is recovered. She also has a float to check fluid levela compartment that can be opened it’s a practical lever to adjust the height of the brush. The brush is very easy to attach and detach and the controls are also very intuitive to use.

Fiorentini Delux 350 electric

One of the best choices to buy today is floor cleaner Fiorentini Deluxe 350 electric. Its compact size allows you to reach even the most difficult places, while the disc brush is made with highest quality products, which give high efficiency when using. AND’ quiet And very easy to maneuver. It has two tanks, one for clean water and the other for dirty water, as well as a series of useful controls to start the brush, the motor, or to adjust the water flow with the detergent.

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