What are cashmere fabrics, the most purchased of 2022? Here is the full list

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cashmere fabrics

THE cashmere fabrics they are among the most sought after for creating clothing and more. It is a high quality fabric that is preferred over wool for its ability to retain heat without bulking up like wool. Let’s see what are the best fabrics that can be purchased online and what can be created with these products.

From home crafts to professional work, these are all quality fabrics with original colors that will add an extra touch to your style.

1. Cream color cashmere fabrics by Crs Fur fabrics

Our top five list begins with a cream-colored cashmere fur coat. It is a fabric sold by Crs Fur fabrics which lends itself to sewing work and upholstery. In fact, it is perfect for those who like to get into DIY, for crafts and for those who work with fabrics, even professionally. The dimensions of this fabric are 150cm by one meter and the only color available is cream. Excellent quality fabric also available in several sizes according to individual needs.

2. Cashmere material with printing Crs fur fabrics

Let’s continue with another Crs fur fabrics product which offers a cream-colored cashmere fabric with an original print. In fact, the chosen print represents a series of sheep.

Indeed, this pleasant and playful fabric lends itself well to the creation of blankets and bathrobes, socks or even accessories and children’s clothing. All items that can be used in cooler seasons. The fabric is sold by the meter with a standard width of 150 cm. Just choose the quantity you want to receive it directly at your home and get started. free your imagination.

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3. Crs faux fur fleece fabrics

Among the favorite cashmere fabrics to create objects for adults and children, we also find this product, always from the Crs fur fabrics brand. There are different sizes available which can be easily chosen before placing the order. receive comfortably at home. As we know, it is a quality fabric that is chosen to create furnishing articles, clothing or accessories.

Also in this case you can choose the size necessary for your needs, bearing in mind that the standard width is 150 cm. Solid cream color with sheep and dog print.

4. Ruwado quality cashmere fabrics

This brand new Ruwado is Made in Germany and features a high quality cashmere fabric with fabulous colors perfect for any type of creation. It is in fact an artisan fabric used to create unique and original cushions that give an extra touch to any type of furniture.

These are products made in India using only high quality fabrics with a classic and original design at the same time. The color of this pillowcase is a bright turquoise with typical patterns reminiscent of Indian style. The stitching was done by hand with a sewing machine. The dimensions of the pillowcases are 40 x 40 cm.

*Handwoven and Handmade by Indian Cashmere Artisans*

*Handwoven and Handmade by Indian Cashmere Artisans*

  • ✔ Trademark: “ruwado.de” is a registered trademark of Ruwado GmbH in Berlin, Germany.
  • ✔ Quality: This product is a handmade product, designed and woven by Kashmiri artisans, so each piece is unique. The products are made in India according to the standards and expectations of German customers, which is why they are of the highest quality.
  • ✔ Material: The front is handwoven by artisans with Banarasi silk threads and the back is Dupion silk fabric with high quality metal zipper and iron zipper. The pillowcase was sewn with a hand sewing machine.

5. Yankai cotton cashmere fabrics

We conclude this list of the best cashmere fabrics with a fabric sold by the Yankai brand.

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In this case it is a cashmere cotton which can be used to create different garments but especially for jackets and coats. The colors made available by the brand are numerous. Most are unique and bright colors such as red, fuchsia, blue, purple and yellow. But there are also more classic choices like beige, gray and white. In addition, it is possible to choose the desired amount of fabric taking into account the fabric width of 150 cm. The sizes available range from 5 meters to a maximum of 10 meters.

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