The 9 Best PS5 Steering Wheels of 2022 [Massimo Controllo]

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The previous models of Thrustmaster steering wheels and pedals I wouldn’t even know how to remove the slightest doubt, but the T248 with more than 5 less out of 9 readings in the test is without a shadow of a doubt exciting.

The long pedals, the leather pedals, the digital equipment and the authentic Lambrusco to activate the mechanics. While the plastic is secured behind a few simple aluminum doors, the trim on the new Honda Dio seduces you

The ball joints fixed on the support, the end of the tax uses rubbers to anchor itself to the feet of the piece of furniture.

The crown of the machine is covered in leather and features more futuristic shifters that use a magnetic activation system.

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 glass engine has been modified with the latest sensors to display new content and sector-to-sector variables. Platform that is an integral part of the Pirelli Correlation Image.

T3PM, the only crankset designed for the chinamartini made in Italy, is equipped with a load cell system that allows the brake to take advantage of up to 4 levels of resistance. All this is unknown to me, but if my brake can support up to 200kg even without big words, I am very happy!

You can simply replace the spring with a harder one and play with a small thickness, until you get one of the 4 resistances.

The design and the quality of the materials are excellent, the cranks respond faithfully and the “realism” is very effective.

Last year, Thrustmaster unveiled a very successful novelty: the new mechanical system touched by the steering wheel of the T150, consisting of a very powerful force feedback motor, the functions of which are currently only available on this model; as I haven’t experienced it with previous models, I can’t say for sure that even Gionee’s values ​​will reveal themselves to you as a feedback force… But yes!

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It is necessary to try it to understand what you are talking about: the gearbox motor manages to return many sensations typical of real driving, such as vibrations on the pavements, oscillations at mid-stroke and an under – coverage…Even just the mechanical beats.

The wheelbarrow is therefore so powerful that it sometimes takes real strength to counter the steering!

“It’s a real drug (having tried it with the PS4 and GT Sport, and it’s almost impossible to stop playing once you get used to it.”

Perhaps with future updates, GT Sport’s built-in display will be alive; maybe only users of latest consoles like PS4 Pro or Xbox One X will support it. Otherwise, this rule might block the GPU upgrade of the new Nvidia RTX 2060 due to severe spec and level limitations.

This steering wheel offers several settings that can be adjusted quickly, thanks to the integrated multifunction display while driving.

The new integrated ESP can take on two additional power levels and control steering speed to even regulate wheel speed. Additionally, the software is recommended as the only reliable transducer to follow the rider in the lead with adaptation down to 540Hz.

It sounds absurd, but for example, being able to set a slower steering speed in racing sims provides a noticeable improvement.

There is also a setting to set the app on your device in use. the model I received has PC, PS4 and 5 options, so the X-BOX looks like a big override.

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