Silk fabrics, the best of 2022, this is what they are

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silk fabrics

Silk is one of the most beautiful natural fabrics that exist. With this fabric, it is possible to create many clothing products or home accessories. Silk sheets and pillowcases are also very popular lately. To make any product with the best materials here what are silk fabrics that you can buy online at the best price.

Ours is a list of the top ten products that are easily found on the internet and can be ordered directly from you.

1. SupGod Dress Silk Fabrics

We open the list of silk fabrics with a product from the SupGod brand. This brand offers a made-to-measure fabric sold by the meter. The available colors are different and they are all affordable. the white fabric it can also be used to make bed sets, tablecloths, chair and pillow covers or any type of object for a wedding. It is also ideal for making made-to-measure costumes and all types of decoration.

Choosing a quality fabric will undoubtedly make the difference for any object you want to make or decorate.

2. Silk embellished with the Soimoi floral print

We continue this time with a product that is no longer plain or with neutral and muted colors. This Soimoi brand product is a quality fabric with floral print on colored backgrounds. A silk crepe fabric that can be used to make any product or decoration. Perfect for interior decoration, to cover chairs, curtains and cushions. Also ideal for making tablecloths, bags or whimsical decorations.

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The main characteristic, in addition to the quality of the silk, is the originality of the decoration which makes it possible to create colorful and lively objects. Finally, the fabric is sold in the 42 inch size but it is also possible to request the necessary length.

3. Jaciu Silk Pillowcase

In recent years, the use of silk sheets and pillowcases has become increasingly popular. It is a quality fabric that also prevents damage to the skin and hair during sleep. These pillowcases are sold by the Jaciu brand in the 51 × 66 cm format.

The fabric remains soft and smooth to the touch. It is 100% natural mulberry silk perfect for maintaining the proper hydration of the skin, for preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and for not damaging or creasing the hair, especially curly hair.

Touch to touch is cool and comfortable, in short, the ideal ally for restful sleep. You can choose the perfect fit for your pillow.

Jaciu 100% Silk Pillowcase, For Hair and Skin, Both Sides Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 21 Momme 600 Thread Count Soft and Breathable (Pink, 51x66cm, 1pc)

Jaciu 100% Silk Pillowcase, For Hair and Skin, Both Sides Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 21 Momme 600 Thread Count Soft and Breathable (Pink, 51x66cm, 1pc)

  • ❤【Soft and Smooth】This silk pillowcase is made of natural mulberry silk, 100% pure mulberry silk. The silk pillowcase is very soft, smooth and breathable, you can sleep well when using it.
  • ❤【Suitable for skin and hair】Natural silk material which can keep skin moist. The non-slip silk pillowcase can give you a comfortable and cool touch, it is better to prevent wrinkles and aging, prevent hair from tangling. Mulberry silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic, good choice for sensitive skin.
  • ❤【Hidden Zipper Design】The hidden zipper keeps your pillow safe inside the case all night long. Perfectly match your pillow, you don’t have to worry about the pillow coming out when you toss and turn in your sleep.

4. Silk fabrics with Soimoi print

Fabrics with floral prints are the most popular for creating decorations for furnishing accessories in a home. What we put on our list is the Soimoi fabric made of 100% pure natural silk. The special feature of this fabric is the print which can be chosen directly online. These are colorful prints with flowers, leaves and birds. The width of the fabric is 44 inches and is also used to design silk stoles or shoes.

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It is a fairly strong but delicate fabric that should be treated with suitable products and at not too high temperatures. It is also suitable avoid iron it with an iron that is too hot.

5. Soimoi blue silk satin

This product is always from the Soimoi brand, a guarantee in the choice of silk fabrics which also have particular prints. These fabrics are decorated with flower and leaf patterns printed in watercolor. They measure 42 inches wide and are perfect for creating unique decorations.

The fabric is cut to order and is used for furniture, bed accessories or upholstery. It is recommended to treat the fabric gently, avoid using aggressive products to remove stains and temperatures too high.

6. Soimoi silk fabrics with patterns

For those looking for a particular decorative style, discover this Somoi fabric with the motifs of men and horses. It’s not a decoration you see every day, especially when paired with basic colors like purple, orange or green.

The fabric is undeniably of quality, it allows you to decorate any type of object in an original way. We do not recommend bleaching and washing at temperatures above 30°C.

7. Soimoi crepe silk fabrics

Here is another quality fabric from the Soimoi brand, a guarantee in the choice of decorated silks. It is a 42 inch wide fabric ideal for sew and decorate beds, tables, cushions and sofas. In this case, the silk crepe pattern is floral and the backgrounds are different, from more classic shades to brighter colors. Excellent for those who like to experiment and create unique decorations.

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8. Solid Color Silk Supgod

After having seen the different decorations that a silk fabric can have, let’s come back to plain fabrics. This Supgod silk has a gorgeous turquoise color which is ideal for creating bedding sets, home decorations or bespoke suits. Also perfect for formal clothes.

In fact, it is a resistant and soft to the touch fabric that gives freshness and refinement to any product made with this fabric. In addition, the same brand has the availability of many other colors to buy fabrics from quality at excellent prices.

9. fabric with mustache and glasses Soimoi

An infinite number of products can be created with silk. Here is a Soimoi fabric that has a unique pattern in bright colors. In this case, the brand’s silk has a pattern with men’s glasses and mustaches repeated on bright and colorful backgroundsme, from acid green to barbie pink. It is therefore perfect for decorating and creating unique and quality products.

ten. S-shaped fabricsthe age of Crepe Soimoi

For the last silk fabric that we want to include in our list, let’s go back to a brand that seems to be a guarantee of quality and uniqueness. This is Soimoi silk fabric with unique and shiny patterns. On a turquoise background this fabric represents a floral pattern suitable for the creation of silk stoles, unique and spring dresses, pillowcases and any type of decoration for the home or for the person. Without a doubt, it is a unique and inimitable product of great quality.

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