Drawing with charcoal, techniques to learn while having fun, here is where to find them for free

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Charcoal drawing is perhaps the oldest pictorial technique, already used in cave paintings and graffiti; although today’s materials are obviously different, the basis is still that of vegetable charcoal, even if it is mixed with clay and graphite.
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The techniques

The first thing to keep in mind is that drawing with pencils and charcoal spindles is not easy: the material is extremely crumbly and releases a lot of dust and it can often happen that the palm is passed inadvertently, irreparably ruining the drawing. A small suggestion is to use gloves made of special fabric and to use an inclined plane, in order to allow the dust to slide without settling.
Both with pencils and with charcoal bars, to mark the line you must rub the tip on the sheet, although you can run your fingers over the traced mark to blend and create shades and shades of gray; obviously, for greater precision you can use smudging or dry brushes and sponges.
As with classic pencils, even with pencils and charcoal bars you can draw pointed or angled, and create all the usual effects such as chiaroscuro or contour lines.
You have to be careful once the drawing is finished, because the line will remain particularly unstable on the sheet; to remedy any smudges, a fixing spray can be used; the ideal to avoid excessive problems is the use of rough paper or, in any case, not excessively smooth.
Finally, to refine your technique and progress, we point out the presence of many specialized sites and dedicated youtube channels, where you can find many useful tips to avoid mistakes and develop your potential.

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