Velvet fabrics, which are the best of 2022? Here are the Top 10

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velvet fabrics

Velvet has always been a fabric reminiscent of elegance and richness. It was used many years ago and comes from Asia. But for as many years it has also spread to us thanks to the trade in Europe of beautiful fabrics from the Orient. Here, then, is how best to use velvet fabrics and what are the best fabrics that can be purchased at affordable prices.

Our top ten list highlights the quality of the fabrics we offer and the good value for money. In fact, this type of fabric can be used to create not only clothes, but also many other objects perfect for personalizing your home.

Let’s see together the best products.

1. StoffBook Dark Red Velvet Fabrics

The StoffBook brand has always been synonymous with quality and has a wide range of colors available to haveand the best fabrics. This particular is a broad dark red cordura velvet made of pure cotton. This makes it a product with high quality and premium material that can be used to create many unique and particular garments, accessories and decorations.

The price refers to a fabric unit of 50 centimeters in width and you can choose the desired quantity according to your needs.

StoffBook Large Genova Cordura Velvet Fabric (Dark Red)

StoffBook Large Genova Cordura Velvet Fabric (Dark Red)

  • Short Description/Features: Pure cotton cordura velvet fabric respectively wide. Universal use: for clothing and also for decoration (such as curtain, upholstery, etc.).
  • Quality: first choice. Of course new and never used. Material: 100% cotton. Fabric width: about 145cm. Weight: 420g per meter.
  • Price per unit of 0.50m in the indicated width (1 unit = 0.5m, 2 units = 1 meter, 3 units = 1.5m, 4 units = 2 meters, etc.). The entire quantity is delivered in one piece.

2. Twelve pieces of Benecreat soft velvet

Let’s continue with the Benecreat boutique and the proposal for a set of twelve pieces of colored velvet. In fact, the package contains pieces of fabric of twelve different colors of the size 29 x 20 cm. It is possible to cut the fabric and use it for particular and neat decorations.

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It is a very soft fabric that is perfect for making home products such as cushions, upholstery, bags, ornaments and accessories for adults and children. Vversatile and quality resists washing, does not fade and is very easy to work with

3. Russian synthetic velvet fabrics for upholstery

As the title suggests, this Russo Tessuti fabric is a synthetic pile. It is sold with many different colors with dimensions 50 × 140 cm. You can then buy plain velvet, cut it, sew it and use the quantity you want. Resistant to washing even in the washing machine, it is ideal for covering upholstery, making curtains, cushions and upholstering chairs, armchairs and sofas. Excellent product quality and versatility.

This is sold in a beautiful powder pinkbut the colors to choose from are varied

4. Soft velvet fabrics by Mediatex

Those who want to buy a fabric by the meter can choose the one from the Mediatex store. If the classic dimensions offered by other brands do not meet your needs, you can choose the measurements of these colored velvets.

You can choose between solid colors or particular textures that are suitable for DIY works to decorate the interior of a house or to create inimitable garments.

Excellent value for money for this fine velvet.

5. Velvety fabric by the meter

Continuing our list, we want to include a product from the Generic Velvety brand. It is a soft and soft to the touch velvet that is well suited for creating unique decorations, products and objects for your home or family. The colors that the brand offers are many and they are all bright and special.

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In case someone prefers more neutral shades, he will be able to find a wide choice. Excellent fabric for furniture and upholstery that can be purchased simply by indicating the quantity desired.

6. Velvet fabrics Panini fabrics for upholstery

Red velvet is a classic. For creating curtains, upholstery and furniture, this one from Panini Tessuti is perfect, sold by the meter. In addition to the ruby ​​red color, there are also lighter shades such as beige and cream, or darker shades such as various shades of blue and gray.

It is a perfect product for upholstery of sofas and armchairsand or to create curtains that match the surrounding environment.

It is sold by the meter from 50 centimeters in fixed width. For the length, simply indicate the ideal quantity for your needs.

Panini Tessuti, Soft Velvet Fabric Sold by Half Meter, 1 qty = 50 cm;  2 qty = 100 cm Furniture, Tapestry, Sofas, Tapestry

Panini Tessuti, Soft Velvet Fabric Sold by Half Meter, 1 qty = 50 cm; 2 qty = 100 cm Furniture, Tapestry, Sofas, Tapestry

  • ☝Soft velvet fabric is a kind of fabric that is soft, compact and comfortable to touch. Available in different colors.
  • 🔎 Composition: 100% Polyester – Height: 140 cm – Weight: 300 g/m2 – Color fastness to rubbing: dry 4/5 – wet 4/5 – Color fastness to light: 5 – Color fastness to washing: 4/5

7. A-express couture velvet

As we have already said several times, the velvet fabric lends itself to any type of object. It is a refined and elegant fabric like the one sold by the A-express brand which is used to furnish or create clothes, shirts, jackets and accessories. The brand markets this quality fabric to allow all DIY enthusiasts to create what they love the most. There are many colors to choose from and they are all fit for purpose. For example a Evening dress of this burgundy red would be perfect for a chic winter evening.

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8. A-express soft velor upholstery

This one from A-express, on the other hand, is a velor fabric more suitable for upholstery, upholstery and upholstery. It is synthetic velvet, also sold in different colors, perfect for making curtains and rugs or for covering chairs, sofas and armchairs. It gives a touch of elegance to any type of furnishing accessory and makes the rooms unique and inimitable. In addition, the warranty for this product is its quality and duration over time. It is very easy to wash it without damaging it.

9. Fabulous Stretch Velvet Fabrics

A perfect velvet for making dresses and pants is that of the Fabulous Fabrics brand. In this case, in fact, the the velor is stretchy and it is ideal for creating warm and stylish pants suitable for winter. But not only that, with this fabric you can also combine an elegant velvet jacket and create a costume to be used on many occasions.

It must be washed at a maximum temperature of 30° so as not to damage it and it is also necessary to avoid the high temperatures of the iron so that it lasts longer over time.

10. Juwel 100% cotton velvet fabric

We’ve come to the end of our list with another seal of approval. It is in fact the velvet fabric of the Juwel brand made of 100% cotton. The colors chosen in this case are very dark. It is indeed used for particular decorations on sofas and armchairs, cushions or curtains but also to make medieval clothing in the case of theatrical performances. In fact, the available colors are fir, plum, blue, black, brown and dark red.

Juwel - 100% cotton velvet - for decorations - medieval clothing - fabric / tea towel by the meter (black)

Juwel – 100% cotton velvet – for decorations – medieval clothing – fabric / tea towel by the meter (black)

  • Juwel – 100% cotton velvet, soft drape
  • Evening dresses, medieval dresses, capes, dresses, pants, jackets, waistcoats, cushions, curtains, decorations
  • Colors: fir, brown, plum, navy blue, burgundy, black, red

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