How to water the plants on vacation? 3 simple and effective ways

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We get ready to go on vacation, we put away the suitcases, we take the papers of the wife, the mother-in-law and the children. At this point, however, the eternal question arises: how to water the plants during the holidays?

One solution is to change all our plants and opt for cacti so that we no longer fear letting our plants die of thirst; but we don’t want to change our plants, do we?.
In this article, we talk about “do it yourself” gardening tips for watering plants on vacation and technological solutions for wetting them while we are away from home in summer or winter. In addition to solutions that you make yourself, some online stores sell products that you simply put in the jar and that’s it!

Finally, we want to inform you that, if your objective is not only to water the pots of the house but the whole garden, then a good automatic control unit, connected to an irrigation system, could be useful.

Now let’s see the solutions we were talking about earlier…

Do-it-yourself tricks for watering houseplants on vacation

These are practical granny methods that will save you money and that we have found to be effective thanks to tests carried out by our staff, with different plants and during 2 weeks of absence.

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Rope irrigation system

We will need a cotton cord, like a shoelace, and a container of water. We will have to put the water tank at a higher height than the pot we intend to irrigate and the cord between the pot and the pot. The yarn will moisten the soil as needed by the plant for days and you can have a peaceful holiday with this simple trick, also ideal for the high temperatures of August.

rope for irrigation of pots

Irrigation system with plastic bottle

To continue with the home tricks for watering the plants while we are away, this one needs more space. It consists of making very fine holes in the side of a plastic bottle and burying it next to the plant you want to hydrate. The bottle holes should face the target plant. Once buried up to the neck, it is filled.

plastic bottle for watering can

Another option is to insert a bottle upside down to wet the floor. Keep in mind that with this automatic irrigation system, the amount of water that comes out of the bottle is much greater and flows out sooner. For this reason, you should generally get bottles with thin necks, like wine or beer bottles.

Assemble a small potted greenhouse

The last home trick, to water in our absence, consists in creating an individual greenhouse per plant. Wrap them in a clear plastic bag, like grocery bags, to let in light. At the bottom, under the vase, lay a damp cloth. The moisture the plant loses will stay in the bag and return to the plant, moisturizing it.

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A more practical way, if you have a lot of plants, is to lay them all over the tub, laying them on damp sheets of newspaper. Use a large sheet of plastic to close them from the top and also close the shower curtain.

Other solutions that can be purchased online

Other reliable ways to give your plants the right water, while you enjoy a well-deserved vacation, are the solutions offered on various online stores like Amazon. Here are the most recommended by users:

last updated March 21, 2022

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