Tips for cleaning the interior of the car

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Nowadays, one of the goods that we can no longer give up is the car. You have just finished cleaning its exterior and now you have to focus on the interior of the car, but you don’t know where to start? Follow our advice and everything will be easier.

Cleaning the interior of the car, especially if it is done with a certain criterion, is not always such a simple operation. However, a few simple tricks are enough to achieve excellent results in a short time. That’s why we want to offer you some tips for a thorough and thorough cleaning of the interior of your car.

How to clean the interior of your car

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First, remove the garbage and mess from the car, then to remove surface dirt from the cabin in minutes, use a car vacuum cleaner and remove dust, dirt and crumbs. To make the cleaning super effective, sprinkle the seats and carpets with baking soda, a completely harmless product. Let the baking soda sit for at least thirty minutes, then vacuum the car’s upholstery.

The most difficult area to clean is definitely the one under the seats, to make this easier, move the seats as far forward as possible, turn them over, remove the carpets, run a stiff bristle brush through the runners, where dirt usually gets in the most, and at this point vacuum.

For cleaning car upholstery and carpets you can opt for a generic spray detergent or make a DIY solution yourself. You can pour 250 ml of water in a container, two tablespoons of baking soda, a glass of cider vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Take a stiff bristle brush, dust the carpets with the solution and proceed to scrubbing. When finished, rinse and hang the mats out to dry. If there are more difficult stains to remove, such as oil stains, opt for a specific product.

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To clean leather seats it is advisable not to use a DIY solution but a special detergent, because leather is a very delicate material. To clean the leather upholstery of the car, do not use traditional detergents which could be too aggressive and therefore damage your seats. If you don’t want to use chemical detergents, opt for a damp microfiber cloth.

To clean the windshields, windows and mirrors, you can always opt for a DIY solution. Mix three liters of water, one cup of baking soda and two of alcohol. Dip a cloth and wipe it with horizontal or vertical movements, trying not to leave streaks. Insert baking soda in the ashtray to absorb bad smells.

To clean the trunk First, empty it completely, vacuum everything well, prepare a solution of water and soap, sprinkle the upholstery, brush and let it work for at least an hour. Then rinse with lukewarm water and let dry well. Make sure the boot is dry to avoid mold growth. To clean the trunk, we advise you to wait for the warm season, otherwise opt for a dry cleaning product. Once the cleaning is done, to keep the trunk clean as long as possible, you can cover it with newspaper or a clean sheet. To preserve the padding, especially if you have pets and usually transport them in the car, purchase a custom-fit cover for the trunk. To gain order and cleanliness, use storage bins to store everything you usually store in the trunk.

Even the air conditioning system it must be clean. Indeed, after a certain number of uses it gives off a bad smell, sometimes even of mould. You can opt for a do-it-yourself solution with a spray can with a probe, with which the disinfectant is sprayed directly through the ventilation slots of the ventilation duct. The operation must be repeated in all the air vents of the car.

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To sanitize your car against viruses and bacteria, prefer alcohol-based products, but not bleach or ammonia, which are too aggressive and invasive. To disinfect the main components of the car, have a microfiber cloth and alcohol handy each time you enter the cabin. Even the steam cleaner can be a valid alternative for cleaning and disinfecting your car. Steam kills germs and bacteria with its virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The high temperatures reached by the steam kill pathogens.

Once you have finished cleaning your car the bad odors should be gone, if you still notice unpleasant odors you can spray on special scents, which you can easily buy online or from dealers who specialize in car cleaning products. car.


We have come to the conclusion of our little guide to cleaning and disinfecting car interiors. As we have repeatedly pointed out, cleaning the interior of the car is a very important operation, much more than cleaning the exterior of the car. Every day we introduce dirt, germs, bacteria and viruses into the car, without being aware of it.

Nowadays, especially for the needs of work, but in any case in general to facilitate our movements, we use the car more and more often, which has become an indispensable element for most people. It is therefore necessary to take care of it and leave nothing to chance.

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