Japanese fabrics, the favorites of 2022, here is the list

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Japanese fabrics

Oriental fabrics such as Japanese are in high demand for DIY jobs ranging from wrapping to clothes, quilts, dolls and for making a variety of sewing, craft and home decor projects. So let’s see which are the most requested Japanese fabrics online in 2022.

1) YYSZ Japanese pattern fabric

YYSZ Japanese pattern fabric belongs to this brand’s Sakura collection and is available in kit of 6 pieces of 46 x 56 cm made of high quality pure cotton with a dominant decorative theme inspired by cherry blossoms.

These Japanese flower fabrics are ideal for garment making, home decor, craft projects and quilting which is the wrapping technique. quilts with these Japanese patchwork fabrics, sewing different fabrics with unique and original designs and patterns. In addition, this beautiful collection also allows you to make cushions and various sewing works, giving free rein to your creativity. It is recommended to wash this fabric in cold water to preserve the quality of the cotton and the vividness of the colors for a long time.

2) Japanese Jukway Fantasies

The Jukway Japanese patterns are offered in kits of 6 pieces in pure cotton measuring 40 cm x 40 and enriched with beautiful floral patterns, tending towards purple and its many shades, which are particularly suitable for creative sewing, decorations and creative hobbies in general.

The Jukway product is made of natural cotton, so it is an environmentally friendly, breathable and comfortable fabric, which is also used to make costumes, doll clothes, wallets and handbags, but many customers also recommend it to make suggestive quilts (quilting) with regular designs, indulging in the combinations of the many colors present in this set.

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3) Japanese fabric ASNOMY

ASNOMY Japanese fabric is a lively kit of 30 pieces of 20 x 25 cm in pure cotton that is fully part of the Japanese patchwork fabrics designed to create colorful quilts and brighten up the bedroom in the name of maximum originality.

This fabric is therefore perfect for creative Japanese sewing and is made of ecological printed cotton which stands out for its natural texture, its resistance to washing and its great comfort for children. Thanks to its versatility, the ASNOMY article is also suitable for home decoration and the creation of puppets, dolls, costumes, bags, wallets and pillows. In addition, this fabric is easy to cut with scissors and to sew by machine, so it is recommended for professionals and amateurs who are passionate about Japanese floral patterns.

ASNOMY 30pcs 20 x 25cm Cotton Patchwork Fabric Craft, Japanese Style Cotton Wrapping Cloth, Quilting Squares, DIY Patchwork Sewing Fabric Bundles

ASNOMY 30pcs 20 x 25cm Cotton Patchwork Fabric Craft, Japanese Style Cotton Wrapping Cloth, Quilting Squares, DIY Patchwork Sewing Fabric Bundles

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made of 100% natural cotton, eco-friendly Japanese printed cotton fabric, this fine printed craft fabric has a natural and comfortable texture.
  • 30 Japanese Styles: This set of 30 craft fabrics includes 30 different patterns printed in different colors and patterns, each sheet is 20cm x 25cm. All patchwork fabrics are treated after printing, which means the colors remain fresh and bright even after repeated washings, can be used for a long time.
  • Widely Used: This pre-cut fabric specially designed for quilting, very popular as party decoration and bulletin board backdrop. It is also easy to cut and safe for children, and is also recommended for making costumes, decorations, bags, wallets, dolls, crafts. DIY from you, etc.

4) Japanese fabrics by the meter Aufodara

Japanese Aufodara fabrics by the meter are available in 5 piece kits that measure 50cm x 50 and are recommended for creative sewing, quilting and patchwork. Indeed, the article offers bright color combinations, with a predominance of pink and blue enriched with many shades, which stimulate the creativity of enthusiasts.

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The pieces are in checkered cotton embellished with golden filaments to give maximum shine to the fabric, ideal for hand or machine sewing. In addition, this type of cotton is very soft and breathable, so it is also suitable for creating pillowcases, protective covers, doll clothes and linens, toys and scrapbooking that is, completely handmade albums to collect your own memories.

aufodara 5 Pieces 50 x 50 cm Fabrics Cotton Fabric Japanese Style Fabric Bronzing Fabric Patchwork Creative Sewing Fabrics by the Yard Craft Materials Quilting Fabric (Pink Blue)

aufodara 5 Pieces 50 x 50 cm Fabrics Cotton Fabric Japanese Style Fabric Bronzing Fabric Patchwork Creative Sewing Fabrics by the Yard Craft Materials Quilting Fabric (Pink Blue)

  • Japanese style fabric, Printed fabric with gold effect, 5 piece square cotton fabric, Lines of the gold pattern that gives shine to the fabric, Ideal for quilting, hand and machine sewn. And for other crafts, Quilting Craft Decorations.
  • Plaid cotton fabric, size: 19.7″ x19.7″ (50cm x 50cm)
  • Material: 100% cotton, soft and breathable fabric

5) Japanese fabric for creative sewing

The Japanese fabric for creative sewing is another proposal from the Aufodara brand that consists of a set of 30 pieces 20cm x 25 each can be sewn together in the name of maximum imagination.

The article is ideal for patchwork and quilting work, given the wide variety of colors present in these fabrics which are enriched with beautiful Japanese floral motifs. Additionally, this product is machine washable and lends itself to all kinds of arts and crafts: home decor, school or kindergarten projects, toys, pillowcases, bunting chains, and making doll clothes.

6) Kimono with Japanese fabrics

The Japanese fabric kimono is a proposal from the Sitrda brand in cotton printed with delicate plum blossoms on a black background and is available in size 50x140cm. This vintage fabric is well made, wash resistant, skin friendly, soft to the touch and has a very elegant design. Therefore, it is specific for making kimonos, Han Chinese costumes or for Japanese patchwork, quilting and craft projects of all kinds: bedding, bags, cushions, Japanese tablecloths, curtains and decorations for the home.

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7) Leftover Japanese Tatuo

Japanese Tatuo scraps come in sets of 6 pieces measuring 40 x 45 centimeters and are suitable for any sewing job. The brightly colored Japanese ethnic style of these fabrics features printed patterns that are mainly inspired by sea waves and flowers. In addition, the Tatuo product is very soft to the touch and long lasting, so it is recommended to do quilts, cosmetic bags, face shields, aprons, tablecloths, pillowcases and any type of craft project. Finally, we specify that the company can also cut the scraps in other shapes and sizes, according to customer needs, to avoid wastage of fabric.

6 piece set of Japanese fabric scraps 16

6 piece set of 16″ x 18″ Japanese fabric scraps, Japanese fabric scraps for sewing and quilting for face protection, craft projects

  • Package quantity: 6 pieces of Japanese ethnic style, with different printed patterns, Japanese sea waves, Japanese flowers, enough to be used for sewing or sharing with friends, relatives, neighbors and friends. other close people, to have fun together.
  • DURABLE AND SOFT TO USE: Japanese quilting fabric bundles are made of material, detailed and delicate, soft makes these fabric sheets comfortable to touch, providing pleasant using experience.
  • Bright Colors with Ethnic Printed Style: Our Japanese quilting fabrics are designed with ethnic prints, with matching bright colors, make your craft fabric attractive and give you an eye-catching look when applied, match well with your different outfits .

8) Starshop Japanese Cotton

Starshop Japanese Cotton is available in 5 piece kits measuring 50cm x 50cm and are pre-cut fabrics for creative sewing projects including quilts and patchwork. This bright floral patterned fabric is made of soft and breathable cotton which also ensures maximum safety in contact with children’s skin because it is made of natural and ecological fibers. In addition, the Starshop product is very durable, easy to use for professionals and beginners and is recommended for sewing clothes, pillows, school bags, tablecloths and toys.

starshop 5pcs 50cm x 50cm Japanese Cherry Blossom Bronzing Floral Fabric Fat Quarter Bundles, Precut Fabric, Quilting Sewing, DIY Patchwork

starshop 5pcs 50cm x 50cm Japanese Cherry Blossom Bronzing Floral Fabric Fat Quarter Bundles, Precut Fabric, Quilting Sewing, DIY Patchwork

  • Enjoy DIY Sewing: Ideal for your various DIY clothing programs, you can play your creativity to cut shapes, make clothes, decorations, bulletin board backgrounds and school projects.
  • Material: cotton, eco-friendly, soft, soft and breathable. The shelf life of cotton fabrics is long, so it is easy to work, cut and glue, and not easy to break.
  • Japanese style pattern: classic fabric for everyday use, suitable for sewing clothes, quilts, pillows, schoolbags, toys, purses, tablecloths.

9) Japanese style oriental fabrics

Japanese-style oriental fabrics are offered by the Aufodara brand and available in 15 piece kit which measure 6.5 x 50 centimeters and are enriched with a wide range of chromatic shades, starting from blue, to create patchwork, quilting and creative sewing projects. The item is made of soft and breathable cotton bundles and is ideal for embroidery, home decor, toy making, pillowcases, bags, purses, scrapbooking and doll clothing.

10) GORGECRAFT Japanese Style Pre-Cut Squares

We finish our overview of oriental fabrics online with the GORGECRAFT Japanese style pre-cut squares that are offered to you in 5 cutouts of 48cm x 48cm made of soft, durable, breathable and eco-friendly cotton. The item is especially suitable for making patches, appliques, cosmetic bags, aprons, cushion covers, tablecloths and quilting projects. The cutouts also feature 5 different patterns printed in different shades to stimulate the creativity of enthusiasts and the colors remain brilliant even after frequent washing with delicate programs and at low temperatures.

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