The 8 Best Large Air Fryers (For 4 or More People)

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Cooking for a large family of 4 or more doesn’t have to be complicated. You already know the various benefits of owning an air fryer, but the most commonly reviewed ones are not suitable for cooking 4 dishes at once. For this reason, we decided to look for a large air fryer that could meet the needs of large families.

In short, to start avoid the classic models of 8 liters or less, the large air fryers identified by us (and of good quality) have at least 15 liters of capacity and 2 or more levels on which to cook different foods, in order to satisfy those with food preferences.

The best large air fryers of 2022

IRoastec 30L Large Air Fryer

last updated on June 04, 2022

Although the 30 liters of capacity mentioned by Iroastec are not so realistic (measured they seem 25 liters), this air fryer does not disappoint even the most difficult expectations. It has a power of 1800 watts, which allows the fryer to reach temperature in less than 5 minutes. The temperature itself is adjustable from 30° to 230° although you will have to check it very few times, since there are 18 cooking modes that do everything by themselves; they set the timer and temperature (and they do that well too).

Among the cooking programs there is the classic for fries, but there is also one for chicken, pizza, meat and many others. Among the accessories present, however, you will find the usual basket, but also the grill, the skewer and the skewer tongs.

As for its structure, it looks like an oven-sized fryer and has a really high-end quality of materials, especially the interior made of stainless steel.
Ah, it’s also easy to clean, or at least it’s like cleaning a real oven.

Large Acekool 18lt Air Fryer

last updated on June 04, 2022

With a smaller capacity but still suitable for large families, the Acekool fryer could only be taken into consideration in this ranking. First, take a look at this LED display and we can tell you it is phenomenal. From here, with a simple press, you can select up to 10 cooking programs, or manage the timer, from 1 to 60 minutes, and the temperature which, on the other hand, starts from 80°C and can reach up to 200°C.

That’s not all, don’t think we could show you an ordinary air fryer, because this one has a 360° hot air circulation which guarantees an even crispness on all the food and also a faster cooking. To facilitate cleaning, the parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

The control of the cooking is then ensured by the large glass (or rather the double glass) and the interior light which will remain active throughout the cooking.

Proscenic T31 15 Liter Large Air Fryer

last updated on June 04, 2022

The last oil-free fryer tested is this one, in an intermediate price range. Here too we go down slightly with the capacities, in order to satisfy even those who want a large model of air fryer but, at the same time, not that it is too bulky. In this case, they measure 40 cm in height x 38.8 in width (a kind of cube).

The performances are high, starting from the power of 1700w, up to mentioning the 12 programs capable of cooking practically everything and independently. Of course, even then, you can adjust it yourself if you really don’t trust the technology.

The ‘cool’ thing, as the Brits would say, is the possibility of remotely controlling the cooking by connecting to the proscene APP and, why not, also taking a look at one of the 30 recipes always online present in the app.

What to say, the cooking is top like the other front views but, of this fryer, we like to mention the sound which warns us when it is necessary to turn the food or, more simply, the rotating basket for cooking fries and vegetables which While this may seem trivial, it’s not a feature available in other air fryers in the same price range.

How to Choose a Large Air Fryer

However, the criteria to consider when choosing a large air fryer model do not differ from other models already reviewed in one of our guides. However, being precisely “big”, something more must be understood before proceeding with the purchase. For instance:

How much space do you have in the house: Wanting more capacity in this device also means getting one with a larger overall size, making you overlook that versatile and portable aspect that sets it apart from other models such as those produced by Philips or Ariete. So pay attention to the space available in the house, always check the measurements!

XXL means nothing: when buying an air fryer of this type, be sure to read all the information about it. Some manufacturers, so as not to go unnoticed among the myriad of competitors, name their fryer with the words “XXL” or “can cook a chicken” but that means absolutely nothing “what matters is the internal capacity and it will be the latter to determine how many courses can be prepared at the same time.

Functionality: The air fryer was certainly a great invention. These cook independently, leaving only you to decide which program to activate. If, however, you still have some cooking habits left and want to control the temperature or timer yourself, make sure that you are authorized with the button or via the LED display. Going back to programs, though, it’s good to understand if there’s one to cook the meals you’ll most intend to cook during the week, to make sure it’s not an unnecessary purchase.

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last updated on June 04, 2022

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