Car roof canvas, the most purchased of 2022, here is the list

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car roof fabric

Fabric for the car roof is basically the padding of the car roof protects and aesthetically improves inside the car, as it can also be installed on the door panels. Therefore, motorists are looking for a high-quality and easy-to-glue roof covering. So, let’s review the most demanded types of car roofing fabrics in 2022.

1) Woven TEXTILE car roof fabric

The TRAMATESSILE automotive roof sky fabric is inspired by the sky fabric Audi a4 or Volkswagen and customers can choose from the Amazon drop-down menu the square footage, color, and glue they want to match this thin polyurethane coated fabric.

The material corresponds to the roof and door panels, is offered already packed in a roll of cardboard so that the surface of TRAMATESSILE is smooth and ready to be glued inside the car, avoiding the presence of unsightly creases. In addition, the glues used to fix the fabric are resistant to high temperatures and durable.

2) TENDEEVOLUTION car roof covering

TENDEEVOLUTION car roof covering is available in different sizes, starting from 1 meter x 1.50, is available in different colors and is an elastic car fabric that is easily applied to door panels or to glue the covering car roof via the brush, spray or spray glue.

This product is of high Italian quality, ensures an excellent finish even in the corners, and the soft foam rubber base layer ensures perfect adhesion to the bodywork. The item is about 4mm thick and yes suitable for all car modelsincluding Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen and BMW.

3) Tessil Point car roof fabric

Tessil Point car roof fabric is compatible with Audi and Volkswagen car models, comes in ice color and is available in different sizes from 2 x 1.50 meters.

This polyurethane cloth comes with 1 can of 850ml auto fabric glue and is perfect for repairing car interior roof or door panels. Customers can also select from the Amazon drop-down menu the color, yardage and glue to match the fabric for customize as much as possible inside the vehicle.

4) Honeycomb car roof fabric

The honeycomb car roof canvas is offered by the company Auto Equipe sold by the meter from 1 meter x 145 centimeters. The product is in color charcoal grey, it is very elastic and you can order a single roll of the required length.

It is suggested to use car roof glue in touch, based on synthetic resins, since it is the most suitable for fixing soft materials, resists high temperatures and guarantees a lasting result. Finally, we specify that the article is guaranteed by law against manufacturing defects, but Auto Equipe undertakes in any case to replace or reimburse the defective product free of charge.

5) Auto Cloth 2R Stock

The 2R Stock car fabric is available in different sizes (from 2 meters x 140 centimeters) and includes one in the kit car sky spray glue transparent and resistant to high temperatures which must be sprayed on the roof and on the fabric at a distance of about 20 centimeters from the surfaces.

The fabric is reinforced with foam rubber to ensure the ultra strong coupling of the product which is entirely made in Italy. We specify that 2R Stock is ideal for car roof linings or for car door panels. Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedesbut can also fit other car models.

6) Coupled type car roof fabric

Coupled type roof liner fabric is another 2R Stock proposition which is offered in a base size of 50cm x 150. The item is in light gray polyurethane and is one of the original car fabrics the most popular for motorists for roof covering. or paneling. Also, you can get a size of variable size, according to your needs and receive the fabric wrapped in a roll of cardboard at home to avoid unsightly creases and facilitate fixing, thanks also to the foam rubber base that guarantees the best adhesion to the internal surfaces of the vehicle.

7) Cielo auto compatible with Audi and Volkswagen

2R Stock also offers the roof version compatible with Audi and Volkswagen in size from 55 x 145cm which is in light gray and coupled with sponge rubber to enhance the durability and performance of the product. This polyurethane fabric is suitable for covering the car roof, panels or seats and it is recommended to glue the car roof with contact adhesive products because they are very resistant to high temperatures.

8) Headlining fabric by the meter

The headlining fabric by the meter is an AE AUTO EQUIPE honeycomb product which is available in gray and in a basic size of 1 meter x 150 centimeters, but different sizes can also be requested, depending on your needs. The the fabric is fixed on a spongy base to be glued to the bodywork and it is suitable for all car models, but high temperature resistant glue is recommended to achieve maximum performance not only on Audi or Volkswagen cars, but also off-road models such as Land Rover Defender.

9) Car cloth with sponge rubber

The car fabric with sponge rubber is another commercial proposal of AE AUTO EQUIPE with a weft of honeycomb fabric and in rolls of 150 centimeters in height that can be customized in length according to your needs. The product is compatible with all cars, starting with Audi and Volkswagen, it is light gray in color and the foam rubber base adheres to the body with contact adhesive and is resistant to high temperatures. The company also promises to refund or replace the defective item and to offer dimensions per linear meter: if you need 2 or more meters, just indicate it when ordering.

10) Dressing the Golf 4 attic

We complete our overview of car roof liners with the Golf 4 roof liner which is offered by AE AUTO EQUIPE in plain gray with a foam rubber base and in a size of 1 meter x 150 centimeters. The product has a velvet-like texture, inspired by the interior lining of the Golf 4, but adapts to any type of car. In any case, it is necessary to glue the base of the product with adhesives with high resistance to high temperatures, which must be applied in a non-excessive quantity and evenly over the entire surface.

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