Brocade fabric, the most purchased since the beginning of 2022, here is the Top Ten

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brocade fabric

One of finest fabrics which for many years has been used for furniture and sewing is brocade fabric. It is a type of valuable fabric made invaluable by the wefts with gold and silver threads and by the embossed designs. Today, its production has become a little easier than in the past, when everything was embroidered by hand. And it is precisely this that made it a precious fabric, the fact of sewing by hand took the weavers many hours and over the centuries they tried to make it a less demanding work.

Today, the production technique has completely changed, but the brocade fabric remains valuable for its complexity.

1. Ditsy brocade fabric with Indian and floral print

Let’s start ours top ten of the best fabrics of this type from the Ditsy brand. You can use this product to make furniture, sewing, upholstery and crafts. In fact it is a versatile fabric but above all of quality. In this case it is sold by the meter and it is also possible to order a larger quantity if necessary.

In addition, the brand allows you to buy a sample to test the quality of the fabric before proceeding with the order and with the quantity of fabric useful for your needs.

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2. Damask upholstery fabric by Tomaselli Tessuti

Using the best fabric to upholster your furniture and sew curtains, cushions and upholstery is important to creating quality products. This particular fabric from the Tomaselli Tessuti brand is sold for upholstery but it is also quite versatile and can be used for many craft products.

It is actually a brocaded damask, available in different colors and with different patterns. Most of them are floral patterns with different colors on neutral backgrounds such as beige, light blue, ivory white. The price of the product refers to 50 cm of fabric and it is also possible to order more quantities depending on the work to be carried out.

3. Chinese Faux Silk Stain Resistant Damask by Ym Youmu

As we have already said, brocade fabric is one of the most demanded and valuable. This Ym youmu brocade fabric measures 1 meter by 90 cm. It is indeed sold by the meter to allow everyone to buy the necessary quantity of fabric. Available colors are black, coffee, green, gold, red, sapphire and burgundy.

This fabric was imported from China and in fact it is a Chinese faux silk with an excellent quality / price ratio that lends itself well to all types of crafts and confections.

4. Made’n Ready Brocade Fabric for Upholstery

Even Made’n Ready branded fabric is sold by the yard and this gives the flexibility to buy any quantity you want for any type of craft, sewing and upholstery work. By ordering a quantity of fabric, you are buying one meter of fabric measuring 100 x 280 cm which is the standard width size. The material that makes up this brocade fabric is 46% viscose and 54% polyester. Ideal for upholstering chairs, armchairs and sofas, creating rugs, curtains and canopies and bedspreads.

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5. Made’n Ready Gold Upholstery Fabric

We continue with another fabric from the Made’n Ready brand made of chenille. The colors available are unique and mix pastel tones like pistachio green and old pink on a light golden background. Also in this case, the fabric is sold by the meter. By ordering a quantity of product it will be possible to receive the fabric 100 x 280 cm. If necessary, it is also possible to order more quantities.

Being a very worked fabric, it is also very delicate. In fact, dry cleaning is recommended. It is perfect for creating coatings for furnishing accessories and sewing.

6. Ym youmu brocade fabric synthetic satin

This different brocade fabric from the Ym youmu brand is made with a synthetic material that guarantees its resistance and softness. The material is polyester and the standard dimensions it is sold with are 90 x 100 cm. It is also possible to buy the fabric by the meter by simply indicating the desired quantity when ordering.

Ideal for packaging products of crafts, tablecloths, pillows and curtains. Also excellent for upholstery and for making sewing products.

7. Indian gold leaf brocade fabric by Textile station

In our top ten, we’ve included all kinds of patterns and colors. In particular, this brocade fabric from the Textile station brand has a style reminiscent of India, with particularly bright colors. It is above all a fabric on a gray background with golden borders. It is perfect for creating curtains, cushions, bedspreads and for adorning furniture, giving it a unique and original touch.

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8. Vintage brocade for sewing and upholstery by YM youmu

Let’s go back once again to a brand that we have already had the opportunity to like for other products on this list, Ym youmu. This brocade fabric has the particularity of having different bright colors in the background and gold or silver patterns with floral motifs.

Also in this case, the fabric is sold by the meter with a standard width of 75 cm. In fact, you can choose the quantity at the time of purchase.

The colors available range from the most classic such as red, green and blue with many different shades including burgundy, sapphire and gold.

9. The premium brocade fabric by the yard

The penultimate product that must be on our list of the best products is The Meter made by an unknown brand. This fine fabric is presented with patterns reminiscent of the oriental style and in particular these are Indian fabrics. Without a doubt, they have a quality that allows you to create many furnishing and decorative objects for your home.

10. Confecòn Saymi satin fabric

We conclude our top ten with a satin fabric from the Confeccion Saymi brand. We are talking about a high quality damask fabric with a very elegant dark green hue. It is made of 100% polyester and it is also possible to machine wash it without risk of damaging it.

In addition, the brand also allows you to buy the fabric by the meter and indicate the quantity necessary for your needs at the time of the final order.

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