The patchwork fabrics, the most purchased of 2022, here they are

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Quilting fabrics

Patchwork fabrics are handmade products born in America that are made by combining different fabrics of colors and shapes that are used especially for packaging clothing, bedspreads and quilts (quilts). Therefore, the patchwork fabric is ideal for creating beautiful furnishing accessories with bright chromatic patterns that brighten up the home environment. Here is an overview of the most purchased American patchwork fabrics in 2022.

1) UOOOM cotton patchwork

UOOOM cotton patchwork is ideal for quilting and is available in 6 pieces with different patterns measuring 50 cm x 50. The article is made of fine fabric and its chromatic patterns allow you to let your creativity run wild.

These fabrics are very versatile in sewing bags, duvets, dolls or fabrics because the fabric is thin, light and very versatile. According to many customers, the cut stays clean, does not lose threads, and you can also create imaginative masks, perfumes for cabinets, stuffed objects and Christmas decorations. Finally, we specify that the doubt about where to buy patchwork fabrics is solved by placing orders online and, unsurprisingly, Amazon fabrics are among the most demanded on the web.

2) Czemo patchwork fabrics

Czemo patchwork fabrics are in printed cotton and offered in 35 piece kit measuring 25cm x 25cm. This patchwork fabric is made up of many patterned scraps which are ideal for creative sewing. Decorative designs range from stripes to classic polka dots and florals and are printed in an eco-friendly way on fine pure cotton fabric that is breathable and soft to the touch.

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Czemo is therefore part of the artisanal traction of American fabrics that do not shrink or fade, allowing you to indulge in endless creations: wallets, sewing, quilting, doll rags or bedding accessories. In addition, this patchwork fabric is perfect for making costumes or for school projects, not to mention pillowcases, tablecloths, toys and money bags.

Czemo 35 pcs 25 x 25 cm Cotton Printed Fabrics, Fabrics Fabrics for Patchwork Scraps Fatansia Fabric for Creative Sewing

Czemo 35 pcs 25 x 25 cm Cotton Printed Fabrics, Fabrics Fabrics for Patchwork Scraps Fatansia Fabric for Creative Sewing

  • Lots of 100% cotton fabrics and ecological prints, thin, soft, breathable.
  • Each piece measures 25cm x 25cm / 9.8″ x 9.8″ approx.
  • Lot of 35 pieces of patchwork fabric with different patterns: floral, polka dots, stripes, gingham, prints, etc.

3) Aufodara patchwork fabrics

Aufodara patchwork fabrics come in 7 pieces of 50cm x 50cm and are suitable for sewing, quilting, arts and crafts, DIY and professional know-how thanks to their versatility of use.

Aufodara can be purchased on the web just like American fabrics online which can be ordered from the comfort of your home to make all kinds of embroidery and quilting designs. The product is made of fine, soft and breathable textile cotton and is perfect for decorations, toys, covers, blankets or scrapbooks (scrapbooking). There is also room for imagination to also create furnishing accessories at home, at school or in kindergarten, including bed linen for dolls.

4) EWTSHOP patchwork fabrics

EWTSHOP patchwork fabrics refer to the artisan tradition of American cotton fabrics for sewing and are made of stock of 25 pieces in fine and breathable fabric of 30cm x 30cm.

The product is of high quality, cuts and works easily and is perfect for all types of sewing and quilting within the reach of amateurs and professionals. It is indeed recommended to use the EWTSHOP fabric for school projects, costumes, decorations, purses, purses, doll clothes and countless other works.

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5) Czemo printed fabrics

Czemo printed fabrics are inspired by the imaginative patterns of American fabrics by the meter for patchwork creations and are available in 7 pieces of 50cm x 40cm which are very versatile for any sewing project.

These scraps of fabric are available in different patterns to give free rein to the creativity of sewing. In addition, the product is made of handmade fabric and is recommended for all patchwork enthusiasts: go for it beginners to experienced craftsmen. Czemo is actually extremely versatile for creating doll cloths, wallets, scrapbooking, quilts, craft decorations, pillowcases, small bags, toys, and tablecloths.

6) American Fabrics by the Yard Amazinggirl

American Amazinggirl fabrics by the meter are divided into 7-piece kits measuring 50cm x 80cm and stimulate the creative sewing of all family members. This patterned fabric pack, dominated by shades of white, gray and blue, is perfect for starting quilting or patching right away because it is finely worked, light and practice with the sewing machine.

Amazinggirl is an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified product, it does not contain substances harmful to babies and can be used to make quilts, pillowcases, pennant chains and doll clothes. In addition, these fabrics are ideal for involving children in a playful way in the sewing activity, stimulating them manual skills and creativity.

Fabric Cotton Fabric Patchwork Fabrics by the Meter 7 Pieces 50 x 80 cm - Fabric Scraps for Creative Sewing by the Meter, for Kids DIY

Fabric Cotton Fabric Patchwork Fabrics by the Meter 7 Pieces 50 x 80 cm – Fabric Scraps for Creative Sewing by the Meter, for Kids DIY

  • MAKE BEAUTIFUL FABRIC – get your projects done with the fabric pack. With our cotton fabric by the meter, you can start quilting and patching right away. Finely worked fabric, light, easy to handle with the sewing machine.
  • CERTIFIED SEWING MATERIALS – 100% cotton with a grammage of 130 g / m², made in the EU, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified (IW 00180), tested for harmful substances – therefore ideal as fabric for babies, children and decoration. Machine cut.
  • SAVE TIME – No more tedious research to find the right fabrics. You just need the right sewing ideas. You will find suitable large fabric remnants with us: in each set 7 pieces model 50×80 cm u. Color combinations that work well together.

7) Comius Sharp American Fabrics Online

American Comius Sharp fabrics can be ordered online from the comfort of your home, the kit consists of 8 pieces measuring 40cm x 50 and this fabric is recommended for pillow lining, clothing making or sewing projects in 16 different color models. Additionally, the squares that make up Comius Sharp fabric can be easily cut into the desired shape to also create backdrops for bulletin boards, decorations and school sewing projects.

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8) African Tatuo Fabric

Tatuo African fabric is an alternative to American fabrics online to receive directly at home for patchwork projects. The item comes in 50cm x 40cm packs and features 12 different styles of ethnic prints on the fabric. Tatuo is used to create fancy dresses with colored gussets, scarves, appliques, crafts and cosmetic bags. It is recommended to wash the item by hand or with a delicate cycle in the washing machine, always avoiding bleaching, to preserve the quality of the fabric for a long time.

12 Pieces African Print Fabric African Fabric By The Yard for Face Sewing, DIY Crafts and Quilting Projects, 19.5 x 15.7 Inches / 50 x 40 cm

12 Pieces African Print Fabric African Fabric By The Yard for Face Sewing, DIY Crafts and Quilting Projects, 19.5 x 15.7 Inches / 50 x 40 cm

  • DIY Craft Project: Our quarter sets are suitable for making face coverings, quilting, appliques and other craft projects, such as cosmetic bag making and clothing design; African fabrics are beautiful decorative objects and chic accessories
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The fabrics are made of quality cotton, which adopts wax printing process, so they are beautiful for sewing, quilting and face lining.
  • 12 styles printing fabric: you can make interesting or practical crafts with our African fat quarters, or send them to your friends, families, relatives and others as gifts, and express your love and care to them, they will bring a lot of benefits pleasure. time for you

9) Comius Sharp American Cloth

In the wake of the American tradition of patchwork, we find once again the American fabric Comius Sharp that the brand offers in a patterned version with drawings of houses, rainbows and animals that brighten up children’s rooms. The item is made of pure cotton, the kit contains 8 pieces of 40cm x 50cm which are ideal for creative sewing and making all kinds of home decor and school sewing projects.

10) Fabrics for printed fabric quilting

We finish our overview of American fabrics online with the patchwork printed fabrics offered by the Czemo brand in ecological cotton. The stock consists of 7 pieces of 50 cm x 50 with as many patterns in which they predominate pink, green, polka dots and pastel tones.

Beginners and professionals alike can engage in endless projects sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, toys and craft decorations customize home environments with taste and imagination thanks to the versatility of American cotton that has favored the spread of patchwork all over the world.

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