Satin fabrics, which one to choose? Here’s the best of 2022

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satin fabrics

We all know that the satin fabrics they are among the most valuable and sought after. They are not only used for clothing, as one might mistakenly think, but now they are also used to create elegant and sophisticated decorations and DIY furniture.

To help you in your search, we wanted to tell you the ten best satin fabrics that we could find. We have selected only quality products from the best brands with excellent value for money. This is the perfect guide for all sewing and DIY enthusiasts who want to find the best fabric at a price. Great price.

1. Plain woven satin buns sold by the meter

Any clothing creation would be perfect with this quality fabric sold by the Panini Tessuti store. This is a quality satin in a solid colour, in this case ivory white, but also sold in many other different colours. There is something for every taste.

To purchase the correct quantity and size of fabric for your needs, simply state the quantity at time of purchase. Composition 100% polyester, suitable for clothing creations and elegant and refined tailoring.

2. Generic Upholstery Satin

Here is the satin fabric from the Generico store. It is sold by the meter. A quantity corresponds to 50 cm of fabric for 140 cm of standard width. In this case, the color chosen is a bright yellow that lends itself perfectly to the creation of clothing or upholstery.

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Indeed, this fabric is often chosen to create household, bed and personal linen as well as decorations to furnish the home. The fabric is not only available in yellow but there are many thirty different colors.

3. Panini Fabric Shop Satin Fabrics

Let’s continue with the Panini Tessuti shop. This fabric is satin mesh. It is sold with standard sizes of 50 cm x 1 meter and to have more fabric you just have to indicate the desired quantity. Unlike the others, this satin is more resistant and is often used to create stage outfits or for theme parties such as carnival. But not only that, it is also excellent for furniture, for upholstering sofas and chairs or for creating cushions and bed linen. In short, a truly versatile fabric.

Panini Tessuti, Satin Mesh Fabric Sold by Half Meter, 1 qty = 50 cm;  2 qty = 100 cm.  Clothing, Costumes, Masquerade Party Dresses, Accessories, Costumes, Cosplay

Panini Tessuti, Satin Mesh Fabric Sold by Half Meter, 1 qty = 50 cm; 2 qty = 100 cm. Clothing, Costumes, Masquerade Party Dresses, Accessories, Costumes, Cosplay

  • ☝ Solid color mesh satin fabric
  • πŸ”Ž Composition: 100% Polyester – Height: 150 cm

4. Rose Flavored Stretch Satin Fabric

The aim of the Saveur Rose boutique is to create satin fabrics perfect for making elegant dresses, abiti for big events but also wedding dresses and more. In fact, it is primarily used for elegant occasions and also the color selection lends itself to this brand choice. The color we show you is a refined turquoise blue. There are also other bright and unique colors such as ruby ​​red, straw yellow, purple, white and gray. It is undoubtedly the best choice for original and elegant evening dresses.

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5. Pagano satin fabrics from Fashion

We continue with a fabric that is not sold by the meter. This is the Pagan Fashion house satin which has standard dimensions of 270 x 280 cm. It is a very light and soft cotton sateen created in seven different colors. Ideal for creating new, fresh and elegant clothes or for decorating and upholstering the house according to your taste and imagination.

6. Soimoi printed satin fabric store

Now let’s move on to a type of satin fabric with whimsical and floral prints from the Soimoi boutique. Unlike the other fabrics we just added to the list, these are not solid colors but are created with floral and feather prints. Background colors change from purple to blue to more neutral colors. This heavy satin fabric can be perfectly used for decoration and upholstery.

Just take care to wash it without treating it with products that are too aggressive to prevent it from getting damaged.

7. Lilac color silk satin fabrics by the meter

The meter brand offers a wide range of possible colors for its silk satin fabric. It is possible to choose both the preferred color and the desired amount of fabric. The material is polyester and is suitable for creating clothes, but not only. For example, it can be used to create household and personal linens, pillowcases, dressing gowns, pajamas and all kinds of underwear. The uses that can be given to this quality fabric they are infinite, it will be enough to have a lot of passion for DIY and inventiveness.

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8. Confeccion Saymi Damask Satin Jacquard Fabric

Plain satin fabrics have their own charm. But for those who are bored and want to play with fabrics, this one from Confeccion Saymi is the one. Indeed, this 100% polyester satin is damask on a white background. The dimensions are 280 x 245 cm. It is a very good quality fabric. elastic and resistant which is often used to create decorations and coatings for furniture. It is perfect for chairs, sofas and cushions but also for bed linen. For jacquard lovers, it is also an excellent fabric for making clothes and accessories.

9. Solid Color Satin Woven Buns

Let’s return to a brand that is a guarantee for anyone looking for fabrics and fabrics. It is the Panini Tessuti brand that offers this satin fabric sold by the meter and created in many different colors.

Indeed, it is possible to play with your imagination by choosing between bright and shiny colors and other more neutral and classic ones. Great fabric to create dresses, shirts, underwear and the bed, dressing gowns and any other accessory you can think of.

10. Soimoi satin fabrics for DIY

Those who are truly passionate about sewing know the importance of good fabric. This one from the Soimoi brand is ideal for carrying out lots of original and imaginative projects. In particular, the color of this fabric is a very light water green, but there are also other colors. The fabric is 138 cm wide, has a medium weight and is not transparent. But above all it is resistant and washes easily in the machine and works with ease.

Soimoi Light Sea Green Cotton Sateen Slub Fabric for Sewing Solid Craft Fabrics by the Yard 54 Inches Wide

Soimoi Light Sea Green Cotton Sateen Slub Fabric for Sewing Solid Craft Fabrics by the Yard 54 Inches Wide

  • βœ… Fabric: Cotton Sateen Lining — measures 138cm wide, non-sheer fabric, medium weight.
  • βœ… Cotton sateen slub fabric is a soft, soft and durable fabric that is ideal for use in garments, towels, home decor and other home projects. Perfect for everyday use.
  • βœ… Sold in 1 meter 54 inches wide. Ordering multiple yards of the same color will result in a continuous quantity across the length.

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