Choose embroidery bags, here are the most beautiful of 2022

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The wedding favor is literally a container of “bon-bon”, specifically dragees, which are given as gifts at ceremonies. This wish symbol is usually packaged in cute cross-stitch favor bags that act as a small wedding favor dresses to embellish it. Here is an overview of the most beautiful of 2022.

1) Store 30 Crociedelizie sachets

Crociedelizie 30 bag stock consists of 30 Aida fabric bags cross stitch and enriched with a satin ribbon that can be chosen from a wide range of colors.

The items are in pure cotton and handmade in Italy in different shades: blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, lilac, light blue, fuchsia, red and white. Also, they measure 13cm x 9 and they are easy to embroider because the weft of the Aida fabric forms a precise checkered pattern which guides the movements of the needle to create regularly shaped crosses with sharp outlines. Crociedelizie are ideal for personalizing any ceremony and can also be used as a pretty place card at the banquet.

2) Irich 50 pieces

Irich 50pcs is a set of cotton pouches with groove (cord) and lanyard which are eco-friendly and reusable. These items are suitable for weddings or DIY work, so they are often used as favor bags and measures about 10 centimeters.

Irich pieces are made of soft and resistant cotton, do not contain any toxic substances, can contain heavy objects and have well-finished seams. Also, you can draw or embroider figures on the fabric surface to enrich it with imaginative personalized decorations.

Irich 50 Pieces 8 * 10CM Organic Cotton Drawstring Bags, Reusable and Eco-Friendly for Wedding Party and DIY

  • SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY AND HEALTHY – Made of cotton, safe to use, soft to the touch, durable and reusable
  • MEET YOUR DAILY NEEDS – Comes with 50 bags, 8*10CM, suitable size can hold a lot
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES – Very suitable for wrapping crafts, party favors, cooking soups, making tea, filtering coffee, etc.

3) Stock of 25 pieces Crociedelizie

Crociedelizie 25 piece stock features embroidery cross stitch pouches in Aida fabric which are embellished with a satin ribbon available in a wide range of colors.

The articles are in pure cotton, the product is Made in Italy and measures 13cm x 9. The texture of the 55-hole Aida fabric creates an easy-to-follow gingham pattern for creating precise embroidery even if you’re not a pro. In addition, the ribbon is not inserted to facilitate embroidery without space constraints and to obtain the best aesthetic result, considering that Crociedelizie bags are also original placeholders for each guest invited to the banquet.

Crociedelizie, Stock of 25 dragees place cards in Aïda fabric to embroider in cross stitch

  • The price refers to n. 25 small bags in aida fabric to embroider in cross stitch and satin ribbon matching the finish (choose the colors available in the list);
  • the measurement of each individual bag is approximately 13cm high by approximately 9cm wide (being a hand-packed product, measurements may vary by a few millimeters from bag to bag);
  • the bag also comes with a matching satin ribbon;

4) Craft bags

The DIY bags come in a kit of 20 pieces in beige and white canvas for white confetti that is decorated with a ribbon with a plaster rose. They are perfect for any type of ceremony as they are elegant and very popular with guests. The package also offers free greeting cards to personalize. The bags they measure 9.5cm x 11.5cmcan be embroidered with initials or other greeting figures in cross stitch and are ready to use as the decorative ribbon is already inserted.

DIY 20 White Confetti Bags with Pink Plaster – for Baptism – Communion – Confirmation – 18 Years – Birthday (Beige) – Free Notes

  • COMPLETE PRODUCT: 20 sachets of dragees with applied chalk pink. Ideal for important ceremonies such as communion, baptism, wedding, confirmation, company party and all those times when it is appropriate to leave a little elegant thought to your guests or simply friends and acquaintances.
  • FUNCTIONAL and SIMPLE: The favor bag is ready – just add the favors to the bag and that’s it!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Satin bow where the white rose is applied – Pull closure with beige satin. Upper part of the bag in cotton and lower part in white millerighi

5) Sangallo Lace Crociedelizie Kit

The Crociedelizie Sangallo Lace Kit offers 40 confetti bags with colored ribbon and 55-hole Aida, so these are embroidery bags for favors that also have an elegant Sangallo lace finish.

Items measure 13cm x 9, are easily embroidered following the weaves of the needlepoint fabric and are handmade in Italy. Choose your favorite shade of satin ribbon from a huge assortment of colors and personalize these pure cotton pouches with imaginative embroidery. Crociedelizie also offers to use its products as elegant place cards to surprise guests with a unique touch of refinement.

6) Bags with BUONDAC ribbons

BUONDAC ribbon bags are 14 cm dragee bags decorated with floral motifs and a golden closing ribbon. The kit offers 24 polyester bags available in 3 different colors: beige, khaki or coffee. BUONDAC products are commonly used to enclose favors at baptisms, weddings or birthdays, but are also suitable for storing jewelry and makeup items. The bags display an insert with the words “Best wishes to you”, but you can also add cross-stitch embroidery to creatively personalize them.

7) BENECREAT canvas bags

BENECREAT canvas bags are available in kits of 25 in cream colour. The items measure 14cm x 10cm and are suitable for parties and DIY crafts as they can hold small metal objects, gifts, coins, cosmetics or small favors for baptisms or weddings. In addition, BENECREAT products are made of high quality canvas (eco-friendly jute) and breathable with the closing drawstring which can be embellished with personalized embroidery, keeping in mind that these bags they are not in Aïda fabric and therefore may be less suitable for cross-stitching.

BENECREAT 25 PCS Canvas Bags with Drawstring Gift Bags Jewelry Pouch for Wedding Party and DIY 14x10cm Cream

  • ◆ 【 QUANTITY 】: The package includes 25 canvas drawstring bags, cream color, beautiful color allows more creativity.
  • ◆【DIMENSIONS】: 14 x 10cm, 10cm in practical length, it is neither too big nor too small.
  • ◆【STORAGE】: It can be used to store keys, spices, dried petals, coins, cosmetics, small metal parts, small gifts, etc.

8) Irich gift bags

Irich gift bags are made of natural cotton hemp, are non-toxic and can be reused multiple times to hold jewelry, coffee beans, candies or small wedding favors, as they are about 15 centimeters tall and therefore have adequate capacity as multi-purpose containers. Their drawstring and drawstring design makes them easy to fill and the fabric is also machine washable. These bags can be painted or embroidered on the surface to give guests a personalized gift.

9) Testyu cotton bags

Testyu cotton bags are made from reusable eco-friendly cotton and can be customized using patterns. Items measure 8cm x 10cm, have a drawstring and drawstring to securely hold jewelry, spices, soap or small favors. Testyu bags are often used at weddings or for DIY work, they can also be embellished with hand embroidery or reinforced with other stitching and they can also be washed in the washing machine.

10) Gudotra Bags

Gudotra bags are in kits of 50 pieces in white organza with satin drawstring and lace closure. Items measure approximately 7cm x 9 and are great confetti holders for christenings and weddings, but can also hold costume jewelery or small items. Organza can be sewn with initials or fancy figures, remembering however that it is a fabric thin, light and breathableso it takes more experience than cross-stitch embroidery on Aida canvas.

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