How to clean the kitchen in less time

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The kitchen is the most important room in the house, the place where we meet to chat, have a coffee or tea with biscuits, meet after a long day of work. The kitchen is also the place that gets dirtier than the other rooms in the house, due to the steam produced by the pans and the crumbs that fall from the table.

For the health of the whole family, it is very important to clean it carefully and regularly. A clean kitchen is not only more beautiful but also safer and healthier. You don’t need to waste too much time cleaning it, especially if you clean your kitchen regularly, every day. The important thing is to keep the kitchen clean and germ-free.

It is very important to maintain a short daily cleaning routine, devote 10-20 minutes a day, as well as washing and cleaning after cooking or eating. If you follow a few basic rules, you’ll spend less time deep cleaning. Organize your kitchen for easy cleaning.

A few tips for effective and fast cleaning

Cleaning your kitchen can become a simple and painless task if you clean it smartly. Here are some tricks you can try to always have a brilliant kitchen.

1. Don’t wait to clean up

First, always keep the cooktop clean, keep a microfiber cloth or paper towel handy to immediately wipe up spilled milk, coffee, or if cooking water comes out of the pan or splatters of sauce. Don’t wait for the stain to harden otherwise you will be forced to use more aggressive products, elbow grease and abrasive sponges.

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2. Pretreat the dishes

dishes clean the cocina

If you don’t have a dishwasher or if you prefer not to use one, to speed up cleaning the dishes, get a spray bottle and prepare a solution with 400 ml of alcohol vinegar, 200 ml of dish detergent and 100 ml of water. Spray the solution on the dishes inside the sink, meanwhile get on with other chores; after a while, proceed to wash the dishes, you just need a quick wipe.

3. Eliminate unnecessary elements

To speed up kitchen cleaning, get rid of everything superfluous, lighten all tall furniture, get rid of broken dishes, and if there are four of you, don’t keep a set of twelve.

4. Don’t forget the sink

Always leave the sink clean, after finishing the dishes, take a few minutes to clean it. To do this naturally, you can use Marsilia soap, rub it on the walls, rinse and wipe with a soft cloth. If your kitchen has a sink, hob or other steel parts, you can clean them with coconut oil, but do not put too much, a few drops will be enough, you will see what results!

5. Clean the floor daily

Do not neglect the floor, it must be cleaned every day, you can use a steam mop, a steam mop or a multi-function steam mop. If you can clean the floor immediately after you finish eating, you will avoid carrying crumbs or dirt to other rooms in the house, especially if you have children.

6. Beware of trash

Check the bins every night, make sure that separate collection is done, change the bags if necessary and clean up if there are any stains or liquid spills, especially from the trash.

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7. Clean the oven and fridge effortlessly

One of the most annoying and difficult to clean appliances is definitely the oven. To work as little as possible, the secret is to clean the oven after each use. Leave to cool and dab the stains with coarse salt. To clean the walls, prepare a mixture of baking soda and water, leave to act and rinse.

At least every ten days, devote yourself to cleaning the refrigerator, a receptacle for germs and bacteria. To make this operation faster, you can pass a damp microfiber cloth every evening. If you notice an unpleasant odor, place a bowl filled with baking soda between the refrigerator shelves and leave it there overnight.

Do not forget the small appliances, such as the coffee maker, the planetary mixer, the scale, the toaster. Even for these devices, it is enough to wipe them with a cloth every day.

8. Keep everything handy

Finally, we advise you to keep at hand all the products and utensils you will need for the daily cleaning of your kitchen.

Choose the right cleaning products

kitchen cleaning products

Today’s kitchens are made of different materials such as marble, laminate, steel, but also high-tech surfaces such as ceramic glass. Each material requires specific products.

  • For the marble: Marble must be treated with non-aggressive products, with steam cleaners, as it is a precious but delicate material. When buying, check if it has undergone anti-stain treatments.
  • For the laminate: The laminate is impregnated with resins capable of resisting scratches, aggressive products and stains. A universal degreaser or a plastic cleaner is enough to clean it.
  • For steel: Steel is an easy to clean and hygienic material. Over time, the wrong products or limestone can damage it, take away its luster and shine, making it opaque. For its cleaning it is advisable to choose specific products. Pay particular attention to abrasive sponges and scouring pads, opt for a microfiber cloth.
  • For glass ceramic: Glass-ceramic is mainly used for cookers, whether induction or gas. For glass ceramics it is better to choose a specific detergent, trying to completely eliminate it during the rinsing phase, so that no trace remains. If there are steel or aluminum parts, they must be cleaned with plain water and neutral soap.
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All of these surfaces can be cleaned with steam cleaners as they are chemical free, leave no harmful residue on surfaces, are safe for children and pets.


If you want to clean your kitchen in less time, you will have to try to clean it daily, without neglecting each part, eliminating unnecessary things. If you always keep your kitchen clean and tidy every time you use it, you won’t need to waste too much time on long and thorough cleaning, and when you decide to clean it thoroughly, you will take a lot less time and effort.

Choose the right products according to the materials that make up your kitchen, opt for specific, natural products or appliances that allow steam cleaning. You can also opt for steam scrubbers for floors.

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