Chenille fabric, which is the most purchased of 2022? Here are the best models

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Chenille fabric, which is the most purchased of 2022? Here are the best models

What is caterpillar? Is the caterpillar hot? Is the caterpillar winter? there are many questions and curiosities circulating around this type of fabric. For this reason, in addition to leaving you with as complete a list as possible of the best chenille fabric, we also want to leave you with some additional information.

What is Chenille: here are the most important information

We have always heard of “warm chenille fabric” or cotton chenille, but not everyone knows that it is a material or rather a wire type whose name comes from French caterpillar. It is obtained by treating the yarn with two different materials, one of which is softer and the other thicker. Thanks to this structure, it turns out to be a soft and elastic material.

1) Panini Tessuti Chenille Fabric

Panini Tessuti chenille is a material that is very soft to the touch and to the eye with a slightly wrinkled surface. As for the specific composition, know that this material is made of 100% polyester, it is sold by the meter from 100 cm. This is the right thing for you, especially if you intend to make garments such as sweaters, sweatshirts, and skirts. Colors available: red, neon orange, beige, white, blue, cornflower blue, burgundy, light blue, fuchsia, dark lilac, brown, black, cream, pink, ruby, green.

2) Russo Tessuti Baby Chenille Fabric

This Russo Fabrics stretch chenille fabric for clothing is one of the best sellers of the moment. It can be purchased at multiples of 1 ton. Colors available: baby pink, orange, ivory, light blue, beige, white, electric blue, midnight blue, light blue, fuchsia, yellow, ocher yellow, grey, lilac, brown, black, red, flag green, bottle green. Material not suitable for upholstery work, but designed specifically for those who want to try their hand at making do-it-yourself garments. Those who have bought it assure that it is a beautiful fabric, with a good texture and very elastic.

3) Fabric by the meter Jacquard Deshome

The patterned chenille of the Deshome brand is a real precious and scenographic fabric. All this thanks to its velvet effect with gradients and floral motifs. For this reason, the fabric is always very beautiful to see, even from a distance, soft to caress and impact. This fabric can be dry cleaned at 30°C, does not crease and always maintains the correct crease. It really is a fabric delicate, do not dry, do not bleach and do not iron. Colors available: burgundy red, ivory, light blue, white, blue, grey, blue grey, brown.


DESHOME Alena Giglio – Floral Chenille Jacquard Fabric by the Meter Upholstery Fabric for Sofas, Cushions, Curtains (Bordeaux Red, 1 Meter)

  • ✅ FABRIC: Precious fabric by the meter Jacquard chenille with velvet effect rich in shades, with typical floral patterns, beautiful to look at and soft to caress – Also discover the coordinated DESHOME variants Alena Fiore (floral pattern) and Alena Plain (solid color)
  • ✅ ADVANTAGES: Does not wrinkle, keeps the crease and tends to reacquire it even after washing (allowing you to avoid ironing) resistant to mold and bacteria
  • ✅ VARIATIONS: Very robust and hard-wearing (martindale 20,000 rpm – weight 525 gr/m2), Alena Giglio, Alena Fiore and Alena Regno are available in the color variants White, Ivory, Grey, Blue, Red Burgundy, Light Blue to adapt with style to any type of environment: they can be used as upholstery to cover upholstered furniture such as modern or classic sofas, headboards, armchairs, chairs, cushions and furnishing accessories in general

4) Kt KILOtela Double Sided Chenille Fabric

The search for the best materials continues and now we cannot fail to tell you about the double-sided chenille fabric of the Kt KILOtela brand. This fabric is the one you need if you are looking for a material suitable for upholstery work and in particular for covering chairs or sofas, but also for making cushion covers, curtains, bedspreads, bags and more. manual labor. Colors available: white, brown, red, beige, grey. Composition: 30% polyester, 30% cotton, 40% acrylic. Machine washable at 30°C, remember do not iron, do not dry clean and do not bleach.

Upholstery fabric Kt KILOtela, solid color, double-sided chenille, soft to the touch, very resistant, fabric 100 cm long x 280 cm high, color: white

  • Uses: Double-sided chenille fabric, suitable for upholstering chairs, sofas, making sofas, cushions, curtains, bedspreads, bags and for all decorative crafts
  • Width: 280cm
  • Composition: 30% cotton, 30% polyester, 40% acrylic. Made in Spain

5) Haaris Imaan Lime Velvety Chenille Fabric

In the list of the best products of the moment there is also space for the chenille fabric of the brand Haaris Imaan in the color lime. It is a beautiful shimmer tone, high quality fabric and very soft. It is a flame retardant material, manufactured to BS5852 standards, which is why it is suitable for upholstery projects and in particular for cushions, furniture, curtains and sofas. The fabrics are cut directly according to the quantity ordered.

Haaris Imaan Lime, velvety soft fire retardant chenille fabric, glitter effect by the metre, for curtains, cushions, upholstery, furniture, sofa

  • Haaris Imaan Lime glitter chenille fabric, high quality soft upholstery fabric.
  • Approximate width: 145 cm.
  • Cut to quantity ordered, we guarantee fabrics to be available in one continuous piece (where possible), ie quantity of 5 will be supplied as one piece of 5 yards.

6) Haaris Imaan Chenille Upholstery Fabric

Are you looking for a suitable material for amazing wallpaper work? If the answer is yes, we suggest you consider Haaris Imaan fabric. To give you more information, we can tell you that it is a high quality material, suitable for making coatings of all kinds. Much of the credit also comes from the fact that this material is completely flame retardant and is suitable for cushions, curtains, sofas, etc. Available colors: silver, red and purple.

7) UK Fabrics Online Chenille Upholstery Fabric

We are not yet at the end of our list of recommended materials to use for do-it-yourself upholstery work. Chenille fabric from UK Fabrics Online also gains a spot. It’s a classic tweed fabric, with a delicate herringbone pattern, with a mix of natural and synthetic materials. The fabric is completely flame retardant and that is why it is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Colors available: anthracite, cream, mustard, black and mink. Excellent ratio between quality and price.

8) Chenille fabric by the meter I want fabric

The chenille fabric by the meter from the brand I want fabric is really essential. It is actually a high quality fabric that is very soft to the touch. It is sold by the meter and has a width of 145 cm. This fabric also has the characteristic of being flame retardant and therefore suitable for use in the manufacture of objects for domestic and/or commercial use. Seats, headrests, chairs and upholstery in general can be covered with this material. Thirteen colors available: Charcoal, Coffee, Chocolate, Eggplant, Pink, Raspberry, Red, Black, Lime, Mink, Cream, Frame, and Teal.

I Want Fabric Fire Retardant Chenille Fabric, Soft, Solid Color, Durable, Long Lasting, for Upholstery, Curtain, Cushion, Cushion, Flame Retardant Fabric, Glitter Effect, Sold by the Yard

  • Chenille fabric for furniture, super soft and with a heavy, wet look.
  • High quality fabric, sold by the meter, with a width of 145 cm.
  • Soft to the touch with a velvety texture and a shimmering appearance that gives it a wet look.

9) Haaris Imaan Soft Chenille Fabric

Another product from Haaris Imaan is this Charcoal or rather shimmering charcoal colored fabric. It is also a soft fabric and suitable for upholstery work with a width of 145 cm. As in other cases, it is cut directly according to the quantity ordered. This is for you if you are looking for a flame retardant materialsafe and suitable for covering objects of household upholstery, for curtains, cushions, etc.

Haaris Imaan – Soft and velvety chenille fabric, flame retardant, shimmer effect, sold by the meter, for curtains, cushions, upholstery, furniture, sofa

  • Haaris Imaan Charcoal Glitter Chenille Fabric, High Quality Soft Upholstery Fabric.
  • Approximate width: 145 cm.
  • Cut to quantity ordered, we guarantee fabrics to be available in one continuous piece (where possible), ie quantity of 5 will be supplied as one piece of 5 yards.

10) I want Fabric Shabby Chenille Style Fabric

We have come to the end of our proposals and the list ends with the chocolate fabric from I want Fabric. Sold by the meter and perfect for those who want a soft fabric that can give their upholstery a shabby look.

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