Best RGV slicers 2022: ranking and buying guide

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In order to be able to cut food, it is very often used hard-to-use tools, as well as dangerous, such as knives or other types of kitchen utensils. However, there are machines on the market that can make precise and effortless cuts on many types of food. We talk about the slicers.

In this guide we will explore best RGV slicerswhich stand out from other items in the same category by their own very good value for money and why they are made with highest quality materials.

How to Choose the Best RGV Slicer

Choose the best RGV slicer, more suitable for your needs, it is certainly not simple. This is mainly due to the presence on the market of many models, differentiated according to various functionalities. We will analyze below features that RGV slicers must havein order to accompany you on the choice of purchase that suits you best.


First, it is important choose the size of the slicer according to the different needs that may arise. Among the articles analyzed, there are both machines with very large blades, which make it possible to make cuts on stronger foods, and others that are smaller. Among the items we will be exhibiting are also many models with compact dimensions and low weightideal for those who travel and need to transport the slicer.


The second aspect to consider is engine power. It is crucial because it sets the blade in motion, which then allows it to cut food. The more powerful the motor, the faster and more precise the cut will be. All the items we will present will appreciate powerful enginesin order to achieve impeccable cuts from all points of view.


Being machines with sharp and dangerous parts, such as the blade, it is suitable choose models with high safety standards. The items we will offer have advanced security systems, such as i arm blocks the goods with spikesessential to prevent food from slipping.


Choosing a slicer made with high-quality materials is key to making efficient and precise cuts. The machines present in our ranking are manufactured with resistant and efficient materialslike steel for the blade and aluminum for the other parts of the machine.

Best RGV slicers: the ranking

At this point, we present the best RGV slicers, in order to better guide you in your choice of purchase. Our team of experts has analyzed many models, taking into account various characteristics, in order to recommend the best items.

RGV Mary 220 red with removable blade

The first article we present is RGV Mary 220 red with detachable blade. It’s a buy ideal for home use and provides excellent cutting, especially soft foods. Its frame is made of aluminum, which makes it very resistant and of at the same time light. The trolley, also with quality materials, runs on practical aluminum guides. It has a high performance 220mm diameter stainless steel blade. The 200W motor allows you to make cuts in no timeadjustable with a comfortable button. Easy to clean, it also offers a patented blade dismantling system.

RGV Ausonia 190 red with removable blade

Another very popular product in the market is RGV Ausonia 190 Red with removable blade. Allows you to make cuts on soft foods (efficiently) thanks to the latest generation high performance stainless steel blade. The fit can be easily adjusted with the use of an ergonomic button. The blade is started by the 100W motor. AND’ very easy to transport, because it has small dimensions and low weight. There is also finger safety accessory with spikes to prevent food from hurting.

Blade RGV Olimpia 22-GL 220mm

One of the best products on the market is Blade RGV Olimpia 22-GL 220mm. It has a powerful 140 W motor, excellent for being able to make precise cuts without any effort. The unique design allows for easy use and simple cleaning. The hardened blade with a diameter of 220 mm is high performance. The adjustment partition can always be modulated, while the goods plate and the protection ring are made of aluminium, to allow maximum safety of the food that comes into contact with the different parts of the machine. Easy to adjust, thanks to an ergonomic graduated knob, it has a goods blocking arm to prevent food from slipping.

New RGV Lusso 300 ES DOM slicer

One of the most interesting and popular items on the market is theslicer RGV Lusso 300 ES DOM NEW, which has a blade with a diameter of 300 mm and a powerful 180W motor. With this device, cutting food will be child’s play. It has a very resistant structure and the modern design, without edges, does not accumulate much residue. Its operation is very intuitive and does not require any special maintenance. The presence of a fixed sharpener allows precise and impeccable cut. The tempered blade is very resistant, while the other parts of the machine are made of aluminum with shiny anodic oxidation, essential to be able to come into contact with food safely.

How to Sharpen the RGV Slicer

To sharpen the RGV slicer it is above all suitable wear cut resistant gloves, essential to avoid unpleasant accidents. It is also recommended use protective glasses because of the possible sparks that could be created during the sharpening phase. At this point, you can proceed to sharpening through the use of specific stones, which can have different types of grains, that is, the roughness index. After the sharpening process, passing the stone over the blade, it is appropriate clean it with a soft cloth to disinfect it.

How to clean the RGV slicer

Cleaning the RGV slicer is very simple. You must first make sure you have unplugged the plug, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents. It is necessary to have products that do not irreversibly damage the mechanical parts of the slicer. As for the blade, it is enough use a paper towel avoiding detergents. For the structure and the removable parts, it is possible use a sponge with food alcohol. At the end, rinse and let dry.

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