Netflix wants to introduce advertising: what will change?

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In recent days, controversies have been unleashed on social networks: netflixthe most popular TV streaming service, announced the introduction of the publicity between episodesas happens, for example, in linear television or even on other services such as YouTube.

The discontent arose probably because Netflix still hadn’t succumbed to the lure of ad revenue, simply earning subscriptions from its viewers. For now, according to the CEO Hastings Reedcommunication of the adoption of advertisements within the platform would only be an experiment to see the reaction of registered users.

Advertising on Netflix: it’s a nuisance

The controversy first erupted on Twitterin which many users complained about the possible entry of advertising on Netflix as disruptive element. The famous platform has many features to ignore musical themes, summaries, credits, just to allow the user to see only his favorite series or films.

The The advertisement, for the benefit of corporate clients, it could not be “passed” so easily. The user must look at least five or ten secondsthus losing the opportunity to immediately skip to the next episode.

Many users pointed out that Netflix could become like YouTube, i.e. with a more expensive subscription so as not to see ads. Nobody likes to spend more money just because a company decides to increase its turnover.

However, the other side of the coin is that more revenue also means increasingly interesting productions for Netflix audiences. The company also came up with the idea of ​​making advertisements no longer than thirty seconds, so as not to waste the user’s time in front of a promotional message.

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For now, these are just rumours, but keep in mind that advertising on Netflix is ​​not just about adding content, sometimes considered disturbing, between one episode and another: the company will have to review its privacy policy, in order to profile the user in a safe and transparent way.

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