How to hide the washing machine in the bathroom, 5 practical and economical ways

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Not everyone is in this situation, but those who decide to place their washing machine in the bathroom often encounter some difficulties, especially in hiding it.

Because, let’s face it, unlike refrigerators which over the past 20 years have changed in appearance and adapted to new furnishing styles, washing machines have always remained the same and always rather “ugly”.

Ok, so, getting to the point, you came to this guide because we actually know how to hide the washing machine in the bathroom in 5 handy ways and we’ll show it below.

Keep it in a dressing room

The ideal would be to place it in a dressing room already present in the bathroom. If you don’t have it, it is very easy to buy one, which not only serves to hide the washing machine, but also on those upper floors, where you can store bathroom accessories.

Hide it behind a curtain

A fairly simple and particularly inexpensive solution could be to cover the washing machine with a curtain, which you can match with the color of the walls or bathroom supplies. Even better if the curtain rests on a flat base that you can use to place clean towels or other things.

Create vertical storage spaces

A solution for small bathrooms would be to place vertical cabinets at strategic points in the bathroom, usually in the corners. This way you can not only hide the washing machine but also the dryer if you use it at home.

If you prefer this option, however, we recommend that you check with the supplier beforehand that the furniture is strong enough to support the weight of the appliance (if it is not resting on the floor). Also, never position the washing machine too high or you’ll struggle to load dirty laundry every time you use it.

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Hide it under the bathroom sink

Perhaps the most used hiding place is to place the device under the sink, practically in a special recessed space. It is important that the space is also reserved for the cabinets needed to accommodate other bathroom products.

Therefore, the machine is clearly in the background and will not spoil the general atmosphere and design, as is often the case with less decorative washing machines. This solution is naturally suitable for those who are just starting to furnish the bathroom and who will have to buy a new built-in washing machine. If you already own a car, it is normal that you have to resort to the other methods indicated above.

Hide it behind a bathroom partition

It’s not the cheapest solution, but you can contact a trusted builder and have a bulkhead built big enough to cover the machines. This way, anyone who walks into the bathroom will have no way of noticing it. As in the picture, you can take full advantage of this space by installing several floors on which to place the necessary elements for the bathroom.

Last tip

If you live in a small apartment with a limited and unfavorable space arrangement for accommodating a normal washing machine, the best alternative would be to purchase a space-saving model, which usually has a width of 40-50 centimeters.

Admittedly, these models of washing machines will not have a laundry load capacity like regular models, but you can remedy this with greater frequency by doing laundry.

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