How to furnish a small bathroom

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There are various options for furnish a small bathroom. First of all, we recommend that you take a look at the initial situation in the bathroom and the possibilities offered by the room. If you own the property, you will have already considered removing a wall to enlarge the space reserved for the bathroom, but instead, if you are a joint tenant, you will have to resort to other solutions and this guide will direct you to the right piece of furniture.

Tips for getting started

Before tackling the various aspects dedicated to ideas small bathroom furniture rectangular, we would like to give you some recommendations:
First, we must set ourselves the goal of making the existing space appear larger than it is. You should not separate the small bathroom into additional zones with transverse furniture or partitions. Instead, you can store your things in bathroom cabinets or mirror cabinets. They take up little space in the bathroom, provide storage space and create a homogeneous space.

Speaking of mirrored cabinets, if you don’t opt ​​for these, for small bathrooms it is also recommended that you find room for a large wall mirror. Indeed, a large flat mirror has the quality of being able to optically enlarge a small bathroom by creating a kind of spatial opening.
If you are considering this option, however, you must ensure that the door does not reflect. It could have the opposite effect in the bathroom and make that room look even smaller.

Finally, when you think of a way to replace the cabinets, bring your inventiveness to life. For example, you can use a ladder, like the one in the photo, where you can place the towels; it is very practical, it can be placed anywhere, even near the shower to have your towel always at hand.

Similar towel ladders online:

last updated March 21, 2022

bath or shower?

For space reasons, the almost obvious idea would be to opt for a shower; a fully tiled shower area looks much larger than a bathroom with a built-in tub.

If, however, you do not want to do without the bathtub, you are faced with a problem: Standard-sized bathtubs (170 x 75 centimeters) often do not fit in the small bathroom. The solution? the said space-saving bathtubs.

Our favourite: sitz bath model. This type of bathtub is suitable for environments where a maximum length of 150 centimeters is available. You can bathe in these tubs while seated, as they are particularly deep at a height of between 50 and 70 centimeters.

As a small sink

One of the places that you will use very often in your small bathroom is certainly the sink area. As for the sink, the options are different, the best known is the mini format sink, but our favorite in terms of space optimization is undoubtedly the washbasin cabinet.

In this way, you will not be able to give up the standard dimensions of the sink, that is, those of at least 60 cm in length and 50 in depth, and at the same time allow yourself 2 or 3 storage drawers where you can store your bathroom accessories.

Other vanity units for small bathrooms:

last updated March 21, 2022

and the rest of the sanitary facilities?

Regarding the toilet and the bidet, in a small rectangular bathroom, our advice is to install them hanging and on the wall. And if you are not too tall, you can opt for the use of compact sanitary ware, which will save you about 10-15 cm compared to the size of a normal toilet or bidet.

Some users have even recommended using a wc with integrated bidet but be careful, if you want to do things within the law, know that this option is only possible if you have at least one other bathroom in the house. If you only have one bathroom, it is not allowed according to health regulations.

Wall and tile colors for a small bathroom

As far as floor tiles are concerned, we recommend the use of large-sized tiles, since in this way the number of joints is reduced, which facilitates cleaning and creates a smooth and uniform surface which will give a much more great in the bathroom.

For wall colors, however, the favorite is classic white as it tends to show fewer outlines and therefore the bathroom appears more spacious. However, colors such as beige, brown or gray are also suitable or, in any case, choose bright colors or colors from the same family.
To help you apply this rule: the less the design contains harsh contrasts and transitions, the quieter and larger your small and narrow bathroom will appear. Then you can add a brighter hue to accessories like towel racks, soap dishes or toothbrush cups.

In addition, we have written a special guide on bathroom wall colors; by reading it, you could discover the shade that suits you!

Lighting is important

Generally when dealing with a small bathroom, we find ourselves in an initially dark and gloomy space, however lack of natural light windows, or because what is there is the classic window.

Here, for this reason, it is necessary to give a touch of artificial light, as it makes a small bathroom more spacious.
In this case, forget the classic central lamp on the ceiling but instead insert a few small spotlights lined up with each other, with a warm and indirect light. They will look great, especially on white walls.

you can also install spotlights with direct light above or next to the bathroom mirror. This way, your face is optimally illuminated, allowing you to apply make-up, shave or perform other beauty routines.

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