How much does a treadmill consume

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Today, it seems that there are two main needs among people: focus on your well-being and save on your bill. An electric treadmill could be a great ally for not spending money in the gym and training even when it’s raining outside.

Moreover, it is a tool useful for tracking your progressof weightloss and the gods kilometers traveled daily. However, the concern of many athletes may be: how much does a treadmill consume?

Is it possible to keep in shape at home without weighing too much on the bill?

Energy consumption of a treadmill

To know how much does a treadmill consume, you need to know the specifications of the product. First, there are small treadmills, ideal for small apartments and home gyms. It is also a training tool designed for people of small and medium height or for those who do not need intensive training.

A small treadmill consumes approximately 45 kWh per month, when used daily for one hour. Usually these tools have a maximum power of 1.5 kW.

Then there are larger treadmills designed for those who are preparing to race at a competitive level or who want to give their best in amateur performance. They are ideal for athletes with larger body mass who are taller than six feet. These large treadmills consume approximately 150kWh per month, three times more than a small treadmill.

Does an electric treadmill consume a lot?

The answer, despite popular belief, is no. Although the electric treadmill to keep at home is very large and seems to require a lot of current, it actually manages to consume less than other household appliances. A refrigerator consumes about 70 kW per month, while a microwave oven consumes about 100 kW per year, assuming however that it is used for a maximum of 15 minutes per day at a power of up to 600 kW.

So, having a home gym with an electric treadmill is not so inconvenient. Of course, you have to take into account the clutter and the noise it produces, which could disturb the neighbors. The economic side, on the other hand, is advantageous: a small treadmill costs 10 € per month in the invoice, while a large one costs up to 30 €.

The reason for this containment of consumption is given byl small engine which reaches a maximum of 5 horsepower. Obviously, if the driving speed is high, the engine will work harder and fuel consumption will be higher. The weight of the user also affects a lot, because a heavier person requires more effort from the tool.

In short, to know how much a treadmill consumes, you have to take into account various factors, such as the size of the instrument, the tonnage of the user, the type of engine and the use. However, it is a very useful item for all running enthusiasts who can train just when they want. If you’re thinking of buying one, here it is list of the best.

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