Static and convection oven symbols

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Your oven has many symbols on it, but what do they mean? Here are the most common symbols. The appearance of the symbols varies slightly by brand, but otherwise they largely look the same. If the symbol you’re looking for isn’t listed, it’s probably a brand-specific program, and if so, we recommend reading the manufacturer’s manual or following the instructions directly from their website. .

Static Oven Symbols

The static oven is one that works by radiation, that is, based solely on the heat produced by the heating elements of the oven. Air is not involved and has no other functions, therefore the symbols that characterize it are not many and you can see them below.

Symbol for lower heat

A single crossbar at the bottom represents bottom heat. Thus, only the lower heating coil emits heat. Some recipes call for the heat to come only from the bottom to protect the top filling. An example can be fruit cake.

Heat symbol above and below

Two straight lines (one above, one below) represent upper and lower heat. The symbol indicates what is happening in the oven. Heat comes from above and below at the same time. This is one of the more traditional heating methods, as it was the standard program when there were no convection ovens.

Top and bottom heat is still the best choice for making pizza. For cakes and roasts, it depends on the recipe. If your oven is not convection, top and bottom heat are good substitutes. Set the oven to 15-20 degrees higher.

Upper heat symbol

A single straight line at the top represents the heat on top of the oven. Thus, only the upper heating coil emits heat.

Ventilated oven symbols

For those who have not understood what it is, the convection oven is the type of oven that allows the use of hot air in cooking and, the latter, circulates around the food. This creates a more even temperature and helps cook food faster. Here are the symbols of the convection oven

Hot air symbol

The hot air mode symbol is a fan. With this setting, the oven uses a fan that distributes heat evenly throughout the oven. Practical, because you cook relatively quickly and on several levels. This way you can place multiple oven racks or cookie sheets in the oven without any problems. With this setting it is possible, for example, to prepare a baking dish, rolls or fries. On the other hand, it is less suitable for baking pies.

Grill function symbol

A zigzag line at the top represents the grill function. Sometimes you will find only three points or triangles. The heat then comes exclusively from the heating coil from above. However, this has more power and is therefore warmer.

The grill function is therefore rarely used as a stand-alone program, but is often only activated at the end, for example so that the cheese becomes really brown and crispy during cooking. It is therefore necessary to insert the cooking plate or the grid from above so that the food is as close as possible to the heating coil.

If you are unable to activate this function, switch from the program recalled by the recipe to the grill function a few minutes before the end of the cooking time.

Symbol Ventilated grill function

The jagged line above plus the fan below represent the convection grill. Here, strong heat comes from above as with the grill function seen above. At the same time, however, it is distributed throughout the cooking chamber thanks to air circulation.
This means that the heat reaches the food from all sides. The extra heat from the top ensures great color and just the right stick. Again, it’s generally recommended to do this in the last few minutes thanks to the combination of air circulation and the grill function, but this will depend on your recipe.

Pizza function symbol

The pizza function is often a combination of forced air and the heating element at the bottom of the microwave. The extra heat from the bottom ensures a nice crust for your pizza. Of course, the pizza function can also be used for other dishes that require additional heat from below.

Other more common oven symbols

Steam function symbol

Three overlapping cloud-like waves represent steam support when cooking. This is not an independent program, but a function that you can activate, for example when cooking sandwiches with upper and lower heat. Several nozzles repeatedly spray steam into the cooking chamber.

Symbol Defrost function

This function defrosts your products without heating them. Quickly thaw a slice of breakfast bread or ground beef to make a sauce. The defrost function works differently on a normal oven and a combi oven. Whereas, when using this function on a microwave, some of them allow you to select the weight of the product and the microwave will start with the correct power and defrosting time. Then the air circulates in the oven at low temperature.

Oven self-cleaning symbol

Several circles represent self-cleaning by pyrolysis or hydrolysis. But many other symbols are also used for this function. Let’s say that each manufacturer does what it wants in this situation.

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