The 10 best Nokia smartphones of 2022 [Design Elegante]

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Nokia is an example of a company that does not give up, leaving aside the long history behind the brand that has its origins in the 800s, I want to highlight that in 2014 the “mobile” section of Nokia was sold to Microsoft and then in 2016 to be acquired by “HMD GLOBAL” a Finnish company made up of former Nokia employees which today produces and markets precisely Nokia smartphones, which is thus also reborn in the telephony market. This is to emphasize that we are dealing with a Nokia cell phone which belongs to the Nokia we knew and that it is a European cell phone.

HMD Group, the software manufacturing team of Nokia, tries to deliver smartphones with simple hardware and software design to achieve an overall no-frills experience.


G50 features Snapdragon 480 chipset, 4GB RAM, Adreno 619 and a trio of quality which is not from another level, but it is a good solution to satisfy your needs in all aspects of gaming. use of games, browsing and social networks even in the medium to long term. It has a software interface without weighing it down, largely characterized by the choice to use Android One: Google’s own version of Android.

In other words, among the examples of apps like Google Chrome, Netflix, DAZN, Disney+, Spotify, Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Zoom, Facebook and others that work cleanly and quickly, there are utility apps like home banking directly (BancaDati), Banco Posta, Postepay and I. They open immediately and show no signs of lag or jamming in any of their functions. I also tried a few games and even here the phone worked without lag or jamming.

I haven’t counted here since the first version of these Nokia apps open in how many milliseconds, but the brass is a small detail. The real differentiator is the longer milliseconds

I consider the 128 GB of memory to be huge, 16 GB is occupied by the software and only 1 GB by the applications already present.

With the glass back, the screen size is 5.85 inches HD+ (720 x 1560 pixels) and not FullHD, which I would have preferred and which is especially in this price range (almost all Xiaomi in this price range have full hd 1920×1080 pixels). This greatly affects the photochromic potential of the screen, increasing the number of optical panels from 2 to 3. As noted, the image quality obviously becomes lower and less defined.

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The display panel is IPS LCD type and not Amoled/Oled (which I prefer). The difference between LCD and Amoled/Oled is simple: in amoled the pixels have their own light, so for example on black they are off while in the LCD the pixels must be lit by a kind of mini lamp under the screen, so on the black you can see some sort of glow/brightness.

ENGLISH: We know that the Nokia G50 is mainly found on products of a higher price range, so interfaces with AMOLED are not considered as important as evident in some other smartphones. Maybe it was better to take one of the best Xiaomi ranges (they all have more or less IPS-LCD) or opt for a different product among those under 250-350 €.

As we mentioned, the diagonal of the screen is 6.82 ″, which also makes the use of applications like streaming or entertainment pleasant. It’s obvious that if I’m trying to find something great, it’s for you.

  • The answer and the quality products recognized to succeed

The “touch screen” which works well is happy, but the definition and the quality deserve to be improved.


The talk of the camera is simple: take care of your image, not the t

The camera experience is very much tied to the camera sensor and how the software then processes the data collected by the sensor. Megapixels only have a larger photo but not necessarily more data and therefore a defined format in detailed color.

All of this also explains why all of our smartphones actually have huge megapixel cameras unmatched in high-end smartphones (google Pixel, iPhone, Galaxy S21) or Chinese ones and it’s often accentuated.

2 main cameras: professional and digital photo

The main usable camera is the 50MegaPixel. This camera model is large enough to have a classic standard image with good zoom quality as well as an added blend of depth with zoom. Alongside this much requested option there is also an 8 MegaPixel departure which can often be preferred in specific cases of low vision, like our first camera statements.

butterflies can be photographed from a cornucopia of 2-megapixel and 50-megapixel lenses; Also included are two 2.8mm macro ring lenses and a 3.2mm cone lens

The 5 MP Cam Plus is number 2. Its slide is the worst when it comes to light and its range, I have never appreciated.

  • The 8MP front camera for taking selfies/video calls which isn’t great but okay to do.
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Share uses a sensor aimed at looks rather than the cameras of the latest Pixel generations, but the image quality is still good and the options offered are very attractive compared to those of other cameras from 190-290 € . The main camera of the device is still small, but with a resounding blow on the price.

The best news: Android in its lightest and cleanest version, made directly by Google, i.e. the completely stock version of Android (android one), with updates for 2 years and in December 2021 it has already received Android12 (so expect to have to update already on first boot).

Combining “stock Android” means having a very light and thin version of an Android smartphone, while manufacturers who over-customize the software or overload the app with too many pre-installed apps could essentially sell the proprietary model to block a competitor.

The aspect that I find very important because it has direct effects on the speed and longevity of the phone but also in a certain sense on its use since we do not encounter unknown or even different apps from one to the other which we will see if we can erase them or not during this operation.

The contact, camera and key apps have pre-authorization for those specified configurations which belonged to the stock launcher. Certain other Google-owned and Android-branded Android apps are freed from this limitation and can be customized as well as settings. This is actually a more comprehensive job that affects the core software than the app settings.

The mistake of these manufacturers is that they produce too many smartphones, each with its own customized version of Android, and when the updates arrive, it takes another three to six months before the version of Android becomes obsolete. .

The task that Nokia has taken on for users is all the more difficult as there are so many options to use on all AndroidOne and non-Android smartphones. In any case, at the bottom of the matter, it’s always the same concept: if the stock version of Google is used by someone, with incredible bonuses like constant updating, a guarantee of general improvement and the SDK integration so everyone can enjoy this app.

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Ezio Bizzarri, Country Sales Manager of HMD Italy, said that over the past few years, the range of standardized Android One smartphones based on the application base has evolved. The Nokia G50 will be launched in Europe with differentiated distribution by country, reaching 60 million scheduled users worldwide.

The only or really included in the list of applications as “extra” material available are Amazon, Spotify, Netflix and Express VPN. The application four times installed, the rest possible to delete this application by providing any other application having an Android aspect connected to it. For the rest, you have access to the PlayStore to install the applications that interest you as much as possible.

Compare your phone with the PS4

The German company ZTE today announced the brand new desktop frame, with unmistakably clean lines. Nubia Shine 5G business model is the success of 5G smart grid technology that combines cryptographic capabilities, DC wireless, internet and phone connectivity, and Wi-Fi and LTE connections.

A warehouse of information products and services for DIGIT

The new Type-C format has a fast charging function of up to 18W.

Edge Verses on Dual-Sim

How to know your target well


The battery maybe lasts more days if you use social networks and messaging less, but in simple use it reaches 2-3 days.

In my opinion, there are several reasons to explain the fact that although the Nokia G50 is a medium-high end device, with a sufficiently bright screen and with a processor capable of dissipating the energy impact seen also thanks to the 5,000 Battery mAh, while not exaggerated, are the basis for its achievement of this better performance.

The 5su5 design

I love her so much. I like the “northern ocean” blue, the way the main camera lens is in a circular housing and in the center and I also like the huge 6.8 inch screen which looks big compared to the smartphones as it is also very thick, but becomes apparent even more with 5G.

The new captus 6s has an activation key on the right side, fingerprint/lock/power on the left side, while the bottom key is activated for Google voice response. The bottom of the device includes the C port, while the top contains the headphone jack.

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