Swimwear fabrics, the best of 2022, here are the ones to choose

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The fabrics for swimwear are numerous and meet the most varied needs of customers who seek the best value for money and the high performance of beachwear fabrics. by the sea or by the swimming pool. So let’s look at the best of 2022 to choose our favorite fabric.

1) Generic sportswear fabric

The Generico sportswear fabric is suitable for making Lycra swimsuits made of from a particularly elastic synthetic fiber also used to make stockings, tights, lingerie and clothing for sports, dance and leisure.

The Lycra Generico fabric for making swimwear is made of polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%), has a smooth surface, is soft to the touch and is also perfect for making swimming caps. In addition, the article supports frequent washing, as long as it is done by hand and at 40 degrees, it resists well to the aggressiveness of chlorine and it is sold by the linear meter in a basic format of 1 meter x 150 centimeters. Thus, customers can order 2 or 3 “quantities” online and receive a single cut of 2 or 3 meters x 150 centimeters at home.

Lycra by the meter, shiny stretch lycra fabric for sportswear, lycra by the meter, lingerie and swimwear 1 BLACK

  • Medium weight shiny surface Lycra fabric, soft to the touch, suitable for sportswear, dance and show wear, also suitable for making lingerie dresses, caps and swimwear
  • Composition 80% Polyamide 20% Elastane, Height 150cm. Weight 285gr. per linear meter
  • It is resistant to many washes, it is very resistant to the attack of chlorine indicated in the different colors on a scale of 1 to 5, washing at 40° recommended, NO washing machine

2) Lycra Fabrics-City Fabrics

Lycra Fabrics-City fabrics are high quality and stretchy stretchable in all directions (80% polyamide and 20% elastane) which makes them particularly resistant to wear and stress.

The article is available in a basic size of 50 x 145 centimeters and is particularly suitable for making dancewear and swimwear. In addition, Fabrics-City offers a wide variety of solid colors start with black and it is possible to order more units of fabric in several sizes than the basic half meter: 2 units therefore correspond to 100 x 145 centimeters, 3 units to 150 x 145 centimeters and so on.

3) Lycra fabric for suits 50 x 150cm

The Lycra fabric for suits of size 50 x 150 centimeters is another proposal of the Fabrics-City brand in black that enriches the range of fabrics for sports use or dance wear high quality.

This product is made of polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%) and is bi-elastic, therefore stretchable in all directions to provide maximum comfort and a perfect fit. Customers can order multiple sizes of this basic and get pieces of fabric to sew swimsuits equal to 100, 150, 200 centimeters or more, specifying the size requested when ordering. In addition, this fabric also offers excellent versatility to create decorations that enrich home environments in an original and personalized way.

Tissus-City Highly elastic lycra fabric (black, 50 x 150 cm)

  • Description: first choice product. High quality highly elastic lycra fabric with 20% spandex. Specially designed for bathing and dancing. Bi-elastic: stretch in all directions.
  • Composition: 20% elastane and 80% polyamide. Width: about 50cm. Weight (g/piece): about 110.
  • The price is per piece. Enter the desired quantity in units (1 unit = 1 piece, 2 units = 2 pieces, etc.).

4) TEXTILE STATION swimwear fabric

The TEXTILE STATION swimwear fabric made of lightweight nylon spandex is particularly elastic and is therefore ideal for quickly and easily making dancewear and sewing swimwear even for beginners. In addition, the product is also suitable for furnish the housecreate clothes, do original upholstery work and craft projects.

The item is available in size of 1 meter x 147 cm wideequal to 58 inches, is in bright red and many customers take advantage of the versatility of this fabric to create elegant and original surfaces for board and card games.

5) 2475 Series Swimwear Lycra Fabrics

The 2475 series Lycra swimwear fabrics represent another Fabrics-City proposal in a basic size of 50x150cm which is extremely stretchy and perfect for making fashionable swimwear and prom dresses.

The article is in polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%), it is available in bright red and it is possible to order it online in several sizes of 50 centimeters according to your needs. We specify that the fabric is also very versatile to make original decorations for the home and that it is very resistant, provided it is washed by hand and at low temperature.

Fabrics-Very Elastic Lycra Swimsuit Fabric City Red, 2475

  • Price and unit: the price is valid for half a meter according to the indicated width. The fabric is available in one piece. (1 unit = 0.5 meters | 2 units = 1 meter, 3 units = 1.5 meters, etc.)
  • High quality, very elastic and stable lycra fabric with 20% elastane. Especially for bathroom and dance fashion. Bi-elastic: elastic in all directions.
  • Quality product: first choice, of course new and never used.

6) Lycra for swimwear Stoffbook.de

The Stoffbook.de Lycra fabric for swimwear is particularly elastic and is available in black in the size 50 x 150 centimeters. Customers can still order multiple sizes from the base size and receive a single piece of the desired size at home. The item is made of polyamide (80%) and elastane (20%) and is therefore stretchy in all directions. Therefore, Stoffbook.de fabric is ideal for prom dresses or beachwear, it is very resistant and is also used to make original decorations in the house.

Stoffbook High Elastic Lycra Swimsuit Fabric Black, B472

  • Price and unit: the price is valid for half a meter according to the indicated width. The fabric is available in one piece. (1 unit = 0.5 meters | 2 units = 1 meter, 3 units = 1.5 meters, etc.)
  • High quality, very elastic and stable lycra fabric with 20% elastane. Especially for bathroom and dance fashion. Bi-elastic: elastic in all directions.
  • Quality product: first choice, of course new and never used.

7) Stretch neoprene fabric

For those who want to create swimsuits, laptop bags and general sporting goods, the Stoffbook brand offers a double-sided stretch neoprene fabric, be red on the surface and gray on the cuff. This bi-stretch foam is made of pure polyester and is available in size 50 x 145 cm, but several sizes can be ordered according to your needs. We specify that the item is not waterproof and can be worn reversibly, since both sides are of high quality, have excellent aesthetic performance and are also very resistant.


  • Short Description / Features: Bi-stretch foam or neoprene-like fabric with a thickness of approximately 1 to 1.5 mm. Only a minimum of elasticity in the longitudinal direction. It can be used on both sides, both sides are qualitatively the same. The product is not waterproof!. The inner lining is made of elastic polyester foam. Therefore not only suitable for clothing, but also for sporting goods, notebooks, silencers, pet supplies, etc.
  • Quality: first choice. Of course new and never used. Material: 100% polyester. Fabric width: about 145cm. Weight: 410g per meter.
  • Price per unit of 0.50m in the indicated width (1 unit = 0.5m, 2 units = 1 meter, 3 units = 1.5m, 4 units = 2 meters, etc.). The entire quantity is delivered in one piece.

8) MADE printed fabric

The FABRIQUES printed fabric is a blend of high quality polyester and elastane which makes it very elastic and stretchy in all directions. The article is available in the format 1 meter x 155 cm and is in leopard gray made with digital printing. The FABRIQUES fabric is ideal as a swimsuit fabric or for sportswear or dancewear. We also point out that unlike cotton swimsuits, polyester is a synthetic fiber that lasts longer, it tolerates wear, fading or abrasion better, retains its shape and does not shrink. In any case, it is recommended to wash this fabric at 30 degrees, by hand or in the washing machine, but never put it in the dryer so as not to compromise its quality.

9) FINGERINSPIRE Hologram Fabric

FINGERINSPIRE hologram fabric is 4 way stretch, comes in size 100 x 150cm, features striking iridescent colored stripes which are inspired by the shape of a dragon or a mermaid and can be sewn by hand or by machine. The item is perfect as swimwear fabric, craft fabric, pillow case, dance wear and also as stage decoration. Sewing a swimsuit with FINGERINSPIRE is really fun for professionals and amateurs who can afford an original garment, soft and with original shades of colors for the sea, thanks to the technique of sequins which accentuates the shine of these fabrics. special costumes.

10) Lycra stretch jersey

We finish our roundup of swimwear with the Lycra Stretch swimsuit in neon pink which is available in size 1 meter x 150 cm. The item is part of the range of super stretch swimwear accessories which are also suitable for making dancewear or sportswear. The liveliness of the color and the versatility of this fabric allow you to wear an elegant and original garment for the sea that offers more resistance wear, abrasions and chlorine attack compared to cotton swimsuits, provided they are washed at low temperatures and without aggressive detergents.

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