Pedestal fan – the best for silence and power

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The arrival of summer pleases everyone a bit, but what about the sweltering heat? Then with each passing summer, the degrees seem to increase more and more. So it’s time to buy a Stand fan, but which one? And above all, are we sure that this is the right fan model for our needs?

Lovelycasa helps you to know which are the best fans for plants and some small tips before purchase, but if you want to know more about this kind of device, you can also read our guide on column fans or more refreshing models .water.

The best stand fans of 2022

LeaderPro 2 in 1 fan, the quietest

last updated on June 04, 2022

This plant fan immediately caught our attention for its quietness and it is for this feature that it is one of the most recommended online. We decided to test it and we must say that this aspect is really true, the only 20 db of noise makes it comfortable even for those who want to run the fan at night, while sleeping.
You might think it won’t be powerful then, but it’s not! The power is also very respectable, indeed it has a good 65w motor and 16 inch blades; all this can cool a room of 40 square meters in less than 5 minutes.

Another aspect for which we have decided to put it in this ranking of the best stand-alone fans is its function of being 2 in 1. From its 136 cm of departure, in fact, you can shorten it to 80 cm, to make a table.
The LeaderPro fan also has a remote control with which you can adjust everything, including its 3 ventilation modes and also the timer for the ventilation duration.

Most Powerful Pro Breeze Fan

last updated on June 04, 2022

For those looking for a powerful stand-alone fan, but without touching the wallet too much, the Pro Breeze model is the right compromise. It is the double blade system that makes the difference; thanks to these, in fact, the fan is able to push the air at its best (adjustable through 26 speeds and 3 modes) without becoming noisy. The double blades affect not only the power, but also the effect of air circulation in the room, which seemed more natural to us. This fan also comes with a remote control with which you can manage everything and on the fan stand there is also a practical LED display in which you can read the currently active functions in the fan and set them accordingly.

Ah, there is also a timer for up to 24 hours and the height is adjustable from 115 to 135 cm; in short, nothing is missing!

Rowenta VU5640 fan

last updated on June 04, 2022

This fan is for those looking for excellence, between low noise and good power, obviously paying a price a little higher than the average. In this device we can see 4 different speeds, the lowest is the so-called “extreme silence” and, in fact, will grant you little noise (45 db) but also impacting the ventilation which will be light, while the highest speed high, turbo boost, is the most powerful capable of pushing air up to 80 cubic meters per minute.

We also found this to be the sturdiest fan of those reviewed, perhaps at this price point we were expecting a remote control to manage it and a slightly longer cable.

How to choose a pedestal fan

Every need is different, as is the space where we are going to install the new fan; So, here are some criteria to consider when buying.

  • Round or cross base: Let’s start with the base, which is the one that will give the fan the right support. Well, in the market there are two types of bases, round or cross, the first is the one with the circular and full shape while the second has the X shape. We believe that the round shape is the one that gives more device stability It is no coincidence that the most expensive fans all have this feature. It’s just a question of stability, because the installation is the same in both cases.
  • Noise: This is the most important factor, along with power, and your tolerance will depend on the hours you want to use. If you want to use the fan at night, you may need a very quiet model, with the specific function for the night and which does not exceed 30 db. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions to compare decibels. Note that a freestanding fan will never be as quiet as a ceiling fan, but it will always make at least a little noise, as it has to spin at a higher speed with smaller blades.
  • Functions: Each manufacturer tries to make a qualitative leap, compared to the competition, by inserting new functions in the fan (most of them useless and just for marketing). What should interest you is that the fan has different settings and speeds available, including one to save energy and one that gives maximum power. There must be a timer and also a remote control with which to regulate everything, for more comfort. The LED display is great to look at, but make sure it’s not too bright to be distracting at night.
  • Cable length: The longer the power cable, the more room you will have to move the fan to different strategic points in the room. Eye! Always check the cable length, as major manufacturers seem to ignore this aspect, so don’t expect an expensive fan to “definitely” have a longer cable. In our experience, a 1.5 meter cable is the bare minimum.
  • Oscillation and adjustability: The more expensive models have an oscillation of at least 120° and this is important, especially for large rooms, because it allows optimal and faster cooling. Of course, if you have a smaller room and intend to place the fan in a corner, a 90° rotation will suffice. When it comes to adjustment, however, the factory fan should have a height-adjustable support pole. Some are true 2-in-1 fans, but check how high they will be adjustable, so you can see if it will be optimal for you.

Powerful floor fans

last updated on June 04, 2022

Quiet Pedestal Fans

last updated on June 04, 2022

In conclusion

Free-standing models were the first types of fans to be introduced to the market and we are talking about many years ago here. With advances in technology, see the introduction of dual blades, we are sure that in the future we will find ourselves forced to update our list. For now we have thought about satisfying those who are looking for power and silence in this product but, if design is another aspect that you consider in particular, then a tower fan can adapt better to different types of design, in particular to the most modern houses. . .

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