Chiffon fabrics, the most purchased since the beginning of 2022, here is what they are

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Chiffon fabrics

The Chiffon fabric is delicate, transparent, slightly curly and resistant: it is used in particular for the packaging of feminine dresses and derives from the French chiffe which means rag. The most famous and finest quality muslin yes produced with twisted silk threads, but the varieties of synthetic fibers are not lacking. So let’s take a look at the most purchased types of muslin canvas in 2022.

1) Soimoi Chiffon Fabric

The Soimoi Chiffon fabric is available in coral pink and made to measure 42″ wide (equivalent to 42 inches) and the item features leaf designs digitally printed onto the fabric which adds a touch of elegance and originality.

Soimoi is a viscose chiffon material sold by the yard and the company can cut to order the size required. The strong point of this article is its great softness which gives maximum comfort to shawls, scarves, dresses, sarees, sarongs and blouses. It is recommended to wash this fabric by hand, avoiding harsh detergents and air drying.

2) Dark brown chiffon fabric

The Soimoi brand also offers a dark brown woven chiffon with digitally printed floral patterns which is made of soft viscose for making women’s clothing, scarves and pareos on behalf of maximum portability.

The item measures 106.7 centimeters, is sold by the linear meter and can only be washed by hand with mild detergents. The Soimoi brand also offers a wide range of fabrics in high quality yarns and uses digital prints with water-based inks particularly suitable for natural fibers or polyester, avoid the use of harmful or allergenic products for the skin.

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3) MADE Chiffon Fabric

FABRIQUES muslin fabric is made of soft polyester, it is available in different shades from Flo Lime and it is in the basic size of 1 meter x 150 centimeters. This item is ideal for wrapping wedding dresses as it retains its shape and fit without stretching in stretch mode.

FABRIQUES is also perfect for creating light evening dresses or original and lively garment for the summer, it can be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees and it is necessary to avoid going to the dryer so as not to compromise the high quality of this fabric.

4) Chiffon Cat

Chiffon Cat is another proposal from the Soimoi brand that measures 106.7 cm wide and is an elegant and cheerful fabric in very soft viscose with pretty figures of cats and reproductions of the Eiffel Tower digitally printed on a light turquoise background.

The article is designed for elegant women who like to wear chiffon dresses, pareos or scarves, inspired by the latest fashion trends, without sacrificing maximum comfort and a perfect fit. It is recommended to always wash this muslin fabric by hand and only with mild detergents which help to maintain the quality of the fabric and the vibrancy of the colors for a long time.

5) Soimoi viscose muslin

The Soimoi viscose muslin is another proposal of this brand on which digital prints of beautiful birds and flowers in bright colors stand out against a background of Tortilla color Brown which was created with the most modern printing technologies to accentuate the color contrast.

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The item measures 106.7 centimeters which is equivalent to 42 inches and is perfect for wrapping super soft women’s dresses and sarongs which are especially delicate in contact with the skin. It is advisable to wash the fabric by hand and let it air dry, avoiding the use of the dryer.

6) Somoi olive green

The Soimoi olive green chromatic variety further enriches the commercial proposal of the brand with this fabric which is not the classic chiffon, but a very soft viscose fabric on which the digital prints of beer mugs and wine glasses stand out. stand out in a riot of bright and original colors. color combinations. This item measures 42 inches in width, or 106.7 centimeters, you can buy it in the size you want, it must be hand washed exclusively and is perfect for packing women’s dresses and very light and breathable sarongs , which guarantee maximum comfort even on the occasion of an invitation to an elegant summer evening.

7) Handmade Viscose Chiffon Fabric

The handmade viscose chiffon fabric is offered by the Soimoi brand in a 42 inch wide damask filigree, is available in various shades from “light mint green” and is enriched with hand printed floral designs. The product uses only water-based inks for natural or polyester fabrics that do not contain substances harmful to health. The basic component of this degraded chiffon fabric is the viscose it allows to create super soft dresses, sarongs, blouses and shawls with perfect fit. It is recommended to wash this fabric by hand, avoiding aggressive detergents which can compromise the high quality of the threads.

8) Solid Viscose Chiffon Fabric

The plain viscose muslin fabric of the Soimoi brand is solid in color and comes in different shades starting with beautiful turquoise blue. The item comes in a 42″ wide size, but you can get a specific size that the company cuts to order. The article is used to make dresses, pareos, scarves, shawls and women’s blouses that enrich the wardrobe of the most demanding customers, thanks to the high quality of the yarns to be washed strictly by hand.

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9) Viscose Dusty Blue

For those who want a solution in Georgette fabric, extremely light and thin, or an alternative to classic chiffon, they can opt for dusty blue in viscose which is another proposal from the Soimoi brand. Item is 42″ wide, features a beautiful digital print of floral designs in blue on a white background. that enriches any feminine dress to wear on any occasion with class and originality. The perfect fit, the softness of the fabric, the vividness of the colors and the high quality of the threads are preserved for a long time by washing the product by hand and without using aggressive detergents.

10) Dark Teal Green

We finish our overview on muslin fabric for those who are interested in georgette fabric, but are not looking exclusively for silk muslin fabric, with the dark teal green of the Soimoi brand which is a very soft viscose muslin fabric and ideal for a perfect fit. comfort. The article is available in a series of chromatic varieties, but the green tint allows you to create original and elegant dresses and pareos for participate in all kinds of receptions. The article is available in size 106.7 cm and you can order the size adapted to your needs by specifying it when ordering.

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