Bluetooth Speaker Won’t Connect: How to Fix Pairing Issues

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Bluetooth speakers are small, portable speakers that can be wirelessly connected to mobile devices, using wireless technology. These speakers work with all external audio sources, they are also equipped with an audio input with analog cable. The most common use is with tablets and smartphones, but you can also connect them with PCs.

Sales of Bluetooth speakers have grown exponentially in recent years due to the increased use of devices such as smartphones and tablets. On the market you will find models of different brands, more or less cheap and of different qualities. Always choose a model that satisfies the price-performance ratio. A bluetooth speaker can cost a few tens of euros but can also cost thousands.

Bluetooth technology has been on the market since 1994 and allows limited distance data exchange in digital form, generally within a radius of ten meters. It’s very convenient, but in some ways it still had some usability issues. Connections via bluetooth are very simple, just activate bluetooth on the devices to be connected to pair them; very often, however, it happens that the connection fails due to a malfunction, it is rejected, refused or gives an error. There may be more than one reason.

What are the main reasons for a Bluetooth speaker not connecting to a device and how to fix these pairing issues?

Bluetooth is easy to install on any device, but it has limitations due to the technology itself, as it uses device-specific profiles that change from manufacturer to manufacturer. On inexpensive devices this technology has very poor and poor performance, unlike devices belonging to a higher price range that have fewer problems with operation. Another problem is given by the software which, not being free of bugs, changes depending on the device.

Make sure Bluetooth is on

If you’re trying to pair smartphone speakers specifically with a smartphone but they won’t connect, before you suspect the device is damaged or not working, make sure both devices are turned on and Bluetooth is activated on both devices. To connect the two devices, you will have to enter the settings and search for the presence of nearby Bluetooth devices. Sometimes the devices have a recognition name, other times they are associated with an address made up of numbers and letters. If you cannot connect the device to the smartphone in this case there will surely be a problem on the device. If the device is not detected, it is a good idea to try to bring it closer to the smartphone. If even in this way the two devices do not connect, we recommend that you deactivate the phone’s bluetooth and reactivate it after about ten seconds, or turn the phone off and on again.

If the bluetooth speaker still does not connect, reset the connection, to do this delete all the devices associated with the phone.

The problem could be the Bluetooth cache

If, on the other hand, the bluetooth worked then stopped working, the bluetooth cache may have been damaged. To solve the problem, delete the temporary cache files, this will delete the damaged files and Bluetooth will be able to connect. Other phone data will not suffer any problem. You can also reset network settings.

It may happen that the speaker and the device are already paired with something else, in this case you will need to reset both the speaker and the device. Even the best Bluetooth speaker can have connection issues. In the market you can also find Bluetooth speakers for PC and tablet speakers, everything we have said so far also applies to these latest models.

Make sure there is no interference

Bluetooth, to transfer data from one device to another, uses radio waves, it may happen that the connection fails due to interference from certain electronic objects. Indeed, some devices, such as bluetooth, use radio waves or emit them such as smartphones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi routers, remote controls and Smart TVs. If you are having such issues, try turning off some of these devices.

Make sure devices are loaded and standards are compatible

Another cause of malfunction could be the charge of the device, if the charge is not sufficient it will have difficulty in connecting, or will not transmit a good signal. Or it may happen that these are the bluetooth standards. There are two standards the second, bluetooth LE (low energy), which is different from the first because it needs less energy to operate. These standards are not necessarily compatible, so check if the manufacturer of the device which is older than the other has provided an update to integrate with the old bluetooth.

If you’ve tried everything, absolutely everything, and the connection between your devices still doesn’t really want to work, just restore the original factory settings, especially for devices like cellphones. To do this, you will have to access the settings and proceed by selecting the factory reset.


Bluetooth can be easily installed on any device, be it a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Through Bluetooth, you can connect different devices such as Bluetooth speakers for PC, Bluetooth speakers with USB, Bluetooth music speakers, Bluetooth speakers and many more. Bluetooth is a small, very economical piece of equipment that works with little energy. In practice, a master device is connected via Bluetooth to another slave device, for example a mobile phone is connected with Bluetooth headphones.

Very often the bluetooth can have connection problems, as we have seen the problems can be numerous. The important thing will be to try to identify the problem and try to solve it. Most of the time, these are easily identifiable and solvable problems. Just a little patience and do some testing. After reading our short guide, you should be able to deal with most of the inconveniences you may encounter when using devices with a Bluetooth connection.

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