how to stop the cat from scratching the sofa – 5 easy ways

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Does your cat have an annoying tendency to scratch the sofa, armchairs, curtains or other furnishing accessories? Do not panic, this behavior is not a “schizophrenic” attitude but, on the contrary, it is part of the behavior of our 4-legged friends.

They like to scratch our furniture and they do it for particular reasons and, in fact, let’s see which ones, before giving you some advice on how to prevent scratches from scratching the sofa.

Why cats ruin your couch

In nature, cats scratch trees to signal their presence to other cats and send them the following message: “This is my territory”. They leave marks in the bark with their scent.

They also mark their territory with their urine and feces. Scratching trees is one way to set boundaries. There is another form of marking, in which cats rub their heads against objects or people, so if a cat rubs against your leg, it does so to greet you, exchange its scent with you and thus establish a bond. privacy.

When it comes to delimiting the territory, trees play a fundamental role: the bark is strong enough and can carry the smell of the cat.
At the same time, trees allow cats to keep and sharpen their claws; To do this, cats scrape the rough, worn texture of the claws against the bark, which is necessary to remove dead parts. In fact, cats use your sofa like big nail files!

cat scratching the couch

5 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Couch

  1. Spraying a natural repellent: Spraying your couch with some cat repellent should keep her from coming near it in the future. Rest assured, cat repellents (e.g. pepper, mustard, lavanta, white vinegar) are not toxic, they just give off a disgusting odor which therefore causes him to stay away from the area.
  2. Install a scratching post: To prevent your cat from scratching and damaging the brand new sofa, do not hesitate to divert its attention by installing one or more scratching posts nearby. You don’t need to have who knows how much space available for this accessory, in fact some of them are simple rugs that can be placed on the armrest of the sofa.
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Ah, if your cat doesn’t seem interested in his scratching post, rub it with catnip to entice him. You can even rub an olive, felines love these smells!

  1. Use aluminum foil: Cats hate the feeling they get when they walk on aluminum foil. So, do not hesitate to attach several sheets of aluminum to the places of the sofa that your cat likes.
  2. Trim his claws: It is advisable to trim your cat’s claws every month, especially if he lives in an apartment or if he is elderly (be careful not to cut the pink part of the claw). While this won’t stop your cat from scratching your sofa, at least it won’t damage it too much.
  1. Reward him: With cats, punishment never works. So there’s no need to scold your cat when you catch it scratching your furniture. On the contrary, this will have the effect of stressing him and therefore encouraging him to start over to release the tension. So you could try educating him, rewarding him for trying to scratch anything other than the couch.

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