Wadding fabric, the best and most chosen of 2022, this is what they are

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Wadding is a material widely used for upholstery and complete a variety of hobby and DIY projects. Therefore, its characteristics should be known and it is useful to have an overview of the most demanded types of wadding in 2022.

1) TENDEEVOLUTION wadding by the meter

The TENDEEVOLUTION wadding by the meter is made of high quality polyester fiber and is a totally Italian product. The article is available in a roll of wadding 2.10 meters high and 1 centimeter thick which weighs 100 grams. However, the company also offers wadding of other sizes and thicknesses according to your needs and according to the projects to be carried out.

This fabric is ideal for upholstery puppets, children’s toys, clothing, duvets, chairs or cushions because it is a thermal material, very resistant and easy to wash. We specify that the purchase of TENDEEVOLUTION wadding is done by the linear meter, it is therefore always necessary to specify the quantity desired: if you order for example “6 quantities”, you will receive a single cut of 6 meters x 2.10 at home.

Wadding 100 grams per meter, coated with resin 1 cm thick for upholstery, quilts, fabric filling and puppets

  • Filling in high quality polyester fiber made in Italy, used to make games, clothing but also stuffing items such as pillows and duvets.
  • It is available in 100 g, 2.10 meters high with 1CM thick. (OTHER HEIGHTS AND THICKNESSES AVAILABLE, VISIT OUR ‘TENDEEVOLUTION’ SHOWCASE)
  • The term wadding or stuffing refers to the materials, usually polyester fiber, which are used to make games, clothing but also types of stuffing such as pillows and duvets.

2) Wadding Panini Fabrics

The Panini Tessuti wadding is in white fabric offered by the meter, so 1 quantity corresponds to 1 meter, 2 quantities to 2 meters and so on. The item is flame retardant and you can choose to order it from 100 or 200 grams in weight according to your needs.

The product is of high quality and is ideal for filling chair cushions, clothing items, puppets, potholders or quilts because it is very soft and made of selected polyester fibers. Therefore, Panini Tessuti is very resistant and presents no maintenance problems, as it does not retain accidentally spilled liquids and is easy to wash. Professional tailors also use this type of wadding to stuff mannequins, but customers also appreciate it for making padded play mats or car seats for children.

3) Synthetic wadding for stuffing fabrics

The synthetic wadding for upholstery is another proposal of the TENDEEVOLUTION brand offered in cuts of 1 meter x 210 centimeters. This fabric is 1 cm thick and you can choose the desired size when ordering: if you indicate, for example, “2 quantities”, the company delivers a single sheet in the format 2 meters x 210 centimeters.

This type of synthetic wadding is particularly suitable for padding cushions, armchairs, sofas, party favors and crib bumpers for newbornsbut you can give free rein to your creativity by creating original coffee pods, fabric animals, beautiful quilts, very decorative centerpieces or padding for birth knots.

4) Vivi Casa wadding fabric

The Vivi Casa wadding fabric is a synthetic material available in a 100 x 150 cm cut that weighs 100 grams and is very suitable for making upholstery or for creative sewing hobbies and projects.

Vivi Casa is a pure product made in Italy resistant and flame retardant polyester fiber and it is ideal for giving free rein to creativity: in fact, you can stuff quilts, fabrics, toys, oven covers, potholders, bookcases or indulge in the most varied forms of creative hobbies to enrich the home of cheerful furnishings and original accessories.

5) 2R Stock synthetic wadding

2R Stock synthetic wadding is available in cuts from 1 meter and is a material that is 2cm thick and is commonly used for padding faux leather quilts, favors and furniture projects.

In any case, there are no limits to creativity for DIY enthusiasts and customers also appreciate the product for upholstering headboards, bed bumpers, favors, cushions, kitchen potholders and sofas. We advise you to machine wash the synthetic wadding only after packaging, so that it is in a tightly closed liningor hand wash before use.

6) Wadding fabric for quilt stuffing

Wadding fabric for duvet stuffing is another high quality proposition from the TENDEEVOLUTION brand and the item is offered in a basic size of 1 meter x 150 centimeters. This product is recommended for upholstery sofas, armchairs, bumper, pillows and dragees because it is very soft and flame retardant, but it is recommended to use this fabric especially for flat upholstery, because it has a structure that many customers define as “leaf”. If you want to stuff puppets, then you can contact the company and request a more specific fabric for those projects.

7) Para Home wadding by the meter

The Para Home wadding by the meter weighs 100 grams and is available in the format 1 meter x 150 centimeters. The article is made of polyester and is specific for stuffing for quilts, puppets and tapestry work, but can also be used to make spring cushions or quilts that do not require particularly thick filling. The Para Home wadding is of high quality and it is possible to shape it slightly to lengthen it, but avoid spreading it too much to avoid fraying of the fabric. In addition, customers appreciate the versatility of use, the covering effect of the padding on the entire surface of the objects and the good price-performance ratio.

8) KILOtela cotton wadding

KILOtela cotton wadding is available in 50 x 280 cm scraps, it is ideal for stuffing quilts, fabrics or puppets, and is also specific for the quilt that is, patchwork quilts that assemble pieces of different colors on the top layer for those who want much more lively and original color combinations. The KILOtela item is also excellent for upholstery work, it is not a waterproof or flame retardant fabric, it is machine washable at 30 degrees without bleaching and can be ironed at low temperature (not more than 150 degrees).

9) Vivi Casa wadding cutout

The Vivi Casa wadding blank is available by the linear meter, from the size of 100 x 150 centimeters, weighs 200 grams, is made of polyester and is perfect for stuffing toys, quilts, fabrics and for giving free rein to play. imagination by trying all sorts of creative hobbies. Customers appreciate its compactness and warmth also for making quilts with the patchwork technique and many also create original and resistant potholders for the kitchen. We specify that you can request a specific measure to your needs when ordering online and the company will cut and send to your home a single piece of any footage.

10) Generico brand synthetic wadding

We end our overview with synthetic wadding from the Generico brand in a basic 50 x 115 cm format which is made of polyester and is coated on one side with TNT (non-woven fabric with fibers arranged in layers or crossed). This solution offers maximum performance in the stuffing of pillows, duvets, cushions, headboards, puppets and children’s games. Generico wadding is ideal for DIY and professional work because it is soft, resistant and easy to sew and wash. Therefore, it is required by amateur enthusiasts, but also by professional tailors who can order the item in the desired length, provided that it is in several cuts of the basic size (50/100/150/200 centimeters and so on).

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