Lycra fabrics, the best on sale in 2022, here are which ones to choose

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Lycra fabrics

Lycra fabrics are made of a synthetic fiber called elastane or spandex which is a polyurethane based material and is made up of a sequence of rigid filaments interspersed with flexible filaments that stretch and expand in all directions. Lycra fabrics for swimwear they are among the best known, but their elasticity also makes them perfect as lycra fabrics for skating leotards and sportswear in general. So here’s a roundup of the best on the market for 2022.

1) Stretch Lycra fabric

The Lycra stretch fabric is a product of the Russo Tessuti brand and is available in 39 different colors starting with the elegant milky shade. This Lycra fabric is recommended for create the baby carrier or imaginative backgrounds for photographic installations.

The item is offered in the 1 x 1.50 meter format and is made up of polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%). In any case, it is also possible to order a single larger piece, specifying the desired size when buying lycra online. Russo Tessuti is also available to customers to answer any questions regarding Lycra material, choice of colors and any other purchase conditions.

2) Tissus-Ville spandex fabric

The Fabrics-City spandex fabric is stretch Lycra and is ideal for making swimsuits suitable for all silhouettes. The item is available in 16 shades start with black and is available in 1 meter x 145 cm format.

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This lycra fabric is made of polyamide and elastane and offers maximum performance not only as a lycra fabric for costumes, but also for tailoring dance and sportswear high quality. In addition, the Fabrics-City product is ideal for creating any type of decoration and personalizing home environments thanks to the variety of color choices available.

3) Lycra shiny stretch fabric

Lycra shiny stretch fabric is another proposal of the Russo Tessuti brand, it is available in size 50 x 150 centimeters and it is specific for creating dance leotards or for skating and athletics.

This product is available in 54 different colors starting from flesh tone and many customers recommend it because it is a high quality product and it is not at all difficult to sew lycra to get bodysuits. or doll clothes. We also specify that it is possible to order a single larger piece, specifying the size requested at the time of purchase.

4) TIANSHU Lycra Fabric

The TIANSHU lycra fabric is knitted with the Jacquard technique which involves the insertion of geometric patterns on the fabric and is specific to various uses: upholstery of sofas, upholstery, sewing of fabric bags and tailoring.

This woven spandex is made of polyester (85%) and elastane (15%) and is available in various shades starting with light grey. The TIANSHU brand offers this item in sizes from 1 meter x 150cm, but you can order a single piece of the size you want. It is also recommended to use Lycra Jacquard knit for making home decorations, clothing items, linings, curtains, sewing and embroidery supplies or as printed lycra and for painting projects.

5) Casa Angel lycra spandex

The Casa Angel lycra spandex fabric is a brightly colored fabric in 25 different shades that is distinguished by extreme elasticity, durability and high resistance. In addition, the material is very soft to the touch and has one side that is brighter than the other to ensure maximum versatility of use.

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The item measures 5 meters x 150 centimeters and is made of Trilobal polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%) to adapt perfectly to the contour of the body without sacrificing comfort and freedom of movement. As a result, Casa Angel is perfect for sportswear, including swimwear and dance leotards, but is also ideal for crafts. trendy lycra clothing, workwear and carnival costumes.

6) Dancewear Lycra Fabric

The Lycra Dancewear fabric is made of Viscose (85%) and spandex (15%), is very elastic and is offered by the Discount Fabrics LTD brand in 14 colors starting with white. For those who want information on how to sew Lycra Dancewear, we can confirm that it is a very versatile fabric to make. sportswear, dancewear or women’s wear. Additionally, Discount Fabrics LTD is perfect for making shirts, t-shirts, table runners, arts, crafts and decorative projects. Finally, we specify that the fabric is on sale in the 1 meter x 150 cm format, but you can order single pieces by defining the desired size in the drop-down menu on the Amazon site.

7) Fabric for MANUFACTURED lycra dress

FABRIQUES lycra dress fabric has 4-way stretch, excellent quality for making lycra garments and is very soft to the touch. This article offers 37 different colors, measures 1 meter x 150 centimeters and is made of polyester (94%) and spandex (6%). FABRIQUES is specially designed to create dresses that elegantly envelop the figure in original and shiny shades, particularly suitable for making magnificent evening dresses.

8) Stoffbook Swimsuit Lycra

We continue our overview with the Stoffbook swimsuit lycra which is black, very elastic and of excellent quality. The article is offered in a minimum size of 50 x 150 centimeters, is made of polyamide and elastane and is also suitable for making dance and sportswear or for making elegant decorations in every environment.

Stoffbook High Elastic Lycra Swimsuit Fabric Black, B472

  • Price and unit: the price is valid for half a meter according to the indicated width. The fabric is available in one piece. (1 unit = 0.5 meters | 2 units = 1 meter, 3 units = 1.5 meters, etc.)
  • High quality, very elastic and stable lycra fabric with 20% elastane. Especially for bathroom and dance fashion. Bi-elastic: elastic in all directions.
  • Quality product: first choice, of course new and never used.

9) Generic lycra fabric

The Lycra Genérico fabric based on polyamide and elastane is available in 31 colors and in sizes from 1 meter x 150 centimeters, but you can obtain a single piece, for example of 3 meters, by specifying it when ordering. ordered. This article is particularly elastic and it is recommended to use it for wrapping activewear, swimwear or lingerie. In addition, the Generico fabric is suitable for creating dance or show clothes, caps and professional pool costumes. We specify that although it is a very chlorine resistant product, it is recommended to wash it only by hand and at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees.

Lycra by the meter, shiny stretch lycra fabric for sportswear, lycra by the meter, lingerie and swimwear 237 FUXIA

Lycra by the meter, shiny stretch lycra fabric for sportswear, lycra by the meter, lingerie and swimwear 237 FUXIA

  • Medium weight shiny surface Lycra fabric, soft to the touch, suitable for sportswear, dance and entertainment, also suitable for making lingerie dresses, bonnets and swimwear
  • Composition 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane, Height 150cm. Weight 285gr. per linear meter
  • It is resistant to many washes, it is very resistant to the attack of chlorine indicated in the different colors on a scale of 1 to 5, washing at 40° recommended, NO washing machine

10) Ivory TIANSHU Jacquard

We end our overview of lycra stock fabrics with the Jacquard product TIANSHU ivory which is recommended by many customers for elegant sofa upholstery, fabric bags or upholstery work. The article is offered in the format 1 meter x 150 cm, is made of polyester (85%) and elastane (15%) and is also very versatile for making linings, curtains, garments or for creative craft projects which also require pictorial engravings or decorations.

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