Prime Day: what it is, when it starts, where to follow it

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The First day is one of the most watched Amazon events in recent years. It’s simply a carefully structured program from the world’s leading e-commerce company that gives you dedicated discounts on hundreds of products.

If you were not aware, we have decided to structure this complete guide, aimed at knowing what you can buy with Prime Day, when the event will start, what are the cheapest goods to buy and how to do it without mistakes. In other words, everything you need to be able to grab your products of interest at the most advantageous prices in the world, taking advantage of discounts and much more.

Prime Day Amazon: what is it?

At this point, let’s try to understand in detail what it is and a what is amazon prime day for. It’s a question of one day discount (which actually lasts 48 hours, or two days), during which dozens of products are offered with a reduced purchase price. The discount percentages can obviously be variable and go from good to good.

Prime Day is an initiative dedicated to Principal clients, i.e. who have the specific e-commerce subscription. If you don’t have a main account, you cannot access any dedicated discount. Subscribe now. In any case, remember that the first month is always free and can be canceled before the end of the 30 days. You will be able to benefit from all the advantages, even without necessarily having to pay to activate the advanced account. If you have already used the one month free trial, remember that you will not be able to request additional months, or free tests. If you want to access Prime Day you will have to buy a Main subscription (even just a month).

Amazon Prime Day: when does it start?

Before proceeding to the vision of the main products related to the offers, it is good to ask yourself when Amazon Prime Day begins, that is, when to be able to access all the dedicated discounts on the platform. Unlike previous years, where the initiative took place in the last week of June, in this 2022 the dates have slipped a little. Specifically, Prime Day is expected in the second week of July, more precisely the day of the 12th and that of the 13th. From Tuesday midnight until Wednesday 11:59 p.m., it will therefore be possible to take advantage of unrivaled offers. Similar to Black Friday, certain products will be offered at lower prices for a certain period of time (when they expire).

Prime Day Amazon: categories on sale

What products can be purchased through the Amazon Prime Day event? Contrary to popular belief, the products available for purchase will not only belong to the electronics sector, ranging from games, fashion, beauty, home and much more. In addition to new products, it will also be possible to access significant discounts in the section Amazon Warehouse (which essentially concerns returned products, but in any case in excellent condition). During this year 2022, the company has highlighted two distinct periods to obtain benefits:

  1. from July 8 to July 11, you can benefit from a 10% discount on a collection of Premium products;
  2. from July 12 to 13, get 20% off a collection of products, on the occasion of Prime Day.

Best Active Deals on Amazon

What are the best Prime Day deals? Before explaining in detail what you can buy during these days, it is good to open a small parenthesis on many other active offers. In more detail, it is possible to recall how from June 21, 2022, all subscribed users can benefit from:

  • Amazon feesi.e. the possibility of obtaining a discount of €5 by purchasing 5 products belonging to specific categories;
  • Audiblewith the possibility of subscribing at the price of €2.95 per month for the first 6 months (only for Prime users who have never tried the service);
  • Amazon Music Unlimited for 4 months free of charge, only for those who have never tried the service before;
  • Kindle Unlimitedwith 3 months offered for the first subscription.

To all this will be added the days dedicated to Prime Day many additional benefits on a range of diversified products, which you can choose according to your interests.

Prime Day Amazon: what to buy

Today the year, with the arrival of the First day, Amazon offers hundreds of products that can be purchased at very competitive and advantageous prices. Among the most sought-after and interesting categories, we certainly find that of products for voice assistants (such as Alexa).

Still others concern routers and other devices to ensure increasingly efficient network speeds (many products are already currently on pre-discount). Another very interesting section, to watch with the arrival of Prime Day, will be that of smartphones and computers. Among the most popular brands for discounts we find One more, Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung and much more. Let’s take a look below at some of the top buyer-reviewed sections that last the days of Prime Day that you can always dive deeper into in our comprehensive guides:

If you have not found your category of interest, we advise you to join our Telegram deal channel to stay constantly updatedtherefore of always get discounts and targeted advice on the best productseven after Prime Day.

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