“Tissu Batiste”, here are the most purchased since the beginning of 2022

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Batista fabric

The Batista fabric is particularly thin, light and transparent and makes it possible to make elegant clothes for babies, children and adults. The Batista is made of cotton or linen and is very popular with professionals and amateurs who wish to create garments with this particular fabric. So let’s see an overview of the most purchased types of Batista fabrics in 2022.

1) Batista Alhambra Series Cotton

The Batista cotton of the Alhambra series is very fine and of high quality because it is subjected to a delicate pressing between two cylinders which ensures a reduced fall. As a result, this Batista fabric has a perfect fit and glides smoothly over the figure. enhancement of the silhouette.

Alhambra is a refined and ideal product for the garments of children and babies because it reduces the risk of allergic reaction on the skin. In addition, this fabric with soft and light lines has strong and transparent folds that make it very elegant. Finally, we specify that the article is offered by the brand ALMACENES CASA ANGEL and is available in rolls of 3 meters x 150 centimeters.

White 100% cotton Batista fabric, Alhambra series, width 150 cm (3 meters)

White 100% cotton Batista fabric, Alhambra series, width 150 cm (3 meters)

  • ► 100% cotton white batiste fabric, Alhambra series. A traditional cambric, fine and of excellent quality, with a very low fall thanks to a delicate spin-drying.
  • ► It is a perfect fabric for making clothes for children and babies, as a base fabric for demanding packaging where health is a main feature.
  • ► Light and stable with soft texture, with solid and transparent pleats.

2) Batista Russian Cloth Fabrics

The Russo Tessuti Batista canvas is in pure white cotton, it is available in sizes from 100x150cm and is ideal for making layette sheets and clothes for babies and toddlers.

The article is very soft, guarantees excellent wearability and is very well tolerated even on children’s skin. Russo Tessuti offers customers the possibility to order Batista cuts in the desired size, specify when ordering: if you need 6 meters, specify it and you will receive only one piece of this size.

3) Fabulous Fabrics Cotton Batiste

The Fabulous Fabrics cotton batista is available in various solid colors from petrol tone and is sold by the meter from the basic size of 50cm x 140cm. However, you can specify the requested size when ordering: if you indicate “1” you will receive a quantity of 50 centimeters, if you wish to receive 1 meter of fabric, simply write “2” i.e. double half a meter , to obtain 2 meters is written “4” (which means 50 centimeters multiplied by 4) and so on.

This cotton batista is suitable for giving space to your own creative imagination, creating tunics, dresses or blouses and it is advisable to maintain its high quality for a long time by washing it in the washing machine at 40 degrees on a delicate cycle. Finally, it is recommended to avoid putting this fabric in the dryer and to iron it at a temperature that is not too high.

4) Batista oneOone fabric

oneOone Batista fabric is available in sizes from 1 meter x 142cm and is pure fine cotton, tightly woven, soft and shiny. Customers can order the desired size by specifying it when ordering to achieve quilts, sundresses, dress covers and embroideries.

The article is enriched ecological printing based on inks certified for fabric production and reproduces the joyful world of Japanese Koi fish. Therefore, this fabric is safe for health and is designed for versatile use, leaving room for creativity. It is advisable to wash oneOone in the washing machine at low temperature and iron the product with a damp, medium-hot iron.

oneOone Cotton Batista Fabric Bubbles And Koi Fish Ocean Sewing Craft Projects Prints Fabric By The Yard 56 Inches Wide

  • ✅ You have selected: Batista Cotton — Measures 56 inches wide (142 cm). 100% Cotton.
  • ✅ Cambric Cotton is a fine, fine fabric that is soft/tightly woven and has been treated to give it a subtle sheen. Normally used for shells and quilts and embroidery, sundresses, dress linings, etc.
  • ✅ Sold in 1 meter (40″ or 100cm) increments. Ordering multiple yards of the same type will result in a continuous quantity in the maximum possible length.

5) Batista Soimoi Fabric

The Batista Soimoi fabric is made of pure batiste cotton and its white background is enriched with cheerful patterns that reproduce leaves, flowers and lemons. The product is available in a basic size of 1 meter x 142 centimeters, but a different size can be specified when ordering online.

This fabric is widely used to produce shirts, scarves, dresses and handkerchiefs because it uses top quality cotton yarns that guarantee the maximum yield and the best fit of this Batista fabric. It is suggested to wash the Soimoi product at medium temperature in the washing machine and iron it with a warm and damp iron.

6) Green Batista fabric with floral and bird print

The green Batista fabric with floral and bird print is another proposal from the Soimoi brand and is in a basic size of 1 meter x 147 centimeters. This product is very decorative thanks to the cheerful images printed with environmentally friendly inks stand out against the pastel mint background. The article is made of pure cotton and is very successful in the textile industry for the manufacture of clothing and accessories. In addition, the Soimoi brand designs this Batista fabric, machine washable, according to the latest fashion trends and in the name of the highest quality yarns.

7) Pug Pattern Cotton Batiste

The Batista cotton with Pug pattern is another Soimoi offering that features a striking blue background on which cute pug breed dogs produced in digital printing. The article is proposed in the format 1 meter x 142 cm, is machine washable and is perfect for making clothes, shirts, handkerchiefs and scarves that are very light and delicate on the skin, thanks to the Cambric cotton yarns of the most high quality. It is recommended to iron the fabric after washing with a damp and moderately hot iron, avoiding the use of the dryer.

8) Decorated batiste cotton fabric

The Batista cotton fabric decorated with the Soimoi brand is available in basic size 1 meter x 106 cm and it’s in an elegant black background with printed leaves and roses that make this canvas very personalized and perfect for clothing and accessories to show off with class. Soimoi fabrics are digitally printed with unique designs, using the most advanced technologies, to stimulate the creative imagination of sewing professionals and enthusiasts. In addition, the inks used in the printing phase are water-based and therefore ideal for printing on natural or polyester fibers since they do not contain chemicals harmful to health. Customers can also order cuts in different sizes, depending on their needs, the product is machine washable and can be ironed with a damp iron.

9) Soimoi skull fabric

The Soimoi skull fabric is an original alternative from this brand for lovers of gothic atmospheres. The pattern printed on this fabric is actually made up roses and anemones among which carefully reproduced skulls grow with the most modern digital techniques and the use of environmentally friendly inks. The article is in size d 1 meter x 142 cm and can be used for wrapping original dresses and shirts that will not go unnoticed. The fabric has a soft drape for an optimal fit and can be machine washed on medium, then ironed with a warm, damp iron.

10) Self printed in blue

We end our overview of batiste fabrics in linen or cotton with the Soimoi product printed in blue which reproduces funny dog paws in different colors on a light steel blue background. The item is offered in size 1m x 106cm, is machine washable at medium temperature, is printed with water based inks and is made of pure cotton batiste. Sewing enthusiasts can indulge in the creation of dresses, blouses and accessories without limiting their imagination, thanks to the high quality of the yarns. The Batista fabric thus offers a perfect fit and extreme softness which is ideal for people with potential allergies and children.

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