Wedding list gifts: the best ideas on Amazon

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The wedding list it is an irresistible tradition. It used to consist only of draw up a list of household appliances and useful objects that the wedding guests could give to the bride and groom in preparation for their new life together. Today things have changed a bit.

The wedding registry online is the new trend of the moment, both for its convenience, but also because there are services like the Amazon wedding registry which allows you to share the wishes of the couple with your guests and receive the expected gifts.

Let’s find out more about how to request wedding gift lists and what are the best ideas for newlyweds on Amazon.

What is a wedding registry

First, what do you mean by wedding list? As the word itself says, the wedding registry is a list of objects and household appliances that the bride and groom draw up before the wedding and give to the guests. The goal is to communicate to them the gifts they would like to receive during the ceremony to start a life together, as a family.

In addition, the wedding list is intended not to cause the relatives of the spouses to give double objects, but to agree that each gives a different object from that chosen by someone else.

Recently, the traditional wedding list, paper and containing the objects you wish to receive to furnish the new home that the couple will share, is no longer made. The couple today often offers a IBAN or one paypal link to raise funds for the honeymoon, or create online wish lists on portals like Amazon.

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Amazon wedding registry

Amazon, to make the creation of a wedding list more practical and efficient, has decided to launch a wedding list service to select on the famous e-commerce all the articles that can be used by the newlyweds. The service is very easy to use: first of all, that’s enough go to your Amazon account and move the mouse cursor over the profile icon, top right.

There is no need to click, a drop-down list will automatically open, where on the left is the list of “My lists”. Among these, the “Wedding list”. By clicking on it, you arrive on a page where the benefits of creating a wedding registry with Amazon, including access to millions of items from around the world, the management of gift listsalways knowing who gave what to the bride and groom, theautomatic sending of thanks, fast deliveries And maximum listing customization.

If the service convinces you, you can create your wedding registry with Amazon simply by clicking on “create”. It is now possible to enter the name of the two partners, a personalized note for the wedding guests, the delivery address and proceed to the choice of articles.

Once you have entered the items you want to receive as a gift, we will soon see which are the best, you can share the list in three ways: via link to send by e-mail or to copy wherever you want (you can also generate a QR code with a special program and print it on business cards) or via social networks.

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Everyone can then access the wedding list, select the object desired by the bride and groom, pay for it and send it to the address indicated.

As can be deduced from this description, Amazon’s wedding registry service is really easy to use and optimizes wedding registry creation times. The bride and groom can create it in one evening, comfortably seated on the sofa and with a few clicks on their smartphone. Sharing is just as easy and guests certainly can’t go wrong: no unwanted gifts or duplicatesbut only what the loving couple wants for their wedding.

What to ask for as a gift on the wedding list?

What are the best wedding registry ideas on Amazon? Traditionally, married couples ask for household items to start a new life together with all the comforts possible. Among these, the most popular are certainly the dishes, complete with crockery, silverware And glasses to welcome friends and relatives, or to organize romantic dinners for two. Not only that: me too home furnishingslike, how vases, portable, decorations or articles useful on a daily basis, they are traditional gifts not to be missed on the wedding list.

Secondly, among the most traditional ideas for the wedding registry, there cannot be a lack of kitchen or cleaning appliances. Microwave, mixers, blender, vacuum cleaners, electric brooms And automatique are among the most requested gifts on the wedding list, to have all the tools needed to keep the house clean and inviting.

Increasingly widespread are smart objects, always for the house. In particular, spouses are very fond of smart speakers, to be connected to wireless speakers, devices for listening to music, for home automation and other comforts to make home life more comfortable. For example, Amazon’s Alexa can do a lot of things, like predict the weather for the next few days, play the couple’s favorite music, adjust the temperature and lights, answer questions, or set alarms. In short, Alexa could be a really appreciated gift from a married couple.

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Lately they have become fashionable personal care gifts: gym equipment, bathroom items, relaxation items, such as yoga mats or aromatic diffusers, but also experiences to enjoy as a couple or alone away from home are gifts that spouses ask for a lot . After all, when you live well in your body and have peace in your mind, marriage is also thriving.

Whatever your wishes and those of your partner, on Amazon you can find many items for you and your home to include in the wedding list. Amazon Wedding List is a really smart and convenient service to simplify wedding list writing, but also to share with your guests during the ceremony. No more double or annoying gifts, just the ones you love the most, delivered comfortably to your home.

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