Vodafone remodeling: the expected increases

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Nowadays, some users Vodafone they received a communication from the famous telephone operator warning them of an imminent remodeling many offers.

Fixed and mobile remodeling

This procedure will concern rechargeable mobile offers which will see a increase in their cost from €0.50 to €3 from May 20, 2022. Not only that: the changes will also affect fixed networks, whose offers they will cost €1.99 more than current prices. The change will take place in June 2022.

Vodafone communication

Vodafone has provided its users with a free number to contact in case of doubt: 42590 or the traditional 190. In addition, Vodafone has also made certain services free of charge such as the answering machine, the call me service, the continuity of service in the event of exhaustion of credit, but more Giga of navigation have also been added to all offers.

Then canceled the additional minutes, SMS, Giga options and the monthly cost of the SIM plan to adapt the offers to new consumption needs.

It will also be free withdrawal from the contract (how to cancel from Vodafone?) or the change of operator keeping your number, within 60 days of receiving notification of the postponement. To retract, you can go to voda.it/disdettalineamobile, or request it at Vodafone branches or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Vodafone customer service, POBox 190 – 10015 Ivrea (TO). Alternatively, you can also send a PEC to [email protected] or call customer service at the number 190 or 42590.

Why did Vodafone increase its costs?

The operator specified that the new remodulations were aimed at simplifying offers, making them more modern and in line with consumer needs. Add more Giga and rendering other free servicesfor Vodafone it was necessary to review the prices and, to the detriment, it will be its customers.

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