How to Clean Shower Tile Grout, Simple and Effective Remedies

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The joints between the tiles are essential to maintain the tiles and prevent water from entering between the cracks. Although they perform their protective role well, the joints still have a serious drawback, that of turning yellow and becoming small deposits of mold over time, which characterizes areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Be careful, because it is not just an aesthetic problem but, above all, of our health, since humidity and mold are a great enemy for our respiratory tracts.

With the right products (natural and otherwise) and a bit of elbow grease you should be able to fix this problem and in this article we will see how to clean grout tiles in the shower but, the advice we are going to give you today will also apply to the whole bathroom or any other part of the house!

Do-it-yourself solutions for cleaning tile joints

1)Use of bleach: To use bleach, be sure before using latex gloves to protect yourself. Apply the bleach to the grout using a sprayer and let sit for ten minutes. Finally rinse with clear water and the stains should disappear.

2)Use of white vinegar: for the most fans of the most natural products, the effectiveness of white vinegar is well established! To clean the shower tile, pour white vinegar into a bowl mixed with lemon juice. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the mixture onto the shower grout. Once all the joints have been impregnated with the mixture, leave to act for ten minutes. You can end up rinsing with water and the yellowing will be just a bad memory!

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3)Using Baking Soda: for baking soda, it’s the same principle as white vinegar. Pour the baking soda into a container with the lemon juice. Mix the solution until a thick paste forms. Then put this paste on the dirty joints and let it act. After about an hour, you can choose to rinse or add white vinegar for better results.

Feel free to use these tips once a week always have a clean shower. For stubborn stains, cleaning can be done twice in a row to achieve the desired goal.

cleaning shower tile grout with a brush and baking soda

Steam cleaning of tile joints

For product-free cleaning, you can also use a steam cleaner. It has the advantage of acting gently without attacking the tiles… and without elbow grease on your part! Some devices, like the ones reviewed in this guide, have a special nozzle to concentrate the steam on the leaks and thus be more efficient. However, this method will not be suitable for excessively encrusted dirt.

Online products that can help you

To remove the most stubborn stains, you can find tile grout cleaners, whiteners or detergents such as Starwax, Briochin, anti-mold gel, etc. online.
For example, these products are our favorites:

last updated March 21, 2022

How can I prevent the seals from yellowing?

To avoid this problem, remember to ventilate the bathroom after each shower by keeping the window open. In this way you will prevent moisture from settling on the tiles and walls with the consequent appearance of mold or yellowing. Also dry the tiles daily with a cloth.

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