Polyester fabrics, the best to buy in 2022, here’s what they are

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Polyester fabrics are probably the best known synthetic fabrics that are used to make clothes and many more objects in common use. It is therefore advisable to choose the most suitable polyester yarn for each need with a brief overview of the best products of 2022.

1) Feagar Mildew Proof Shower Curtain

The Feagar Mildew Proof Shower Curtain is made of white polyester fabric, waterproof and antibacterial. This synthetic fabric article is suitable for bathtubs, it is fixed with 8 metal hooks to the upper support structure and measures 120 cm x 180.

Feagar has the ability to dry quickly, preventing mold and mildew, and is made of high quality fabric that it does not crease easilyguarantees a long life and is soft to the touch.

This polyester fiber is opaque to preserve privacy, shows an elegantly embellished border, has a tear-resistant structure and cleans easily with a simple jet of water.

Feagar Shower Curtain Polyester Fabric Mildew Proof, Waterproof and Anti-Bacteria White Shower Curtain, Washable Shower Curtains Very Suitable for Bathtubs, Bath Curtain with 8 Hooks, 120 x 180cm

  • 🛀【Waterproof and Mildewproof】The shower curtain is made of hydrophobic material and dries quickly, effectively preventing mold growth and protecting your and your family’s health.
  • 🛀【Stainless Steel Grommet】The shower curtain is equipped with reinforced metal grommets, which are rust-resistant and durable. Smooth and unobstructed when pulling the shower curtain. The matching metal hook is stronger than the plastic hook in the market.
  • Durable Material: Feagar shower curtain is made of high quality polyester, soft, drapes well, not easy to wrinkle, the fabric is thick and dull to protect privacy.

2) Carttiya Shower Curtain

The Carttiya Shower Curtain is another waterproof and mildew resistant polyester fiber product that includes 12 rust resistant sealing rings and hooks. Carttiya measure 100cm x 180 and is in a creamy white color to add a touch of classic elegance to the bathroom.

In polyester woven characteristics, the product has the highest quality because it is rigorously tested, resists mildew, wrinkles and shrinkage. The cable grommets of these items are made of metal to support the shower curtain more easily and ensure a longer life.

The Carttiya tent base is also equipped with a leading group to keep the curtain in the right position, a quick rinse is enough to keep it clean and the fabric dries fairly quickly.

3) Teflon circuit breaker

Breaker Teflon is an acrylic coated plain weave polyester fabric that is water repellent, dirt repellent, windproof, robust and partly breathable. This woven polyester is sold by the yard and each piece is approximately 149cm wide.

Breaker Teflon is a very versatile synthetic textile fiber for making jackets, bags, backpacks, tents, parasols, tablecloths or tarpaulins and is available in different colors starting from anthracite.

Item washes in washing machine at 40 degrees using a specific program for delicate garments and it is recommended not to bleach, to avoid drying and dry cleaning.

4) Generico water repellent fabric

The water-repellent Generico fabric is a soft, resistant, stain-resistant and water-repellent (but not waterproof) polyester textile fiber of the Sabri Canvas type because it is a canvas that it tolerates stress well and wrinkles well.

The product measures 140 centimeters in height and is sold in a minimum length of 50 centimeters per piece. Therefore, just ask for the quantities needed when ordering, also specifying the color you want, because you can choose among 22 different shades starting with green.

Generico polyester fabrics are ideal for making or cover sofas, curtains, armchairs, cushions or tablecloths and are used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts to furnish the home in a modern or minimal style. Washing at 30 degrees is recommended, avoiding bleaching and ironing the product.

5) Tukan Tex Oxford

Tukan Tex Oxford is a polyester fabric composed of waterproof polyurethane with Oxford weave which creates a linen effect and is available in different shades starting from light grey.

Tukan Tex is covered with a tightly woven water-repellent material to ensure maximum resistance and elasticity to sudden changes in temperature. The product is sold by the linear meter in unique pieces of 160 cm and is recommended for making or lining bags, backpacks, poufs, furniture covers, curtains, cushions, beds, swings, sheds or garden furniture.

6) Cordura Ripstop

Cordura Ripstop https://amzn.to/3FaNlmZ is a polyester fabric with an acrylic coating, it is available in various colors from gray and is wind and waterproof. Its left side is coated with Teflon and the right side with PU. This fabric is sold by the meter and the size has a width of 152 cm and is ideal for technical mountain pant liner.

Some customers ask if polyester keeps warm or polyester hurts and the answer is that the fabric is not harmful. Obviously, the more the percentage of synthetic fibers increases, the more you feel the heat in summer and polyester makes you sweat more easily. Therefore, this fabric is widely used for the padding of winter and technical sportswear, thanks to its breathability, extreme versatility and resistance to washing.

In any case, we can talk about woven polyester summer or winter as a possible clothing solution for all seasonsdepending on the higher or lower percentage of synthetic component contained in the garments.

7) Oxford canvas fabric

The Generico brand also offers the Oxford Canvas fabric which is water-repellent, soft, resistant to attacks and stains. The item is available in 21 colors starting from fuchsia, and comes in sizes starting from 50 centimeters and 140 cm in height. Being a tear-resistant and easy-to-clean fabric, it is recommended to be used for lining of chairs, cushions or sofas and to wash the Oxford canvas at 30 degrees maximum without bleaching or ironing.

8) Wadding Panini Fabrics

Panini Tessuti wadding is a 100 or 200 gram polyester fiber product in white color, ideal for to make stuffing, quilts or to fill fabrics and puppets for children. This specific wadding for polyester padding is sold by the linear meter from 100 centimeters, so you must indicate the desired length when ordering.

Some customers ask what polyamide is and if it is a valid alternative to polyester. We can answer that polyamide, also known as Nylon, is another synthetic material already used in the last century to produce socks avoiding the use of silk which is less elastic and more expensive. So is it better to choose polyamide or polyester? The answer is that polyester is anti-pilling, so it reduces the formation of lint or stains on the fabric and does not wrinkle. As a result, a polyester jacket looks newer than a polyamide fabrication.


BENECREAT 40 PCS is polyester felt fabric for decorations and handmade fabrics with an adhesive side. The kit includes 40 high quality 30cm x 20 multi-colored pieces that are hard wearing and not easily faded. We advise you to use BENECREAT to make toys, clothes, stationery, bags or to decorate glassware.

10) Ripstop A-Express

Ripstop A-Express is a waterproof polyester material and measures 100cm x 150cm. The product is available in various colors from black and is mainly used for banners, streamers, pet clothes, bags, camping tent flags, kites, outdoor cushions and gazebos.

The Ripstop A-Express is sold by the metre, so you must specify when ordering if you wish to receive a set of separate pieces or a larger one size according to your needs.

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