Indian fabrics, the best for sale, this is what they are

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Ethnic Indian fabrics are very popular for their lightness and wide variety of colors. As a result, they are elegant to wear, for example as Indian caftans, but they also cover furnishing accessories and brighten up rooms with taste and imagination. So here is an overview of the best and most demanded Indian fabrics.

1) Ruwado handmade fabrics

Ruwado’s handcrafted fabrics are of the highest quality and Indian artisans in Kashmir have hand woven the threads of this fabric into very decorative pillows Banarasi silk on the front and Dupon silk on the back.

Each item is therefore a unique piece that measures 40cm x 40 and shows a beautiful fancy pattern that stands out against the turquoise color. The pillow has a metal zipper inserted in the back so that it appears invisible and the pillowcase has been sewn with a hand sewing machine.

*Handwoven and Handmade by Indian Cashmere Artisans*

  • ✔ Trademark: “” is a registered trademark of Ruwado GmbH in Berlin, Germany.
  • ✔ Quality: This product is a handmade product, designed and woven by Kashmiri artisans, so each piece is unique. The products are made in India to the standards and expectations of German customers, which is why they are of the highest quality.
  • ✔ Material: The front is handwoven by artisans with Banarasi silk threads and the back is Dupion silk fabric with high quality metal zipper and iron zipper. The pillowcase was sewn with a hand sewing machine.

2) Yuvancrafts Quilt

Yuvancrafts quilt is another handmade Indian cotton product with the technique of quilting patchwork which combines different pieces of fabric to achieve an imaginative multicolored effect capable of enlivening any environment.

The comforter measures 228cm x 274 and is designed to offer a colorful and vintage look that gives warmth to the home. The article can be used as a blanket or a bedspread and is strictly hand-embroidered with patterns and decorations on both sides which give it a touch of refined elegance.

3) The courtyard

The Yuvancrafts brand also offers the Yard which falls into the category of Indian fabrics by the meter in size of 5 or 10 meters and is in lightweight cotton screen-printed with floral motifs.

This fabric allows you to create skirts, shawls, dresses, scarves, tablecloths or curtains give free rein to the imagination to create a personalized and vintage look in clothing or to enrich home furnishings with the warm and cheerful chromatic varieties of this Indian fabric. We suggest dry cleaning for at least the first two treatments, then hand washing the Yard in cold water and separately from other laundry.

The Yard – Indian floral print cotton fabric, vintage style, for dressmaking, 5m

  • Dimensions: width 111.8 cm, length 457 cm.
  • 100% lightweight cotton fabric, printed: screen printed.
  • You can use this fabric to make dresses, skirts, shawls, scarves, curtains, tablecloths, etc.

4) Sophia-Art hand printed fabric

The hand-printed Sophia-Art fabric is an Indian cotton canvas rich in chromatic patterns and floral motifs available in 41 different versions and in 5 sizes ranging from 3.5 to 20 meters.

This Indian fabric is of medium thickness which is perfect for making works of crafts, home decor, quilting and clothing. The great fantasy of flowers, birds, human or abstract figures stimulates the creativity of enthusiasts who also use the fabric to sew tops, pants and pillowcases.

5) Trade Star Indian fabric

Indian Trade Star fabric is cotton voile with hand dyed ethnic Sanganeri print which is recommended for sewing, crafts and tailoring. The item measures approximately 111 centimeters wide and is normally used to decorate home furnishings or to make clothes, nightgowns and scarves.

It is suggested to wash Trade Star by the hand in order not to damage the Indian decorations and to preserve the softness of these high quality fabrics entirely made by hand by qualified craftsmen.

6) 3 yards of hand printed fabric

Trade Star also offers the 3 meter hand printed fabric which comes under the range of Indian fabrics online high quality which can be operated comfortably from home to create endless sewing works with the utmost creativity.

This precious Indian fabric is indeed particularly soft to the touch and is suitable for any type of interior project: curtains, pillows, bedding and duvets for children, because it is enriched with ecological prints. Alternatively, these Indian fabrics are equally suitable for making slipcovers, tablecloths, wall or Christmas decorations and clothing.

3 Yard Indian Hand Printed Fabric, Natural Voile Dyed 100% Cotton Fabric for Processing, Garment Making, Sewing Fabric by the Yard

  • 3 meters of hand-printed fabric
  • Fabric width – 44″ INCH, extremely soft and amazing 100% cotton fabrics, soft touch, comfortable and healthy for children, hand wash in cold water, light weight
  • Eco-friendly all-purpose printed fabric, home fabric for children’s curtain, children’s pillow, children’s quilt, children’s bedding

7) Cotton Blend Fabric Panini Fabrics

The Panini Tessuti cotton blend fabric features an Indian feather pattern on a light background which is sold in cuts of half a linear meter with a fixed width of 140 centimeters. The article is particularly suitable for upholstering chairs, poufs and sofas or for creative DIY projects. Panini Tessuti is machine washable and it is also recommended to use it to create beautiful curtains, an original dress of an Indian woman or to decorate accessories and shoes.

8) Folk craft tapestry

Indian fabrics online have endless uses as evidenced by the extreme versatility of the Popular Handicrafts tapestry measuring 76cm x 102 with a central Indian mandala decorative design which is a Hindu and Buddhist spiritual symbol and ritual for represent the universe and sacred space to facilitate meditation. The tapestry is printed with the Indian screen printing technique and elegantly decorates the walls of dormitories and rooms. It is also used as a bedspread, curtain, room divider, sofa cover, picnic blanket and beach towel because it is very delicate in contact with the skin. The item is washable only in cold water by hand or in the washing machine on a delicate cycle, but do not bleach or iron.

Wall Hanging Tapestry, Ombre Fabric, Pattern: Indian Mandala/Meditation, Hippie, Bohemian, Psychedelic Style, Dorm & Bedroom Decor, 76 x 102cm

  • This mystical and psychedelic tapestry is designed with a gold colored shaded mandala pattern printed in Indian screen printing. It will make your room and home full of mystery and psychedelic.
  • Indoor use as tapestry, wall hanging, bedspread, wall decor, ceiling decor, bedspread, room divider, curtain, tablecloth, college dorm room decor or privacy protection, sofa cover, color : black and white, to make your home very simple and full of mystery. Can be used outdoors as a picnic blanket, beach blanket and beach towel. It is also a great gift idea for relatives and older friends.
  • Made of skin-friendly cotton fabric, durable and eco-friendly, easy cleaning and quick drying.

9) The tree of life bedspread

Among the oriental fabrics online, the tree of life bedspread also stands out, which is made of very resistant cotton, measures 235 x 205 centimeters and is particularly decorative. The tree design stands out as a central motif on an orange and brown (tie dye) background and is enriched with birds, flowers and buds. The item is a unique handcrafted piece of Indian manufacture which is used as a double bedspread or tapestry because it gives great warmth to the environment thanks to the liveliness of its colors and offers a touch of elegant personalization to the home or office.

Orange tree of life bedspread 235 x 205 cm Indian birds and flowers design, tie-dye style cotton blanket, cotton, orange mit buntem design, 1 – pack

  • Double bedspread or tapestry in resistant cotton,
  • Central motif: tree of life on a two-tone background (Tie Dye), on the rest of the surface there are flowers, buds,
  • birds, plants, colorful print, material: 100% cotton, approx. 230 x 205cm.

10) momomus mandala tapestry

We end our overview dedicated to the theme: “Indian fabrics for sale online” with the momomus Mandala tapestry which is made of pure cotton, measures 210 x 230 cm and is a versatile item in blue color which is often used as a bed sheet. light and very enveloping beach or sarong. The tapestry can also be used as a camping towel or a picnic blanket and is full of symbols that also aid in Mandala style meditation. Momomus is an excellent piece of furniture in the bedroom, living room or office, it gives an atmosphere of calm and peace in any environment and is very decorative even in hotels, restaurants and yoga centers.

momomus Mandala Tapestry – Indian – 100% Cotton, Large, Multi-Purpose – Double, Lightweight, XXL Anti-Sand Beach Towel – Pareo – Large Beach Towels – Blue C, 210×230 cm

  • ⚫ 100% COTTON – Great anti-sand beach towel, not just an art form, it is used in many spiritual traditions. It is very convenient to use in any way and any place: it can be a nice camping towel, a light picnic blanket or a giant beach sarong .
  • ⚫ MICROCOSM OF THE UNIVERSE – Fill the environment with beauty and positive energy. Our large beach towels are printed with the block technique. To focus attention, define sacred space and aid meditation.
  • ⚫ TOUCH OF LIFE TO YOUR HOME – Bring a sense of creativity and tranquility to your entire home with this enchanting mandala tapestry. You can decorate your bedroom, living room or office.

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