How to wash the duvet in the washing machine, explained simply and in a few steps

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Choosing the right duvet for a good night’s sleep is one thing, but keeping it clean is another and, often, it’s not that simple!
For this, we tend to postpone this task to a later date but, one day, we will have to take care of washing the duvet.

What is certain is that you have to do things right to get rid of all the dust mites, sweat stains and various dirt that cause nighttime allergies. Whether it’s a natural duvet (goose or duck down, silk, organic cotton, bamboo duvet, etc.) or synthetic fibers (polyester, etc.), our goal is to clean it, while preserving all its softness and freshness!

So at lovelycasa we have some tips so that everything goes smoothly and you can wash the duvet in the washing machine without the anxiety that would have previously made you postpone this task.

Before washing the duvet, do this

First check that there are no holes to repair so as not to damage the duvet and your washing machine. Therefore, treat all forehead spots with an appropriate treatment. For stubborn stains, we recommend the unbeatable mix of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. Otherwise, opt for some special stain removers available in the market.

As well, check on the label that the duvet can be washed in the washing machine and, if indicated, at what temperature to do it. Also check that the drum of your washing machine is suitable.

washing machine quilt label

For example, a 5 kg washing machine is enough for a 140 × 200 cm duvet. If it is 200×200cm, please choose 7kg model. For even larger sizes, choose a washing machine of 9 kg or more; the latter can be found in this guide with reviews. Ideally, the drum should be 3/4 full.

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If none of these options are available to you, you can always go to the laundries, which have large capacity machines where you can easily wash a light duvet or a very warm winter duvet. Either way, follow the advice below.

So, how to wash the duvet in the washing machine?

Put it in the washing machine

The program must be positioned on a normal cotton cycle at 30 or 40°C and an additional rinse. Alternatively, you can also perform two rinse cycles. Then set the spin cycle between 900 and 1000 rpm (no more to avoid jolts). In case you don’t have that option, it’s better to go for even lower juicers than go for those above 1000 RPM!

A trick, adding two or three tennis balls in the basket will preserve the softness of the duvet, avoiding those annoying folds that could form. at most, if you fear that these will lose hair, put them in a sock and tie it.

Fold the quilt like this

Also, fold the duvet like an accordion for a more even cleaning.
I followed this video which, although in English, shows in a practical way how to fold it and put it in the washing machine

what detergent for duvet?

As for the detergent, a liquid detergent that leaves less traces is recommended. This way, you don’t risk seeing mold appear. Do not abuse the quantities on the contrary thinking you can better clean the duvet and do not use fabric softener; the latter, in fact, especially for natural duvets containing feathers, can cause fluff and take away the softness of the duvet. A simple rule is to never use fabric softener on expensive fabrics.

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How to dry the duvet after washing

Of course, opting for a clothes dryer is the easiest and most practical option. Here we will again use our two or three tennis balls for smoothness. In addition, a lower temperature will be preferred, especially for a duvet with natural or colored filling. Keep in mind that a thick duvet with a heavy weight will take longer to dry. In general it is recommended to stop the dryer every half hour so as not to abuse the drying time. Then, it is left in the open air before storing or reusing it.

What if, on the other hand, you don’t necessarily have a dryer? If the outside temperatures are mild, you can let it air dry. Otherwise, a warm, airy room will do.

It’s done, you can now enjoy a good warm sleep under the finally clean duvet; also remember to take a good look at your pillows, duvets and mattresses from time to time. If, on the contrary, you have washed it and then put it aside, given the summer, it may seem wise to put it back on these vacuum bags for duvets, to save space in your home!

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