Maternity bag to embroider, the best chosen by moms of 2022, here is what they are

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The nursery bag is very useful as a clothes bag or shoe bag for the little ones, but it can also be embellished with cross-stitch embroidery, inserting the baby’s initials or funny characters to personalize it. Here’s a look at the best preschool bags moms picked in 2022.

1) MESH kindergarten bags

FILET kindergarten bags are available in kits of 2 pieces for spare clothes or spare shoes of child. The pieces measure 42 cm x 34, have a groove (drawstring) crossed by a white closing cord, are richly decorated with a pattern of happy little cars on a blue background and also have an Aida band to embroider.

These MESH bags are made of pure cotton, they can also be used as a layette holder for babies and the sling in 55 hole Aida fabric is sewn on 3 sides to guarantee total freedom when embroidering. The textures of the Aida fabric are ideal for cross stitching as they form a precise checkered pattern which guides the needle in creating regular crosses making it easy to embroider the baby’s name or cute figures to personalize the item .


FILET – Set of Two Nursery Bags in Printed Cotton, Diaper Bags, Layette Bags, Shoe Bags, with Aida Fabric to Embroider, Made in Italy, 42 x 34 cm, Sky Cars Fantasy

  • 📦 CONTENT – You will receive at home a set of two kindergarten bags in soft cotton printed with small cars on a blue background and white Aïda band to embroider. They are two bags with very versatile use: ideal for storing clothes, inserting spare parts for kindergarten or shoes, but also the first layette to take to the hospital.
  • 🔍 FEATURES – These items are made from 100% printed cotton. Both pouches feature an Aida band, ideal for cross-stitching, sewn on three sides to allow you to embroider freely. Both bags measure 42 x 34cm and feature a drawstring closure with white drawstring and colored plastic bow cover (colors assorted randomly). Made in Italy with high quality fabrics, resistant to frequent washing cycles, even in the washing machine.
  • 🧵 14 CT / 55 HOLES AIDA BAND – This fabric is the most widely used among embroidery fabrics for cross stitch, its precise weaving forms a checkered pattern that helps guide the passage of the needle and easily obtain clean and regular retractors. The 55-hole Aïda fabric has 55 squares in 10 cm. This type of aida is the most used by regular embroiderers but it is also perfect for those who want to approach cross stitch for the first time.

2) AMAS05/O3 NET

AMAS05/O3 FILET is a green and white checkered case with Aida tape, so it is perfect as a kindergarten bag to embroider. The product is pure cotton, measures 34cm x 42cm and is very versatile for holding baby’s spare clothes or spare shoes.

AMAS05 / O3 FILET is made in Italy with totally natural cottons, it withstands machine washing without problems up to 40 degrees temperature and it can be personalized with embroidery on the 55-hole Aida canvas strip, which makes it easy for even the less experienced to work, giving free rein to their creativity.

3) Tex Family Plaid Kindergarten Bag

The Tex Family Plaid Maternity Bag is a bright yellow wrap with embroidery Aida fabric. This pure cotton bag is ideal for containing all the spare parts necessary for the little one who attends kindergarten and you can choose your favorite color from a huge assortment of shades.

The product measures 34cm x 48resists washing and can be personalized without problem because the Aida fabric band offers enough space to embroider the name of the child or to insert imaginative and original designs right in the center of the case.

4) La Chiocciolina kindergarten set

The La Chiocciolina kindergarten set consists of 2 elements: 1 bag 41cm x 34cm 1 envelope which measures 28cm x 15. Both items are white and blue checkered, have an Aida band and are made of polyester (52%) and cotton (48%).

The bag is perfect for storing spare clothes, while the bag functions as a handy towel holder and both are easy to customize to your own imagination. In any case, mothers almost always embroider the baby’s first name on the Aïda fabric to make these items. unmistakable. It is advisable to wash the bag and the envelope by hand or in lukewarm water to preserve the fabric and the quality of the embroidery for a long time.

5) Nursery Bag Panini Fabrics

The Panini Tessuti Maternity Bag is a unisex spare garment bag made of pure hypoallergenic cotton that measures 46 cm x 60. The item has a side safety closure with a drawstring and is also very useful for newborn babies as it can hold changing kits or baby kits. food and snack.

The Panini Tessuti bag is made in Italy, it is handmade, it is possible choose your favorite Disney color and pattern and it can be personalized by embroidering the child’s first name or other original figures, leaving room for the creativity of mums.

6) Tata Home Kindergarten Baby Bag

The Tata Home Maternal Baby Bag is ideal for newborns and during the toddler period, it measures 42cm x 28 and is available in 4 shades: yellow, blue, pink and green.

The item is machine washable at 30 degrees and has an Aida insert to embroider topped with the words: “My name is” to offer maximum personalization. In any case, you can complete the baby’s name with imaginative cross stitch designs, without imposing limits on the imagination. The Tata Home bag is made of pure cotton and has a very practical strap to close it securely.

7) Large Tex Family Kindergarten Bag

The large Tex Family kindergarten bag measures 45cm x 60is colorfully checked and has a central insert in Aida fabric to embroider the name or other original and imaginative figures.

The large case is designed to hold the baby’s spare clothes, the sleeping blanket and pillow. The Tex Family bag is made of pure cotton, has a shoulder strap closure to carry it comfortably on the shoulder and you can choose your favorite color from a wide range of shades.

8) LA SPOLETTA maternal square bag

The LA SPOLETTA checkered bag for kindergarten is made of pure cotton, closes with a practical white cord and has a colored cord stopper that serves as a handle. In the lower part of the bag there is a 6 cm high horizontal embroidery strip made of Aida fabric and the product measures 35 cm x 42. You can request the delivery of the bag online without embroidery or already embroidered with the child’s name. In this case, the preferred font must be specified and the company performs the machine work within 48 hours of ordering, for a small fee.

9) Asylum Bag or Ideanto First Change

The Ideeanto diaper bag for kindergarten or first is a practical multipurpose case made in Italy and customizable with the name of the child. In many cases, mothers use it for the first change of the newborn in the hospital, but it is also perfect in kindergarten to hold a change of clothes of the little one. The item is 40 cm high, approx. 28 cm wide and therefore offers plenty of space for hand embroidery. However, you can tell the company the name of the baby who will sew it directly, paying a small fee.

10) Customizable New Mom Birth Bag

The Neo Mamma customizable birth bag is designed for the first change of newborns in the hospital, but it is also very useful in kindergarten. The case has a fairly wide Aïda strip at the bottom and allows the baby’s first name or other original designs to be embroidered. The item is pure cotton, can be machine washed at 30 degrees, is handmade in Italy and measures 42cm x 32. The company is available at embroider the child’s name which must be communicated immediately after placing the order.

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