Cross-stitch tea towels, the most beautiful of 2022, here is the Top Ten

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Dishcloths are an everyday tool in every home you can decorate with original embroidery, unleashing the creativity of enthusiasts. Here is an overview of the most beautiful kitchen towels to embroider in cross stitch 2022.

1) Set of 4 Moon tea towels

The Moon tea towel 4-pack contains pure cotton cloths measuring approximately 50cm x 70 with a pelican pattern. The product is made in Portugal with framed edges, careful finishing of the materials and is of certified European quality.

The dishcloths are highly absorbent, have a strong webbing for hanging on hooks and a soft touch surface that is easy to handle. The tea towels are machine washable at 60 degrees, can be tumble dried and then ironed on medium heat. The petrol-coloured Pelikan design can be enriched with cross-stitch embroidery following the path of the weft in the fabric which facilitates the use of the needle even for less experienced embroiderers.

Moon Set of 4 tea towels, kitchen towels 50×70 cm approximately in 100% cotton pelican pattern (petrol)

  • The Moon-Luxury brand is a registered trademark owned by Premiumshop321. The tea towel being “Made in Portugal”, it is a European quality product. The wipes are delivered in packs of 4.
  • The quality feature is the 100% cotton workmanship, the well-framed edges and the high-quality workmanship of the materials. In addition, the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 seal guarantees controlled, sustainable and low-emission production.
  • The interlocking designs and patterns ensure suction power and the soft surface makes the cloth comfortable to hold. Thanks to the additional processing of a sturdy strap, this tea towel can be hung quickly and easily on a hook.

2) AMC1612 net

AMC1612 Filet is a set of 3 pieces Jacquard Towel which is a fabric made of interwoven threads of different colors and enriched with geometric patterns or figures of different types. This product measures 80cm x 60cm, it is ideal for Dry the dishes and to furnish the kitchen in an imaginative way.

Indeed, the kit offers 3 embroidery towels with an insert in Aida fabric 55 holes which creates a precise pattern consisting of 55 squares every 10 centimeters of fabric. Consequently, the movements of the needle are facilitated, following the weaving of the weft, to create crosses of very regular shape and with clear contours. The product is pure cotton. features a scarecrow-themed design in the center of the tea towels and is made in Italy with premium materials.

3) AMC1613 net

AMC1613 Filet is another set of 3 Jacquard towels which measures 80cm x 60cm, it is ideal for Dry the dishes and furnish the rooms in an original way. The tea towels can be embellished with elegant embroidery to personalize them in a creative way.

The kit offers 3 gray, orange and blue tea towels to embroider in cross stitch with a 55-hole Aida insert. The wefts of this fabric form a square pattern that facilitates the embroidery work, guiding the needle along this pattern already drawn, to avoid burrs and inaccuracies. The cute designs that dominate the embroidery insert are inspired by commonly used kitchen items, the set is pure cotton and is handmade in Italy.

4) The magic of the house

Magie di Casa offers a pure cotton terry towel decorated with heart-shaped patterns measuring 50 cm x 70 cm. produced in Italy with high quality materials and is available in red, yellow, ecru (raw or ecru) and cornflower blue.

In addition, Magie di Casa has also included a band of cheesecloth that can be cross-stitched. The choice of pure cotton cheesecloth is not accidental because it is a soft to the touch and pleasant to work with. Space for the imagination to decorate the fabric with initials or numbers and customize the colorful fabric that illuminates the environment with a touch of elegance.

5) M&O tea towels

M&O tea towels measure 50cm x 70cm, are made of pure cotton and come in sets of 6 in assorted colors and decorated with pretty patterns Muffins and fruit with Aida embroidery insert.

This pure cotton Italian product stimulates the imagination of fans of these cross-stitch tea towels. It is in fact possible to insert decorations or initials on the 60-hole Aida fabric of your choice. which is about 7 centimeters high. These sheets are made of very soft and absorbent fabric, they adapt well to all uses in the kitchen and are machine washable.

6) Tex Family

The Tex family is a set of cotton and solid colored terry towels, starting in beige, which can be cross-stitched on the Aida canvas insert with free thread. The napkins are offered in pairs: the largest measures 60cm x 100 and has a 10cm high Aida frill, while the guest towel measures 40cm x 60 with a 7.5cm embroidery frill. The product is made in Italy and the kit is perfect for personal use or as a gift idea. We specify that the colors are not limited to beige, but you can also choose between pink, dove grey, white, light green or brown.

7) Tex Family set with porthole

The Tex Family Box with porthole offers a pair of plain cotton terry towels with a central Aida insert: The largest measures 60cm x 110cm and the porthole measures 16cm x 13cm, while the guest towel measures 40cm x 60 with an Aida insert of 10 cm x 13. The embroidery part is oval in shape and allows the insertion of numbers or initials, leaving room for imagination and maximum customization of the kit. Tex Family is an Italian product equipped with Washable bag which is a case in which to insert the towels, before putting them in the washing machine, to protect the fabric and the embroidery during the wash.

8) HOME M&O tea towels

HOME M&O tea towels measure 50cm x 70cm, are made of pure cotton and are available in packs of 6 in different colours. In addition, they are embellished with motifs inspired by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the house, which is distinguished in particular by the central inscription “Sweet Home”. Additionally, they also have a Aida fabric insert to embroiderare very soft and absorbent, suitable for all kitchen uses and are machine washable.

9) M&O Christmas napkins

The M&O Christmas tea towels are in red sets of 6 pieces measuring 50 cm x 70. The product is Italian and consists of Christmas tea towels to be embroidered in cross stitch on an Aida insert which facilitates embroidery. Indeed, it is quite simple to follow the checkered pattern, formed by the weaves of the fabric, to create precise and regular crossings. These pure cotton, machine washable tea towels are also enriched with Christmas themed designs which decorate the kitchen with joy.

10) The NET Christmas tea towel

NET Christmas tea towel measures 81cm x 57cm, is in pure Jacquard cotton and has a 9.5 cm high 55-hole Aida yoke to embroider as desired. The canvas also contains a large design with cute snowmen to furnish the environment with warmth and sympathy. The article is also perfect as an original gift idea, since the product is made in Italy, the thread is resistant to light, atmospheric agents and is machine washable.

NET – Christmas tea towel in pure cotton jacquard, measures 81 x 57 cm, with Aida fabric insert, snowman fantasy, ice color, nice gift idea, made in Italy

  • 📦 CONTENT – You will receive a 100% cotton, ice-dyed tea towel with a Christmas design – family of snowmen – and a 9.5 cm high Aida section, ideal for cross-stitching. Its measurements are 81 x 57 cm. Perfect for making a unique and special Christmas gift. Hand or machine washable.
  • 🔍 TECHNICAL FEATURES – Pure cotton twisted garment and single garment cotton weft create jacquard pattern and 55-hole Aida fabric; the indanthrene dyed yarns used have high resistance and fastness to light, atmospheric agents and washing.
  • 🧵 55 HOLES AIDA CANVAS SECTION – 55 Holes Embroidery Aida, is a 100% cotton fabric specially designed for embroidery, especially cross stitch, also perfect for beginners. Its precise weaving forms a grid pattern that helps guide the passage of the needle and easily obtain clean and regular crossings.

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