The 5 Best Bread Mixers (For Home or Professional)

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For lovers of homemade bread, today we are going to talk aboutbread mixer. The latter, in fact, is an option to the classic bread machine, with the difference that the bread kneader is not autonomous but, on the contrary, gives you more control in the production of bread since it is not ‘t take care of the baking or leavening of this, but only of the dough.

Now, it is important for you to know that the bread kneader is nothing but a planetary model, which comes with the hook whisk, which is the favorite accessory not only for bread dough, but also for pizza, brioche or panettone.

A super expensive mixer is not necessary to find the hook whisk, but it is also possible that it is not provided in the budget mixers which are generally only sold with the classic wire whisk.

Don’t worry, we’ve found bread mixers that do a great job and don’t cost an exaggeration; you can find them in our ranking with reviews below!

The best bread mixers of 2022

Girmi IM46 mixer

last updated on June 04, 2022

A bread kneader with excellent value for money, capable of working up to 3kg of dough although, with the hardest doughs, which can be bread or pizza, it is believed that it can withstand up to to 2 kg of flour.
Its power is 1400w and has up to 6 adjustable speeds, which allows you to have even more control in the treatment of your recipe. The material that this Girmi mixer is made of is mainly plastic, with the container and the various whisks supplied all in steel.

Mini Angel Blender

last updated on June 04, 2022

With 1300 watts of power and a capacity of 5 liters, therefore two characteristics inferior to the Girmi model examined previously, this bread mixer is however one of the best in its price range (cheaper). Very interesting are the 10 programmable speeds thanks to the comfortable button on the side and its good silence. For the rest, there is obviously the whip hook and the bowl is made of splash-proof stainless steel.
All accessories are dishwasher safe.

AlfaBot Blender

last updated on June 04, 2022

This model of bread mixer is the one with the least power, 800w, but also the one that we believe is able to better manage workloads in the long term, thanks to the heat dissipation system that prevents overheating of the machine. . It’s the perfect mixer for small doughs, as it has a 4.5 liter bowl, and it’s not lacking in nice features like non-slip feet, see-through splash guard and overall , a beautiful design that can adapt to any type of kitchen.

What about the professional bread mixer?

The professional bread kneader has nothing to do with the planetary movement models seen above, but it is a spiral kneader, used in catering, which is distinguished by the large size of the machine and, generally, also by a power greater than this. Some of these professional mixers can therefore knead up to 20 or 30 litres.

Direct drive motor or transmission?

A planetary bread mixer can have a direct drive or a transmission motor. The difference lies in the positioning of these motors and in the way their power is expressed in the data sheet. Indeed, as far as the direct-drive motor is concerned, it is positioned in the upper part of the beater, in direct contact with the wire whip (or the others that you will use), so the power is not lost. The power of the most powerful direct drive motors is expressed between 250 and 350 watts.

On the other hand, the transmission motor is placed at the back of a bread mixer and, being connected to the belts, there will be a loss of power. Keep in mind that these types of mixers are the ones with the highest power, i.e. 1200 watts or more.

So which one to choose? To work the bread, you need to choose a powerful mixer, and this regardless of whether it is a direct drive motor or a transmission. Just keep in mind that a 350 watt direct drive motor is roughly equivalent to a 1300 watt drive motor.

How to choose a bread mixer

The criteria to consider are the same as those that should be seen with a normal planetary mixer, but with a few exceptions, let’s see right away:

  • Hook whisk: As already mentioned, this type of whisk is the one that should be used for bread dough. In fact, it is the one that best manages the longest processes and has the task of incorporating all the ingredients that are inside the bowl, which is what we want to do when we form the bread dough.
  • Container: Larger bowls allow you to work recipes for more people, so depending on how much dough you think you will need to please all the guests in the house, look for a bowl that can hold all the dough.
  • Materials: The material used for the body of the machine and its accessories is very important. For example, stainless steel whisks have a longer lifespan and are easily washable, as you can easily put them in the dishwasher. In addition, on mixers with a stainless steel or aluminum body, heat dissipation is greater than on machines with a plastic body.

Bread mixers for home use

last updated on June 04, 2022

Professional bread mixers

last updated on June 04, 2022

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