Microfiber fabrics, the 2022 favorites, this is what they are

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Microfiber fabrics

Synthetic microfiber fabrics are made from polyester and polyamide and have a great ability to absorb water. The doubt about the choice of microfiber or cotton can be clarified by specifying that this fabric is finer than cotton and has a particular softness that facilitates the padding of furnishing accessories. Once it has been established what microfiber is and what is its composition, it must be added that it is a resistant fabric and many customers also buy microfiber sofas thanks to the reliability of this material. So let’s take an overview of the preferred microfiber types in 2022.

1) Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheet

The Amazon Basics Microfiber Fitted Sheet comes in a range of solid colors from dark blue and measuring 275cm x 275. The item is made of 100% polyester microfiber and stands out for its exceptional softness.

Amazon Basics is made of breathable and resistant anti-wrinkle fabric, designed to be used in all seasons and can be combined with other microfiber sheets to furnish the environment with a unique and elegant design. We suggest washing Amazon Basics in the washing machine at 40 degrees avoid bleaching and run the sheet through the dryer at low temperature.

2) Polyte microfiber cloth

The Polyte Microfiber Cloth is available in stock of 36 pieces in blue, yellow or green measuring 30cm x 40cm. The item is super soft microfiber which absorbs liquids to some degree 8 times its weight and is able to dry twice as fast as traditional fibers.

Polyte is equally effective at catching dirt, residue and dust and can be used without problems on TV or PC screens, on hard surfaces and in contact with transparent coatings or paints. This type of microfiber cloth can be used wet or dry, with or without detergent, as it does not leave streaks or shed lint. Polyte can also be washed in the washing machine, but without bleach or fabric softener and the use of a dryer is not recommended.

3) MR.SIGA polyester microfiber

MR.SIGA polyester microfiber is available in stock of 12 pieces in gray and blue. These cleaning cloths measuring 40cm x 40cm are very soft, do not damage surfaces and are easy to wash.

MR.SIGA product absorbs much more water than cotton, dries faster than other fabrics, does not release lint and does not damage surfaces because it is not abrasive. We recommend the use of these cloths for any cleaning operation in the kitchen, on furniture and even in the car.

4) DESHOME microfiber fabric by the meter

The DESHOME microfiber fabric by the meter is a product water repellent suede which is ideal as a microfiber padding for sofas, but also elegantly covers cushions and furnishing accessories.

The article is available in 33 shades In a solid color starting from silver grey, its suede effect makes it particularly velvety and soft to the touch, but it is also very resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. DESHOME also covers armchairs, chairs or headboards and the company offers it in sizes of 1 meter x 1.40, but you can also order the economy size of 5 or 10 meters in one piece.

DESHOME Alessia – Suede Fabric by the Meter in Water-Repellent Microfiber Fabric for Upholstery Sofas, Cushions, Furnishing Accessories (Silver Grey, 1 Meter)

  • ✅ Alessia is an elegant fabric made of soft and water-repellent microfiber with a typical suede effect that makes it velvety and extremely soft to the touch
  • ✅ The excellent value for money, the great durability, the resistance to wear and the ease of cleaning make Alessia an extremely versatile fabric and appreciated by those who have children in the family: thanks to the water-repellent treatment, in Indeed, the most common stains caused by liquids can be removed simply with a damp cloth
  • ✅ Perfect for DIY upholstery: Alessia is the ideal fabric to cover upholstered furniture such as modern or classic sofas, headboards, armchairs, chairs, cushions and furnishing accessories in general

5) Giuri Tessuti microfiber fabric pack

The Giuri Tessuti microfiber fabric pack is available in packs of 10 coloured, water-repellent and suede-effect pieces. The item is very soft and is ideal for decoration, quilting and DIY crafts.

The Giuri fabric measures 70cm x 30cm and is perfect for making creative works such as handbags, wallets, key rings, cases and patchwork garments, sewing together webs of different colors. In addition, this microfiber cloth is ideal for small repairs when it is necessary to restore damaged parts of the upholstery of the house.

Giuri Tessuti - Pack Microfiber Fabric Scraps - Ankara Sheets 70x30 cm ca - Pack of 10 Colourful, Water-repellent, Suede Effect Pieces - Ideal for Decorations, Patchwork, DIY

Giuri Tessuti – Pack Microfiber Fabric Scraps – Ankara Sheets 70×30 cm ca – Pack of 10 Colourful, Water-repellent, Suede Effect Pieces – Ideal for Decorations, Patchwork, DIY

  • 10 Ankara sheets, suede effect microfiber fabric, in 10 different solid colors.
  • Each sheet has a size of approximately 70x30cm.
  • Ideal for small crafts or creative work such as making handbags, cases, wallets, key rings, clothing, furniture or for small repairs to damaged upholstery.

6) Circus ABAKUHAUS Microfiber Fabric

The Circus ABAKUHAUS microfiber fabric is produced in Turkey, is available in the 1 meter x 230 cm format and features a multicolored pattern dedicated to the world of circus and clowning. This polyester microfiber is very elastic, soft and easy to work with, so it is recommended for craft, school or art projects. In addition, the Circo fabric is ideal for home decoration or to cover the furnishings of the house and personalize it with a touch of creativity. ABAKUHAUS is printed with state-of-the-art digital technologydoes not contain harmful dyes, can be washed with a delicate cold cycle without bleach and can be ironed at medium or low temperature.

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7) Tukan Tex microfiber fabric

Tukan Tex woven microfiber furniture slipcover is durable, soft, thin, wrinkle resistant and easy to clean. The article is sold in the format 1 meter x 145 cm and is ideal for all types of coverings: furniture cushions, car seat covers, curtains, decorations and furnishing accessories. Many customers also use Tukan Tex fabric as a stylish sofa cover and recommend washing it in cold water without bleach and ironing it at low temperature.

Tukan-tex microfiber fabric for furniture, by the meter, for upholstery, upholstery (dark gray 2036)

Tukan-tex microfiber fabric for furniture, by the meter, for upholstery, upholstery (dark gray 2036)

  • ✅ Microfiber furniture cover
  • ✅ Composition: 100% abrasive polyester: > 60,000 cycles, panel width: 145-150 cm, weight: 180 g/m²
  • ✅ Features: Durable, thin, soft, easy to clean, wrinkle-free, like soft plush.

8) Live House Cloth

The Vivi Casa fabric is perfect as a microfiber sofa and for any upholstery job, it is available in 40 colours, starting from light grey, and measures 1 meter x 150 centimeters. The item is made of polyester, is water repellent, can be machine washed and is ideal for upholstery work. We also specify that it is recommended to use it in particular to cover a sofa in microfiber because it is very resistant in the claws of pets.

9) Oversized Microfiber Bath Towel

The Polyte brand also offers the oversized microfiber bath towel with honeycomb fabric measuring 76 x 154 centimeters. The package contains 2 pieces in blue color which guarantee the maximum softness in contact with the skin and much faster drying compared to other fabrics. These bath towels have an elegant satin border, dry quickly after use when hung up and the high quality microfiber makes them perfect for use at home, at the gym or on the go. We recommend hand washing in warm water or washing machine with similar color garments without using bleach and air drying or tumble drying on low heat.

10) Kullaloo Microfiber Cloth

We complete our overview with Kullaloo polyurethane microfiber fabric which, together with polyester, is also used to make Alcantara fabric: another thin fabric made from synthetic microfibers. Kullaloo is not used for microfiber sofas, but as an enveloping and soft plush padding, ideal for toys, blankets, pillows, baby accessories and dog beds. This product does not contain substances harmful to the health of children or pets, can be washed at 30 degrees and can be tumble dried at low temperature.

kullaloo - SNUGLY plush microfiber fabric by the meter, 5mm pile length, EN71-3 & EN 71-9 certified

kullaloo – SNUGLY plush microfiber fabric by the meter, 5mm pile length, EN71-3 & EN 71-9 certified

  • Thin plush fabric, soft, comfortable and suitable for toys.
  • Suitable for soft toys, pillows, blankets, baby accessories, costumes, dog beds, interior lining, etc.
  • Material: 100% Polyester, Pile Height/Pile Length: 5mm. Weight: 400g. Cloth unit length: 0.5m.

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